Two Creeks Campground: From Clothing Optional to Swingers

I was invited to Two Creeks Campground for a review. Anyone who knows me knows my favourite place on earth is a small town in Mexico called Zipolite. The entire town is on the beach, and the entire beach is clothing optional. It is a place of complete acceptance where true human connections happen on an insanely regular basis – something uncommon in our modern closed off society. So another clothing optional place was enticing… but would this just be a nudist and swinger campground, or more than that?

Two Creeks Campground Reviews – Look no further! Is it a nudist campground? A swinger campground? All of the above and more?! Two Creeks Campground

Never in a million years however did I think I’d find another place that would make my nomad heart feel at home like Zipolite does. I was wrong. I contacted Two Creeks Campground in northern Minnesota as it was clothing optional and I’d be passing through the area, and I thought it would be a cool place to check out. It advertised a place for nudists, swingers, gays (and if you’re looking for a gay clothing optional campground, this is the place – they even have a spot called homo heights with a swimming pool and all!), lesbians, and trans. You could say I was intrigued. It was a place for both couples and singles, geared towards swinging and nude recreation. The owner graciously granted me a two day free stay camping out in exchange for a review. You have to be part of one of the swinger clubs to come, but the owner waived the fee for the first couple nights.ย It wasn’t a clothing optional resort or hot spring, but it sounded awesome all the same. Plus, it’s not at all family friendly (21+ only)… and I’m not a fan of kids. This was a plus.

Getting Close to Two Creeks

But as my boyfriend and I approached Two Creeks Campground we began to feel wary. What were we getting ourselves into? While I love being able to be naked when I please, I’m no nudist, and I’m certainly not a swinger. Yet we were going to a nudist and swinger campground. Would we fit in? Would it all be about sex? What were we doing?! To boot, I had to write a review, and you know me: I refuse to bullshit, and you get only the truth from me. What if I hated it? Glen, the owner from Two Creeks Campground, came to meet us at the front gate to check us in and give us the tour. His bright smile lit us up, but we were still terrified by what was beyond those metal gates. We hopped on his golf cart to cruise around the various areas in the immense 100 acre campground, filled with cabins, campers, and a ton of room to camp with or without power and water.

Our First Stop

One of our first stops in Two Creeks Campground was an area called Alaska, which on this slow weekend was completely empty. It was decided: we would camp here so we could hide should we feel uncomfortable. That lasted about an hour. We passed through the self-proclaimed Homo Heights, greeted with smiles and waves by the residents. Our unease was beginning to subside. On we went to the City, the place where most yearly or permanent residents live and there was a ton of RV parking spots. Beautiful campers lined the gravel roads, many with stunning decks and other extensions – hot tubs, pools, amazing hangout areas, and even a fire pit that resembled a volcano. gay clothing optional campgrounds

Misfit Island

Within moments of our arrival we met the crew at Misfit Island, a camper owned by a lovely couple but with a big beautiful deck added on for whoever pleased to come hang out. We were instantly invited to dinner. Although we still didn’t know what was in store for us at Two Creeks Campground, we had to find out one way or the other: we were either going to love or hate it, but there was only one way to know. We brought some chips and vodka along, as no money is exchanged at Two Creeks Campground; instead, people trade – whether you’re chowing down on food donated by a variety of people or slamming shots of fireball, everything is on a donation and trade basis. And it’s beautiful. Plus, if you have nothing to trade, don’t worry, you’ll still be taken care of. It’s just nice to contribute. Who knows what the residents thought of the two twenty something year olds suddenly at their campground! As they hung out making dirty jokes, laughing the night away and connecting with one another fully naked for the most part, we stood there clothed, meeting more people than we could remember names. But no one pressured us to strip down; they didn’t care. As long as we accepted them, they accepted us. Soon a storm started to roll in, and we decided we should get a room. Besides, my 6’4″ boyfriend hardly fit in my tiny two man tent. Glen brought us over to a tattered looking bus. Oh boy. We held our breath expecting the worst…

The Bus

It was the most beautifully renovated bus complete with bathroom, drinkable water, bed, futon, and even a table and chairs to hang out. We fell in love instantly, moved our stuff, and headed back over to Misfit Island. The fridge was a tad small, but our lovely neighbour let us use hers while we plan to buy a fridge. But this time I felt at ease, already having connected with many of the residents. I stripped off my top and we walked over. The night continued filled with laughter and love. Every person was different yet we connected on a basic human level; we all just wanted to be accepted for exactly who we were, and here we could be. No one cares what you do for work, your background, or any of the junk we are forced to discuss in the “real world”. Here it was about who you truly are. While I find it easy to shoot the shit with most people, finding real connections is a rarity. But not here. From the first night I bonded immensely with the one trans resident at the time, who also happened to live next door to our bus year round.

