MayaWalk Tours: Ziplining and Cave Tubing

MayaWalk Tours: Round Two!

I woke up at 5 am for MayaWalk tours. I mean, it wasn’t unusual for me to get up early, but this was ridiculous.

Clearly I was excited.
Mayawalk tours

Theo and I were headed on our second tour with MayaWalk Tours, and we were ridiculously excited. We already knew the company rocked, and this time was ziplining and cave tubing. We were giddy. Maybe we didn’t make it to Caye Caulker, but life was pretty swell anyways.

We arrived with MayaWalk tours at the place and were sent off to zipline; while it was short – they hurried people along nicely yet efficiently – there were six awesome ziplines we got to swing down. I couldn’t help but yell, “Wooooooo,” every time. What can I say? I love ziplining.

Mayawalk tours

Next was cave tubing with MayaWalk tours. We were a small group of only six, and our guide was great. On the walk through the jungle to the cave he asked if we wanted to walk faster or hear about things on the way; naturally we wanted to hear it all, so he told us about a ton of local trees and plants, their healing powers, and other cool things.

We then had a choice: hop in the busy cave with everyone getting in at once, or walk ten extra minutes to a different entrance. It was the best choice we could have made. For the next while we were alone gliding down a river in a pitch dark cave without other souls in sight. Yeah, MayaWalk tours made things special.

Mayawalk tours

Of course that would change when we entered the second cave where everyone went; swarms of people surrounded us, guides obviously wanting to push groups through quickly to get to the next. Our guide instead pulled us up on shore to show us another cave. By the time we got back the swarms had past. Brilliant. MayaWalk tours knew what they were doing.

After around three hours floating down the river cave, through small rapids and lazy areas, but all filled with beautiful natural cave formations, we emerged in the outside world. It was time for lunch. MayaWalk tours, in continuing with their awesome service, served rice with a salad and veggies; we had pre ordered vegetarian food and all – they’re on it here.

This was my second tour with MayaWalk tours and I cannot recommend them enough. Check them out when you find yourself in Belize!

Mayawalk tours


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  1. Wow, I don;t think I could do that to be honest. A little to claustrophobic!

  2. My Mayan adventures ziplining and rappelling in Mexico were the best — well, that and the pyramids. Getting swept along on the underground river was pretty spectacular too, although I’d have enjoyed it more with a raft like this instead of a lifejacket. Great photos — they brought back lots of memories.

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