Where was Forgetting Sarah Marshall Filmed?

Where was Forgetting Sarah Marshall filmed anyways? I’d like you to imagine the resort where Forgetting Sarah Marshall was filmed in. If you haven’t seen it, watch it now as it is an amazing movie (I’ve seen it at the very least 20 times..) Now imagine me at that resort. Very funny, a broke solo backpacker at a fancy resort. As if.

So, where was Forgetting Sarah Marshall Filmed? Yeah, I found out the right way.

Ever seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Starring Jason Segel, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, Jonah Hill, Russel Brand, and Paul Rudd it’s a full lineup! With the main story line of heartbreak turned into adventure, there’s also the tale of rock star Aldous Snow, musician Peter Bretter, and of course Rachel Janson at the front desk. Taking place on the north shore of Oahu in Hawaii, a spectacular ocean view and ridiculously nice ocean villas and beach cottages, I had to see the place for myself.

How it All Started

It all started a couple days ago. I spent the week couchsurfing at Anthony’s. In my last couple days there in Waikiki (the very touristy, big fancy hotels area of Honolulu) he had a second couchsurfer, Scarlett, and we hung out a bunch – climbing Diamond Head together, trying our hands at surfing for the first time, and just enjoying.Me and Scarlett hiking Diamond Head


Camping Oahu? That’s exactly what I wanted to do this weekend. Unfortunately, all the campgrounds cost $18 per campsite per night. Now this would be reasonable if I wasn’t by myself, but alone and broke? A bit hefty. Some other couchsurfers were interested in joining me, but it seemed everyone wanted me to plan it. So not my style of traveling! After a couple days of trying to figure it all out, I still didn’t have a single person for certain joining me.

I was getting stressed.

What now?

So I said screw it. I had the bus schedules for 4 busses, and randomly looked up the towns listed on them (public transit will take you all around the island of O’ahu!) I chose the first one located on the beach: Hale’iwa. I had messaged a couple of couchsurfers there but to no avail. So I decided to hell with it, I’m hopping on a bus and heading there. No more planning; just trust it will all work out. The loose plan was to find a secret camping spot somewhere.

North Shore Oahu

I arrived in Hale’iwa after a lovely 2 hour bus ride. I sat at the bus stop for a few minutes just taking it in, and chatting with people. That’s when I met Rock. He asked me if I was also heading to Turtle Bay for the festival. I had no idea what he was talking about.

where was forgetting sarah marshall filmed


Wanderlust, it’s called. Yoga, hula hooping, surfing, and music. And $400 a ticket. As if I could afford it. He didn’t have a ticket either, though, and wasn’t quite sure his plan. I asked if I could tag along, why not?

We arrived. Oh I recognized certain things right away. I’ve seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall enough times to know it when I see it. Where was Forgetting Sarah Marshall filmed? Why, right where I was!

Turtle Bay Resort

We walked around the resort before deciding it was time for a toke on the beach. As we strolled along we said hello to a chick, and wound up hanging on the beach with her. Abbey, as it turned out, was the designer for all things Wanderlust: tshirts, signs, pamphlets. After hanging out for a while she realised she didn’t need her meal ticket for tonight and gave it to… the hungry Canadian!

Eventually she had to go work and it was time for Rock and I to try our luck getting into the private area for camping Oahu for the first time.


Not a problem. We got in and set up our tents. Camping Oahu was in place! Then I went for dinner at a fancy resort restaurant and feasted for free. I’ve never felt so happy sitting alone at a restaurant… I’m at Turtle Bay resort. Yes, I was imagining Jason Segel sitting alone in the movie where Forgetting Sarah Marshall was filmed. And I was exactly where was Forgetting Sarah Marshall filmed.Happy surfing me, pre-camera breakage (though I remained happy!)

Where Forgetting Sarah Marshall was Filmed!

I was already thinking of the movie a ton just being in Hawai’i. As I surfed for the first time I kept hearing in my head, “pop up! No you’re doing too much, pop up! Well now you’re not doing anything, pop up!” It was just amazing answering the question where was Forgetting Sarah Marshall filmed – being that it is my favourite movie.

Maybe Jason Segel and I are just on the same page.

So, I reminded myself of what I already knew: if you trust it will all work out, it will. Sometimes way better than ever predicted.

And if you haven’t? Don’t forget to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall!


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  1. Its great to hear about the travels! I love when these miraculous things happen during travel. all feels right in the world

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