Life at Two Creeks Campground

The weekends can be wild at Two Creeks Campground, sometimes with unorganized weekends like the one we attended, though even on these weekends people can organize things such as dances in the big open hall. Other weekends have events, the biggest being Swingstock, a lifestyle event. Though I was intrigued to attend, I wondered about it. Was it just geared towards swingers? I knew little about the swingers lifestyle, though I was intrigued. After a few chats I realized it was anything but; while swingers attend, it was for everyone, and in true Two Creeks Campground spirit there was only one rule: no means no. This was a campground for everyone, not purely a swinger campground (although it was also a swinger campground!) Whether at Swingstock or any other event, Two Creeks Campground was bound to be epic. Of course, being the youngest ones there and the newest, a few people asked what we were into. In truth all we wanted was to be around free, open and like minded people, while in our monogamous relationship. But all it took was saying this, and no one would ask again; we’d simply return to our great chats about anything and everything, with people clothed or unclothed, drinking or sober, laughing the night away.

Time to Go

By the day we were set to check out a lump had grown in my stomach. In four and a half years of travel I’d found but one place that I felt at home… and I had found a second. Leaving broke my heart. My boyfriend looked at me, “Want to stay an extra night?” A giant smile overcame me as I sipped on my beer and excitedly told my new friends we were staying longer. This was a place for everyone – from a swinger campground to people searching for gay clothing optional campgrounds to nudists to people who weren’t into any of it – we all just liked the good people. By Sunday night the crowd had thinned. Monday was practically empty (no doubt a totally different experience than at Swingstock!) No matter though, a few residents still roamed, and it was peaceful as could be. With heavy hearts, we left. Okay, we wound up coming back for one more night after a nice dinner with a friend in Minneapolis, a mere hour and a half away. But this was to be one of many times at Two Creeks Campground… from initially being terrified we’d gotten in way over our heads, we’d fallen in love with the freedom, the people, the openness, the pure genuineness of the place. We couldn’t resist: we signed the lease on the bus at this nudist and swinger campground for the year, free to come and go as we please – whether for an ordinary weekend or Swingtock. Both craving our return, we cannot wait to meet more of the characters who inhabit or visit Two Creeks Campground. And I can’t wait for all the new true friends just waiting to be met.


From a homeless nomad to a girl with two beautiful homes, I can’t thank Two Creeks Campground and everyone there enough for giving me this feeling of home I have craved for so long – and at a swinger campground no less for the non-swinger no less! I may not have scored any free stays at a nudist resort, but this may just be better. See you soon, Misfits – I’ll be hanging out on many a weekend, Swingstock included! Can’t wait to meet more Minnesota swingers, and learn more about the lifestyle! It was a pleasure contributing to the amazing Two Creeks Campground reviews! Two Creeks Campground Love clothing optional camping, save this pin for later


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  1. What an awesome blog, I wish I knew of a place like that here in Oz, it’s probably out there we just haven’t found it yet.

  2. This place sounds exquisite. My ex and I tried several clothes optional places in New Zealand, but became uncomfortable when we were sneered at by some and asked why we didn’t take it all off. Even when my lady appeared one night topless but wearing brief panties and I in undies they became a nuisance. We’re not prudes by any means, just like to feel comfortable. We’ve taken part in swinging, both at parties and just with other couples together. We’ve actually enjoyed this far more as no means no,but I’ve yet to see my lady say no very often. She enjoys every encounter and we’ve made some longstanding friends,who we meet frequently. Love reading your great articles as I’m also a confirmed traveler and in Asia currently. Do keep up your great work.

