Travel Bloggers: What You Don’t Realize About Us

So many people see me working on my computer from a table atop the sand on a Mexican beach. “What do you do?” they inevitably ask. I tell them I’m a travel blogger, and they are awe struck. “What a life that must be!” Oh, if only they knew. For as fantastic our lives are, there are a lot of things you don’t realize about us. I asked some other travel bloggers for their input. So here’s everything you don’t realize about our lives as travel bloggers.

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1. When we work, we travel, and when we take time off we are home.
-Ketki, Dotted Globe

2. 3am is my usual bedtime as I have to spend time traveling each day and working each night.
-Natasha, The World Pursuit

3. We don’t always travel in first class. In fact, I almost never do.
-Jonathan, The Royal Tour Blog

4. Sometimes we spend hours upon hours trying to fix something or do something new on our websites, only to crash the whole damn thing. After 12 hours of work, we are forced to revert to the last backup of our site and abort mission.
-Danie, Like Riding a Bicycle


5.  Many travel bloggers are not traveling most of the time. They’re just sitting at “home” (wherever it is) writing.
-Karen, Wanderlusting K

6. We may scoop up “freebies,” but we actually work hard to deliver genuine, interesting and informative content in exchange for tour admissions, hotel stays, etc!
-Allison, Up&AtEm Travel

7. We get fed up with traveling!
-Tom Ground, Travel Tom Tom

8. A thoughtful comment on a post can make my day and give me inspiration to keep working hard at my websites!
-Kathy, Street Art Chat

montreal street art

9. Our food is usually cold by the time we eat it as we spend so long setting up the perfect photograph.
-Susanne, Adventures Around Scotland

10. Although it seems we’re rich, since we’re traveling so much, we’re not. We just know how to travel on a budget.
-Aleah, Solitary Wanderer

11. Sometimes the excitement of travel can get lost on us because we begin to associate it with work!
-Dannielle, While I’m Young

12. Taking photos is harder than it looks. Those casual shots are not-so-casual indeed!
-凱西林, For Two,Please

13. We start to view destinations in terms of ‘blog post potential’ and take photos of random things like public transport in case we need it for a post!
-Rohan, Travels of a Bookpacker

14. The photo you loved was number 38 that I took of that same thing! By the way, your comment that you loved it made my day.
-Kelly, Kelly Stilwell

travel bloggers

15. We spend more of our time marketing our posts and editing pictures than just writing!
-Ha, Expatolife

16. We’re beyond happy when non-bloggers comment on our blogs or social media posts (saying positive things of course). This seriously makes our day every time!
-Justine, Wanderer of the World

17. Our kids never get to jump on the hotel bed, eat the pretty waffles or go down the water slide until we take a photo.
-Erin, Explore with Erin

18. The longer we blog the more we realize what we didn’t know… once we learn to master one thing and are excited about the progress the next obstacle awaits us, but each little step makes us feel like heroes (though only to ourselves).
-Arzo, Arzo Travels

19. Many of us trade a 9 to 5 job for a 7 day (or 40-60 hour) work week chained to portable laptops. Weekends and holidays do not exist in our schedules, our “vacations” are work and the work is 24/7. Where others do one task for an hourly/monthly wage in a corporate building, we do the tasks of an entire company for an uncertain income but in an exotic location. What is your definition of “freedom”?
-Christine, Grrrl Traveler

travel bloggers

20. We usually spend a lot on our own travels! Not all of it is comped! And many of us have full time jobs in addition to blogging!
-Lavina, Continent Hop

21. We take on different jobs to pay the bills.
-Mark, Staycation Philippines

22. We quickly adopt new technologies.
-Varsha, Varsha’s Travel 360

23. We truly believe we can make the world a better place, so we dedicated ourselves to teaching people how to do it.
-Michael, Just a Pack

24. Every wonderful experience we have through our business as travel bloggers, has to be analysed, researched, photographed, written about, and shared on social media, often making sleep often an optional extra.
-Gordon, Short Holidays and Getaways

travel bloggers

25. Starting a travel blog to finance all your travels is like moving to Hollywood to become the next Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s possible, but not very.
-Arimo, Arimo Travels

26. No one actually works from the beach with a cocktail in hand.
-Nathan, Foodie Flashpacker
—I just need to reply to Nathan that I am currently sitting in a hammock on the beach sipping on a bloody Mary as I compile this article.

