What on earth have I been up to?

The best bartending crew a girl could ever ask for!

The days are a blur. As they should be. People come and go, most saying they’ve booked in for 3 nights and wind up staying a week or more. The goodbyes are rough, some more than others.

Yogi left a week or so ago, that one sucked. He was the only remaining bar staff member from when I started a month ago. So now I’m the one who’s been here the longest. WEIRD.

Then Theo left on Sunday. Oh boy, that one stung pretty damn bad. Slowly we are separating.

Not much has really been going on otherwise. We drink, we party, we laze about, I work every second day, usually from 4 to 9. We really do shit all. We shoot the shit sometimes, we chat about life with meaning at others. We just… are.

For Yogi’s last night we went up to the lighthouse and watched the sunset – me, Yogi, Eduardo, Rowan and Ellen. Beautiful. Then a few days ago I actually got my shit together enough to walk down the beach for 2 and a half hours, wayyyyyy past town. That was quite lovely.

Well, I think that’s all for now. Soon I’ll have new things to say – I’m leaving for Colombia on July 5th. EEP. It’s gonna be hard to leave this place. But that time is coming. Love from Peru!


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