    • Oh you would adore Two Creeks from the sounds of it! It’s really a place where everyone is accepted, no one would care whether you had clothes on or not, or really how you are at all – accept others and they accept you ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Awww Thank You for the wonderful article about 2 Creeks and the caring words about me . If the rest of the world was like here it would be heaven on earth . I am happy you love it here most people do I never seen anyone that didnt. We all hope you two come home soon .

    Hugs n Kisses

  4. Hooray! I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself, it was a pleasure having you around and meeting you and I’m also looking forward to many more weekends together. Your smiles brighten up the dimness of the space under the awning and the fireball is tame compared to your spiciness. You are one with the misfits now. Cheers!

  5. I knew the two of you would fit right in and love our “other” home ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait for you to meet ALL of the Misfits and other residents (since you were there on a quiet weekend) ! They will love both of your bubbly personalities just like we all do. So happy you became part of the 2C fam and definitely a Misfit.

  6. As a fellow newcomer, I know exactly how you feel. Your review has captured the essence of our community perfectly. Not since the sixties era have I felt so at home and so free to be “just me.”

    I signed on as a resident after a one day visit last October. The warmth and friendliness make the trips from Los Angeles more than worthwhile. Even during the winter, Two Creeks people stay connected.

    So glad to have you aboard. Welcome home!!

  7. Ellen and I fell in love with the place on the same night you and your boy friend did. Like you we signed a lease for a year. I concur with everything you said about Two Creeks. Great place, fun times, and most of all really loving warm people that aren’t in competition with anybody. Adult Playground at its best.

  8. Loved reading this, love all of the people we have met, and love 2 Creeks! I miss it already!! Hope to return soon!!
    With lots of love to you all!
    –Ms. Swingstock 2018!

  9. Danie! I never got to say goodbye and that I hope we can meet up at a rainbow gathering! It’s a lot like 2creeks in that everyone is very welcoming and clothing is optional but there is a greater focus on healing and children are allowed. Rainbow’s slogans are, “Welcome Home!” and, “Lovin’ you!” since 1972. There’s everything from conflict resolution to natural building workshops. It’s totally free. No money allowed in the National Forest! But… bring toilet paper and a food donation… snicker bars and shinies trade like hot cakes.
    Good luck in Mexico!
    If you want a free rest stop on the way, there’s free land for free people @ 8967 Galen Rd. Lafayette, TN called The Garden. There’s a community cabin and typically converted buses with wood stoves available for travelers. The slogan there is, “don’t ask if you can come because it’s your land, too”
    I wish everything well for your journey. You’re on a good path

    • Thanks for all the info and so lovely meeting you! I have never been to a rainbow gathering but always dreamed of it! I will make it when the time is right ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay awesome!

  10. Hi Danie! I read your blog about 2Creeks and I can’t agree more. We are so happy we found such a great place. I never met a better group of people where everyone can enjoying being themselves, a place where everyone shares and cares. I will continue to read more about you. Can’t wait to see you soon. To everyone else at 2Creeks, thanks for being you! See you next summer.

  11. hi there i am a travel person as well been over to 50 countries, like to ask about 2 creeks , do u think they welcome one solo person?
    is the campsite clean?
    what is the accommodation like since i don’t have a tent or a trailer or anything.

    and is it true you can be nude anytime on the campsite? is it a big area? any hiking trails too?

    • Hey Felix!

      Yes, they welcome solo people, and the campsite is very clean! There are cabins and trailers to rent when you do not have a tent or own a trailer. And yes, you can be nude anywhere you like in the huge area! There are no hiking trails but plenty of space to explore! Hope you visit and love it as much as I do!



  12. Hello we was looking into going to two creeks. We loved your review but wonder about the disclaimer on top that your opinion has changed. Is this true and can you tell us way

    • I had some bad falling outs with a few people there. I don’t want to publicly talk about this. I’d say this, essentially: Two Creeks is awesome, you’re sure to have a great time and meet fun people. However, there is behind the scenes drama. Keep your guards up. Don’t trust people. Have fun, but keep them in the acquaintance, not friend, land. You will be very safe and happy, there are just some issues when you dig deep sometimes.

  13. This place looks awesome. It’s on the bucket list now for sure. I found your blog because I was looking for an overlap of the swing lifestyle and cycling. My wife and I would love to find friends to share both these lives with. Would this be a good place to look?

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