Zipolite Mexico: Cafe Maya is The Best of the Best

Zipolite Mexico: Cafe Maya is the best place you’re going to find – and it’s right on the beach!

Ever dreamed of an escape to Playa Zipolite beach? Well the Zipolite news is in everyone, I’ve found the very best places you can possibly stay in Zipolite Mexico – and it’s even affordable.

Located directly on the beach – seriously, I’m looking at the waves roll in as I type these words – Cafe Maya Zipolite in Mexico is an absolute dream. I first found the place three years ago when I was hitchhiking down through Mexico, looking for an awesome clothing optional place. Okay, I’ll be honest; I wasn’t really looking for a clothing optional location – I was looking to run away from my ex who I’d just split with back up in Sayulita Mexico. A friend I’d been couchsurfing with up in Sayulita was headed on down to Playa Zipolite beach, and I was intrigued; the only clothing optional beach in Mexico you say? I’d only gone topless once or twice in  my life before, but I wanted to check it out. Plus, I was going through a breakup, of course I wanted somewhere with a friend. While the hotels themselves are not clothing optional, the entire beach is, and the best hotels are on the beach – just like Cafe Maya Zipolite.

I didn’t need to look into the Zipolite news to find out where the best place was; nah, instead I started searching for a place to camp out. I looked for a while, but I had transcription work to do – as it was how I earned my meager income at the time – so I settled down at a restaurant that had good wifi. Excellent, perhaps they’ll let me camp here. Wrong. They soon, however, pointed me in the direction of Cafe Maya on Playa Zipolite Mexico, where – at that time – they accepted campers. These days the place has four beautiful rooms to sleep in, each with private bathrooms at incredibly reasonable prices – especially for a clean beautiful room right on the beach, with a Cafe downstairs! While the Cafe goes by the name of Cafe Maya, named after the owner’s husband’s daughter, the actual accommodation is called Casa Acalli for their son. A beautiful tribute in Zipolite Mexico.

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Cafe Maya Zipolite serves amazing food at an affordable cost – and oh my god, if you get the chance to try Kate’s signature sushi, do it! Imagine that – sitting in a hammock on a beach in Mexico eating delicious sushi. It’s a rarity to find sushi in Mexico, let alone sushi in Zipolite Mexico.

I’ve come back about five times over the last three years, finding solace in this beautiful place. I spend half my days working on the computer, gazing out at the waves as they roll in, and the other half lounging in a hammock in on Playa Zipolite – right under the shade of Cafe Maya, sand beneath me. So if you’re looking for beach accommodation in Zipolite Mexico, look not to the Zipolite news; you’ve already found the spot: Cafe Maya is where it’s at.

If you love the idea of clothing optional beaches then you need to check this place out. Pin it for later so you can remind yourself




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  1. So you said that the hotel is clothing optional what about the beach and is there an airport nearby?

    • The hotel is not clothing optional itself – the beach is. But the beach is right. freakin. there. The nearest airports are Huatulco and Puerto Escondido, both an hour away and a cheap taxi ride 🙂

      • Thanks!!! I have read a couple of your blogs and see that we are a lot alike!! I am currently living in Costa Rica after I retired in the USA!! I was living here and went with a neighbors daughter to a college here so she could pay her tuition! Went by one of the offices and saw a job opportunity for a model in the art dept., needless to say I am now nude almost as often as dressed!! Got a job there with 2 art teachers and 1 worked at the university of the arts and hired me there also!! What I thought might be a one shot deal has now become my nudist retreat!!! Having some fun here and loving the great people that I have met!!! Sorry I just went on a little 2 long but thought I would share!! Take care Michael

        • I love it! God, I’d love to be a nude model! I love that it’s not about the sexuality at all, it’s about confidence in your own skin.

          • Very true!! I wasn’t even thinking about doing it either, just happened to see a notice!! Next thing I know in an interview and then standing nude on stage and being evaluated by 2 art teachers and the art director!!! The funny thing to me was after I had been there for 3 months one of the teachers told me that they want me there as long as I want because I am never late, no attitude about any pose and finally because I do not have any hair!!! I laughed and told her that because I had a rash when I was 17 I got a job today!! All those years of shaving and waxing final paid off!! But you know I like it because it develops a new artist!!! You are so right it is not about sex it is about a love for the arts!!!! Have a great day, Michael

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