Who is Danie and Why are You Writing This?

Who is Danie?

Well that’s a pretty loaded question, don’t you think? Who is Danie?! I’m not really sure who I am, but does anyone, truly? I think it would be a lie to pretend I know who I am. Oh, I’m looking at you too. You haven’t any more of a clue than I do!

Ok, I suppose I’m a semi-crazy, very weird and random chick who makes strange decisions, and loves to travel around the world. I often find myself naked, so I prefer not to travel where this is seen as a sin. I’ve done this accidentally (ahem, Thailand), and while I’ll follow a culture’s rules while there, I rather not put myself into situations I don’t actually respect. It’s just the body, after all.

My name is Danielle Ditzian, most people call me Danie, and you can call me whatever you like. Within reason. Nah, just kidding. You can go with whatever. I will reply to swears not remotely offended, not going to lie. It takes a great deal to actually offend me. Told you I was a bit of a weirdo. (And by a bit, I mean a lot.) What was I rambling on about? Let’s just continue along.

My biggest dream in the world…

…is to one day cuddle a platypus. This is essential you know about me, for some reason I’m not entirely sure of. Yes, I know they are poisonous. No, I don’t care. If I go by platypus, it was totally meant to be.

Is that better?  Or do you want to know more of the Danie origin story?

In January of 2013, Danie moved out of her home (don’t you love when people talk about themselves in third person?) where she lived with her best friend (who was rather lovely about the whole abandoning her thing, as she’s kind of a total sweetheart and bad ass) to embark on a solo traveling adventure. Where? She hadn’t a bloody clue. Armed with a little money and less of a clue, Danie set off.

  • That first trip was a trip to Australia and you can read about it here. It involved a working holiday visa, paying off a whack load of debt, and figuring out hitchhiking for the first time. This would be a them that continued in Danie’s life.
  • Prior to this, of course, Danie had acquired the great and mighty stick, which has reached over 30 countries. Check out the stick’s epic story here. It continues to live on wherever this odd naked hippie nomad may find herself, which is everywhere.

This crazy somewhat hippie chick (but not the evil hippie-dippie, thrust veganism and dreads down your throat kind) has done many cool and crazy things over the years. And she… oh man, writing about myself in the third person just is NOT natural at all! Ha. I went to university for a year and a half and that is where I learned I did not want to be in university. It was travel I craved, and so began the four years and counting of travel.

So I suppose this is partially a travel blog.

But it’s not really a travel blog at all. I like to be honest and frank, and share my stories or random thoughts. So whether I’m having a gun pointed at my head in the Amazon, flying to the dead cold winter of Canada to have my heart broken, or going through extreme depression, I’ll be telling you all about it – whether you like it or not. My tales go from the wicked adventures I have to the big fat defeats in my life, as well as a few tips and tricks along the way, such as how to hitchhike and earn money online. Really, I can give you better advice if you just email me. Go ahead, I dare you. Danie_ditz@hotmail.com, and I promise I read them all.

Anyways, welcome to my brain. Good luck in there. Seriously.

If you read nothing else, read the following stories.  They are Danie classics:


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