You just think you’re leaving… but you will be back soon…

Belly button piercing number two going in

So I have exactly a week left in this paradise. And I’m starting to just itch to leave. I’ll miss this place and much more so the people here so very much, but I’m ready to continue on my travels. Actually – correction – I’m ready to be back home! I’m not even sticking around Victoria for long before another month of adventure, but oh I long for seeing the inner harbour, of walking through downtown from James Bay… I long for the beautiful view of the Olympic Peninsula – big ol’ mountains in the states – from my rocky beach. I crave the long walk out to the lighthouse at Ogden Point. I miss the ducks in Beacon Hill, I miss the forest on campus. I miss Ocean Island and Big Bad John’s and Swans and Monty’s. I miss the texts from my mom asking if I want to come grab some vegetarian wanton soup. I miss Darth Fiddler and apocolypse man. I miss the vendors in the harbour and all of the boats always there. I miss the vines crawling up the Empress, and I miss the Parliament at night. I miss my city!

But, with the events lined up in the next week, I just can’t leave this place, not quite yet. I have to stay for the 10 year anniversary Full Moon Party. See, there’s a Full Moon party once a month here, but this one… well it’s an all day event. Pool party, jello shots, DJ, drinking drinking drinking dancing dancing dancing. It cannot be missed.

Yesterday I left the hostel to grab some milk and rolling papers for friends, as well as a few souvenirs. I saw a booth at the market with piercings. That’s right. I got pierced in the middle of the market. 2 bellybutton piercings. And 2 years ago, in Mancora, I got 3 bellybutton piercings that never healed. Oh I’m a nut job. But I do love them so! Perfect souvenir for myself – even if it winds up just being scars. 😉

Then last night two good friends of mine left – Adam and Eddie. They’re just ultimate awesome stoner guys from England. Just a barrel of laughter every day with them. They’ve been trying to leave for DAYS. So we said our goodbyes at 11:15pm last night. It’s always hard. I was working the night shift and closing up the bar at 2am when… No… Could it be?! ADAM AND EDDIE! They got to the bus terminal on time and promptly passed out. And missed their bus. They were the ONLY people waiting for the bus and the guy there KNEW where they were going and didn’t wake them up! So insane! So the bastards returned. There’s a sign outside of the hostel that says, “You just think you’re leaving… but you will be back soon…” and it is so terribly accurate – says the girl who’s here for the fourth time. But, alas, I think they felt the itch to keep traveling too, and re-left this morning. It was nice having a little while longer to laugh with them, though!

So, armed with 4 bottles of Pisco – the most peruvian alcohol money can buy (small amounts of money, at that!) – to bring home and remember this place, I am passing time writing to whoever you are that’s out there reading my words. It’s hard to believe this will all be a memory in the blink of an eye….

True and ominous


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