Ziplining: A Zipline Roundup

Ever fancied going ziplining? Not sure where to begin, or what to expect? This is why I love this activity so much, and my favourite spots to do it – and don’t worry, it’s not as scary as you might think before you do your first one!

Ziplining is Amazing – Why You Should Find a Zipline Near You

Zip lining is one of my favourite pastimes, though I don’t get to do it nearly enough. I absolutely adore it every time. However, that first time I went on a zipline in Jamaica, I was absolutely petrified; what would it be like? Would it feel scary? Would I have those awful butterflies in my stomach the whole time? I hadn’t a clue. But as soon as I felt the rush from that first zipline it was settled: I was hooked on ziplining.

ziplining zipline

Places to Zipline

Here are some of the places I’ve ziplined, though you can do it pretty much wherever! There are a ton of different places with varying scenery as you zipline across gorges, forests, or even busy streets!


This was my first time ever on a zip line, and it was absolutely fantastic. I was with my aunt at the time, and I was by far the more nervous one. I waited anxiously in line behind many, many other people, as we slowly but surely each got geared up to zip line through the forest. The scenery was amazing, but still, I wondered how I’d feel. What if I hated it, and then was stuck up in the treetops?!

Of course, that’s not how it went. I did my first zip line, and I was instantly hooked. Don’t make me wait for everyone! I want to zip line again NOW!!


Zipping in Belize was a treat, albeit a short one. My friend Theo and I went on a combined ziplining and cave tubing adventure with MayaWalk Tours, and it was absolutely fantastic. While there weren’t a ton of ziplines, there were barely any other people on our tour, making it move extremely quickly. We whisked our way from one zipline to the next, having a fantastic time before it was time for cave tubing – which was equally awesome. In fact, everything with MayaWalk Tours is pretty much amazing. I highly recommend them if you should find yourself in Belize.

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TreeUmph Adventure Course – Florida

While not strictly zip lines, this place is an absolute blast. My aunt and I went to do the adventure course, which is high in the treetops, bringing together random obstacles of varying difficulties and ziplines in between. The ziplines were always a nice treat after using so much body strength on the obstacles. We were free to do it at our own pace, and didn’t even need a guide for these ziplines. We were easily able to go ourselves and halt ourselves. Of course, as it was unguided, these ziplines were shorter than your actual tour length ones.


Kerfoot Canopy – Minnesota

I was invited to do a review of Kerfoot Canopy in Minnesota, and I totally messed up; I booked it for the wrong day! My friend and I turned up to find we had no reservation. Oh no, we thought. We had just driven two hours for absolutely nothing. Fortunately, they were kind enough to accommodate us, but the tour group was already way filled up. They did, however, have two spare guides on hand. That’s right, my friend and I got to do this ziplining tour with no one but each other and our two guides. It went fast though there were so many ziplines at this place that it still took a while – which was fantastic! You wouldn’t think Minnesota would have such fantastic scenery, but out in the middle of nowhere, soaring above the forest on a zipline? Yeah, it was pretty great.

ziplining zipline

WildPlay Nanaimo – Canada

WildPlay Nanaimo has way more to offer than just their zip lines. There’s bungee jumping (my first time was here!), the primal swing which brings you out over a canyon on a giant swing, and the adventure course. This time I just did the primal swing, bungee jump, and ziplining. First up, however, was the ziplines. Now I must say, I was a bit disappointed by how few there were. It was great fun, but there just weren’t enough of them! Everything else was great, though. The views were spectacular, the group was nice and small, and we had good fun. I’d already done the adventure course at WildPlay Victoria, and since it was so similar decided to skip out on that part. My favourite part of WildPlay Nanaimo, though, was definitely jumping off that bridge and bungee jumping. Sorry zipping, love you, but you just weren’t the highlight of this one!

CLIMB Works – Hawaii

CLIMB Works was probably my favourite canopy tour that I’ve been to. It’s all over a working farm, and you even got to taste some delicious fruit right from the farm along the way between ziplines. It was fantastic. There were also two ziplines next to each other at each stage instead of one, so you could race a friend! Finally, on the last two ziplines we were forced to fall backwards or go upside down. These are things you often see the guides doing, but are never allowed to do yourself. It was amazing. I definitely recommend CLIMB Works.

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SlotZilla – Las Vegas

This was the most unique time I’ve had on a zip line. SlotZilla soars above Fremont Street in Las Vegas, giving you amazing views of downtown below. There are buskers, live music, and a swarm of people. Try people watching while in Superman position as you zipline down a busy street! Oh yeah, did i mention you’re in Superman position for this one? Yeah, it’s a pretty unique place to zipline.

What are you waiting for?!

Have I not convinced you to go yet?! If I haven’t, well I’ve failed at my job. So find the nearest place to you, and get on it – you know you want to!


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