I don’t know how I do it. I’m out of pointers and tips and how-to’s. Maybe I land myself in these beautiful scenarios because I’m so good at getting myself into the terrible ones… Who knows, but here I am.

I’d skipped over Bangkok and Pattaya – for better or worse – and headed straight to Phuket.

The gorgeous room

When Pascal told me I could stay with him in his father’s spare room, this is not what I expected, though I was very grateful and happy; a free room to stay in with my new friend who likes showing me around Phuket – sweet. Of course there are tons of places to stay in Phuket, I just got lucky lucky!

I was a bit confused when we grabbed our bags then went to his father’s place, only to pick his father up and go elsewhere.

The “spare room” is not exactly a spare room. It’s more like his father owns a condo in a very swanky hotel, and we’re staying in it. I can’t even describe it fully. There’s a kitchen and king sized bed, along with a big tv and couch, plus the gorgeous balcony view and gigantic swimming pool. This is high class shit. Never in my life have I stayed in a hotel room like this, and this is certainly not a hostel.

The price? Buy Pascal a beer. Seriously. He and his father are so kind that they are more than happy to let a complete stranger stay here with Pascal.

And all this because I went for a smoke at the right time in the Bangkok airport, and Pascal and I struck up a conversation.

So my answer to the why is simple: I am open. When you let yourself be open to anything, miracles happen. Just don’t be stupid – of course I got a good feeling from Pascal from the get go, and I knew I had options should he turn out to be a creep, which he is anything but! Be open, but always careful… And sometimes life will show you beauty. Other times life will steal your backpack. Hey, gotta take both ends of the stick (or Peru stick, as the case may be).

After a night of luxury I decided I wanted to try out a hostel on Bangla road, though. Bangla road is the crazy party street, and it’s also a short walk to the beach. The street is completely lined with bars, and after every few bars there’s an alley lined with even more bars. It’s nuts. During the day it’s pretty tame – really it reminds me a lot of Peru in the daytime.

Ladyboy friends!

But at night… It comes alive. The road is closed to cars in the nighttime, and every bar is packed (and this is the low season!) Neon signs are everywhere as you weave through people to pick a bar to sit at and have a drink. After watching a magician on the street (who definitely used me as a volunteer and definitely used the oldest trick in the book to get a kiss from me) we began our night at the alley that is all ladyboys – what a sight! I swear, these ladyboys are ten thousand times more beautiful than I am. They wear what bar-star type girls would wear back home, and some of them dance on raised platforms throughout the long bar trimmed alley. They come over and chat with you, of course eventually asking you to tip them or buy them a drink, but they are great. They’re quite happy to let their boobs “fall” out, and damn, they look good! Some have either had operations or I don’t know what they’ve done to squish their junk so well, cause there is zero bulge in those tight pants. Pascal and I chatted with three of them for a while and one grabbed me to dance – just a great time.

We had another couple drinks at a tamer bar just off of Bangla before I had to call it a night – wow can these people party. I suppose I am surrounded by Thais and Aussies… I better step up my game or move somewhere calmer soon!


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  1. Such a great post <3 Hope that one day I could have a chance to visit Pattaya and others destination in Thailand. I love this country because of its culture and its delicious food I`m sure that my experience there will be one of the most memorable moments in my life. Thank you

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