27. Being a travel blogger comes with many hidden costs: new gear, flights, tech and/or fashion accessories, site maintaining… and we’re constantly trying to make the most out of a destination.
-Paulina, Paulina on the Road

travel bloggers

28. Some of us are actually scared of flying.
-Lauren, Faramagan

29. Traveling is only a small part of the life of travel bloggers. The bigger part is endless hours spent working in front of the computer!
-Patrick, German Backpacker

travel bloggers

30. The hours of thought and set up that goes into getting one shot. And then once that photo is posted all the promotion that goes into it and engaging with followers.
-Nicole, Nicole LaBarge

31. We are the best at polishing turds! (aka making our lives look more glamorous than they really are).
-Bobbi, 1FunGrlTravels

32. It’s a full time job with zero to small income, at the beginning at least, but I get an immense reward in sharing information about the beautiful places I see, and inspire people to travel with no fear and more curiosity to explore. At the same time I like to support local businesses of less touristic areas.
Isabella, Boundless Roads

33. We don’t just travel and blog about it, but also do photography, marketing, and SEO. Multi-talents. Also, our work is definitely fun and amazing, but there’s a lot of hard work going on in the background.
-Seemah, Panda Reviewz

34. We always multi-task, and it always involves coffee!
-Cindy, One Perfect Day In

travel bloggers

35. We often miss receiving a regular paycheck. We’re the most demanding bosses we ever worked for, but it’s completely worth it.
-Scott, International Hot Dish

36. We never travel for free. We work for it.
-Nina, Where in the World is Nina?

37. Traveling doesn’t mean holidays anymore.
-Diana, Diana Miaus

38. We sometimes annoy our better halves by clicking too many photos of us. When it gets too much for them, we have also been known to trick them.
-Sonal, Drifter Planet

travel bloggers

39. We make our kids stand in the hallway while we photograph hotel rooms. It takes “don’t touch anything” to a whole new level!
-Dana, Dana Freeman Travels

40. That you can become so engaged with social media to promote your travel blog your husband can be talking to you and you don’t hear a word he said. Yeah, that’s happened a few dozen times.
-Sherrie, Travel By A Sherrie Affair

41. Writing a single post can take hours of work. And then it’s quite possible that post will get way less traffic than one of your posts that took a lot less time to write.
-Jonathan, Everybody Hates a Tourist

42. That it’s work. We work really hard with long, concentrated hours in front of a computer screen. But… Sometimes that work can be done in a place like this. And I get great satisfaction from helping to inspire and empower other older women to get up, get out, and see the world.
-Donna, Nomad Women

travel bloggers

43. We are not as lucky as most people believe. We are really self-made since travel blogging wasn’t even a thing a few years ago. Many times we are not taken seriously, but we work very hard for our money. Travel blogging is about hustling 24/7 and not giving up especially after some initial failures.
-Olga, Dreams in Heels

44. We often know we look silly taking 10 million photos of food or posed Instagram shots… we’ve just learned to get over the idea of public embarrassment because the payoff is worth it!
-Kate, Our Escape Clause

45. We as travel bloggers can come across pretty antisocial at times, due to the amount of tasks we have to complete. Some people just think we could be gaming, like playing Candy Crush on Facebook.
-Alex, Size Jinx in One

46. We have other jobs. Some of us teach.
-Gemma, Make Traffic Happen

make traffic happen

47. Those perfect Instagram photos sometimes mean laying in seaweed to get the perfect shot (true story.) They also occasionally involve fights, stress, and tears.
-Amy, Two Drifters

48. We all have a common interest.
-Jub, Tiki Touring Kiwi

49.  We start thinking in ‘blog posts’. We may look at something that a non- blogger would see as a nice hotel room while we think in terms of how to describe it to make it the most alluring to our readers.
-Tara, Travel Far Enough

travel bloggers

50. We can’t decipher between work and play because we are just as busy working on holidays, which is exhausting.
-Nicci, Travel with Boys

51. We’re literally NEVER caught up on work and will always have a long to-do list. We cross off one task and add five more.
-Jacklyn, Get Lost with Jackie

