Wild Pigs

They raced past me a mere few meters ahead. I was a bit startled, but mostly thought, “oh, hey, wild bores… I sure hope they don’t back track towards me,” and I carried on walking.

I had closed the restaurant as per usual and was walking to the owners’ house behind the restaurant to drop off the cash bag. Tonight was exactly what I will miss about Cape Tribulation.

The name of the place has perfectly defined it. It has not been easy. I have dealt daily with the pain my own actions have caused. The locals, though friendly, have been an impenetrable group, though I no longer feel that I want to join their clique. They are nice without a doubt, but with a certain arrogant air about them. Many seem to be the fake hippie type I so despise. If they act the part, maybe they can be the part. It seems to work when they are amongst their own. I must escape to cease my judgements. I’ve become filled with prejudice, and the only way to escape this mindset is to escape the environment.

I will not, however, leave with nothing to be missed. Tonight was one of those that will forever live on in my memory. The nights that I am the one to close. These nights when the locals have left, and it is only a couple coworkers and perhaps one or two others. The restaurant is empty and we have some drinks and the most amazing, genuine, all over the place conversations. We sit directly outside the front doors smoking and sipping at our beers discussing anything and everything. Cape Tribulation and I have not gotten along, despite the beautiful jungle that surrounds me. But these nights are important, and will never be forgotten.

This place that I have struggled in is the one that the man I love hitch hiked 3000km to get to me, after I had messed everything up. Yet he came for me, and it is together that we shall leave.

Oh, and did I mention that I’ve been sleeping on gravel for the past month? Oh sure most people know that I’ve been camping for my entire stay here, but I suppose most didn’t realize that I was doing it without a mattress or foam, on a bed of rocks.

It’s time for somewhere new. To New Zealand we go!


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