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One of my first stops when I began travelling the world was the great red land of Australia. I had obtained a working holiday visa (a process that took applying online, leaving the house for a while for other things, and returning to an email of approval all ready to go. No complaints there!) While at this point I’ve learned many ways to earn money online, I certainly didn’t even know that world existed back then. Plus, Australia is not a cheap country – I needed to be making good money, and fast.

At first I worked in bars, working for a while as a skimpy bartender in Broome, Western Australia. And while it was great fun partying it up (for those of you who don’t know, a skimpy is a bartender who bartends in just her lingerie, and if you find the right place where the guys are cool, it’s absolutely awesome), I needed extra money as there weren’t enough hours. As I had a background in administrative support work and had worked in many different office environments, checking out Workfast, an online job search site in Australia, was a no brainer.

It was time for an Australian road trip… the only problem I first encountered when trying to get administrative work in Australia: while the bars and restaurants are totally willing to hire temporary workers, office jobs are way different in that regard. Usually, they’re looking for people for the long term, and if you’re on a working holiday visa, that just isn’t a possibility. Fortunately, the Workfast site also has a section for temp office and admin Staff, allowing me to find the perfect job without the commitment of staying forever. (And I’m not so sure the Australian officials would have wanted me to stay longer than my 1-2 years anyway!)

So get on over to Australia – nothing is holding you back, and any type of job you can dream of is awaiting you there – with great pay and beautiful scenery. But don’t forget to cruise around as well as working – there’s way too much to see and do!

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