Who are you and why are you writing this?

Who am I? Well that’s a pretty loaded question, don’t you think? I’m not really sure who I am, but does anyone, truly?

Ok, I suppose I’m a semi-crazy, very weird and random chick who makes strange decisions, and loves to travel around the world. My name is Danielle Ditzian, most people call me Danie, and you can call me whatever you like.

Is that better?  Or do you want to know more of the Danie origin story?

In January of 2013, Danie moved out of her home (don’t you love when people talk about themselves in third person?) where Danie lived with her best friend to embark on a solo traveling adventure. Where? Danie had no idea. Armed with a little money and less of a clue, Danie set off.

  • That first trip was a trip to Australia and you can read about it here.
  • Prior to this, of course, Danie acquired the great and mighty stick, which has reached over 30 countries. Check out the stick’s epic story here.

Danie has done many cool and crazy things over the years. And she… oh man, writing about myself in the third person just is NOT natural at all! Ha. I went to university for a year and a half and that is where I learned I did not want to be in university. It was travel I craved, and so began the four years and counting of travel.

So I suppose this is partially a travel blog. But it’s not really a travel blog at all. I like to be honest and frank, and share my stories or random thoughts. So whether I’m having a gun pointed at my head in the Amazon, flying to the dead cold winter of Canada to have my heart broken, or going through extreme depression, I’ll be telling you all about it.

Welcome to my brain. Good luck in there.

If you read nothing else, read the following stories.  They are Danie classics:

Hello there

Hello there


  1. Normally i don’t visit travelling blog, and I came to your website by accident. I notice you ask visitors to donate some money for your travel. Really donate money for you to go on holidays and sometimes taking unnecessary risks and blow your brains off with sex and alcohol to reach ecstasy.
    I maybe old fashioned and therefore I will not donate and also have not read your blog. BTW I do drink and have sex but not like you and pay for my own holidays.

    • Hey there. As you have not read my blog, you have no idea what I am about. My donation button is seldom used, and is just a nice thing to have around for if people enjoy my writing and have a few bucks to spare. I have made $5 on it this year. My travels are entirely funded by my writing, and this is how I like it to be. If you should visit again, maybe check out a few articles to see that I travel by way of hitchhiking and camping to keep costs low, and my life is not a blur of sex and alcohols in any way.

    • Tean tan, Dani has a lot of friends that would like to help her, or buy her a beer, or a present. I am happy she has it. It makes birthday gifts so much easier. Also….get fucked u idiotic twat faced cunt.

  2. Wishing you the best

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