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I am ridiculously exhausted. No, I mean it. I can write, but moving? Not going to happen any time soon. And so I sit in my comfy inflatable bed in my aunt’s place in Tampa, writing about the amazing experience I just had. I won’t lie, my fingers are a tad cut up, and typing this is mildly painful. Worth it.

I came across TreeUmph Adventure Course while perusing places to zipline in Florida, ’cause you know, ziplining rocks. What I got, however, was something even better. While there are portions of the course that are ziplining, TreeUmph Adventure Course is essentially an obstacle course… in the air, above the trees. It starts off with easier courses low to the ground to get you practicing (and is rather nice for those who are afraid of heights). There’s even a special kids course for the little ones who, while they may be bad ass, can’t reach as far thus not being able to do some of the other obstacles. Kids and their little arms.

Alas, my aunt and I are a little too old for the kids course. So we got straight to it.


The first thing we noticed at TreeUmph Adventure Course was how insanely friendly all of the staff were; it wasn’t some fake customer service friendly, it was genuine. You could tell they loved their jobs, and adored helping out those adventurers who came along. We had our initial training on how to hook our harnesses onto the many wires assuring that we didn’t tumble to our death, and were sent on our way. Here we go!

TreeUmph Adventure Course has five different stages that go in order from “easy” to hard. Okay, the easy ones were relatively simple, but hell, they still required some sure footing. Thankfully, we could do them with ease because we knew at any given moment, should we stumble, the harness would hold us safely in the air, floating about unsure of what to do next. Still, no tumbling to our death was going to happen.


Wow, I just got up to grab my GoPro photos, which TreeUmph Adventure Course kindly let me rent for free, and I’m not going to lie: my armpits stink. It was a workout for my unfit body, that’s for sure.

But that’s part of the beauty of TreeUmph Adventure Course; not only are the obstacles divided into five groups, but you can drop out whenever you want and chill out on the trail below, watching others do the obstacles you just bloody well can’t do. After the first two sets of obstacles, my aunt was out. Happily out, but out. Despite not being in terribly good shape and being a giant klutz, I carried along. I wanted to see how far I could go before I had to drop out. One of the most comforting things about TreeUmph Adventure Course is that if you’re in the middle of a course and just can’t make it any further, all you have to do is yell to a guide, and they’ll repel you down from wherever you are. And yes, they’d even do it if you were in the freakin’ middle of an obstacle, suspended in the air, unable to move to the next platform.


Despite my better judgement, after reaching level four, I decided to do it: I was going to try level five. I mean, it didn’t look way worse than the other obstacles, it was just super high up. Oddly, the height didn’t concern me, despite a need to look down to see where the hell to stand next.

Well, I made it through one single obstacle on course five. Yep, I had to be rescued. Mind you, many, many people have to get rescued, so it’s no big deal. No one judges you; rather, people are encouraging, and think it’s awesome you tried. It’s important to know your own limits however, and I’d reached mine. I was tired out, and on the last obstacle my harness came in handy for the first time; yep, I was hanging atop the trees by my harness. Somehow I made it to the other side of the obstacle, stood atop a treetop platform, and yelled for a guide. He monkey’d his way over and repelled me right down to the ground.

No matter how far you make it in TreeUmph Adventure Course, you get to do a zipline at the end (there were many ziplines during the courses as well, but the long one – called the Triumph Zipline – awaits you at the finale). My aunt and I strolled over, exhausted, and climbed the three sets of ladders up to the top before ziplining our way to the finish.

The lovely people at TreeUmph Adventure Course were kind enough to give me the tour free of charge in exchange for a review, but I’d easily pay to go back. The prices are reasonable, and it’s a several hour activity packed full of fun. It’s all self-paced, rather than being with a tour, so no one is pressuring you to hurry up. If you’re slower, you just let any people behind you go ahead. Easy. TreeUmph Adventure Course has really made it so that absolutely any fitness level and age can enjoy the park in all its glory, and honestly? I can’t wait to go back next time I’m in Tampa.

But for now? I need a nap. Enjoy the video!

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  1. wow, TreeUmp Adventure is such a lovely activity but you have to be in a good body condition. This is thrilling.

    • You know I’m not actually in great shape, nor is my aunt who I took with me; the beauty is the courses go from easy to hard, and you can drop out wherever you see fit. While my aunt dropped out after the first two courses, I held out to the last one… where I was promptly rescued as I could go no further! But being rescued is normal here, and totally fine, so pushing yourself as far as you think you MIGHT be able to go is awesome. In all, I recommend it to anyone!

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