52. Just because we have laptops, doesn’t mean we always have a permanent income. That coffee I just bought to help me keep working could have been the last $2.50 out of the wallet.
-Alex, Ultimate Country Guides

53. We forget to feed the cat on time, and generally neglect loved ones, because we’re just finishing up a draft!
-Kathi, Watch Me See

54. We don’t get ‘freebies’, we exchange services.
-Paula, Contented Traveller

travel bloggers

55. We are extraordinarily excited to discover a laundry room in our lodging; downright giddy if it’s free. We repeat the same outfits on a trip – a lot!
-Julie, Fun in Fairfax VA

56. Every blogger has a story about how they were robbed, scammed, or extorted for money while on a trip. Honestly, it’s practically a job requirement.
-Meg, Dopes on the Road

57. We spend more time catching up on work in a cafe, and more money on coffees, than outside enjoying the sun. Like what I’m doing now.
-Owen, My Turn to Travel

travel bloggers

58. It’s not half as easy as it looks.
-Anne, Travel The Globe 4 Less

59. We spend lots of time in our pajamas. I don’t dress up to sit at my computer but my Insta-outfits are always perfect.
-Mia, Travel with Mia

60. You sometimes need a vacation when you are full time traveling… it’s exhausting!
-Robin, Life. Education. Travel.

61. We’re never actually on vacation. It’s always scouting the next story or photo angle.
-Lauren, The Down Lo

62. I take TONS of pictures of ‘boring’ things like signs, paths, landscapes, trees, admission fees, brochures. Anything. And. Everything. Why? Because I have no idea what I’ll need for a future post, or which pieces of information will be useful..
-Chris, One Weird Globe

travel bloggers maldova

63. Holidays can as well be a staycations after months and months and months of endless travel. And we swap from economy eats to luxury villas in a whim.
-Inma, A world to Travel

64. We often don’t know how to take a REAL vacation because we’re focused on creating informative content for our readers.
-Kallsy, Pages of Travel

65. People never really get the amount of time a single story takes, or that there are many other commitments beyond just writing the stories.. When traveling with others, they want to see “their” story published the next week, when the fact is, it may be 2 or 3 months down the road.
-Roxanna, Gypsy with a Day Job

travel bloggers

66. We don’t always look glamorous in real life. Great shots often come down to good photography.
-Katherine, Tara Let Anywhere

67. What you don’t realise about travel bloggers … we don’t work for ******* free!
-Mike, Bemused Backpacker

68. Those luxurious rooms you see in our pictures, we hardly spend time in there. The super soft beds are just a prop for our photo of the room and where we crash after a long day of work. Sleeping in late is a luxury we mostly cannot afford.
-Rishabh, Gypsy Couple

69. A 8 hour day was once a reality now it is a dream.
-Jane, To Travel Too

70. Some travel bloggers are full time moms managing the little ones every second of their time except when those little ones sleep. Traveling is extra work as there is so much to plan for family travel bloggers.
-Priyadarshini, Glorious Sunrise

71. We actually get sick of traveling sometimes. More vacations mean more blog posts on our to do lists and not enough time to get everything done.
-Alexis, World Travel Adventurers

72. The constant amount of training and reskilling that goes into travel blogging. Most of us (over the age of 30!) were not brought up in the era of social networks and coding skills!
-Keri, Our Globe Trotters

travel bloggers

73. What you don’t realize about travel bloggers is that if given the chance, they are a lot more likely go to a new vacation destination than to visit their family at a destination they are already familiar with.
-Alla, Alla Ponomareva

74. Travel blogging also comes with a lot of side effects. Backaches, headaches and a few other ailments are a part of travelling for long days in different time zones. Travelling is always not rosy.
-Amrita, Tale of 2 Backpackers

75. Being a travel blogger isn’t as easy as you may think. If you want to be successful you will end up working more hours than you ever have in any job, you will not leave your house (or hotel room) for days because of deadlines, you can’t separate life and work anymore, and at times you will wonder why you didn’t just get a real job. That is, until you get to hop on a flight again to an exotic destination most of your friends will never be able to visit…
-Sanne, Spend Life Traveling

travel bloggers

76. Vacations never remain the same once you start writing about them. There’s a constant pressure of clicking pics of each and everything and jotting down details about the places you are visiting. Also absence from social media while you travel isn’t possible. You need to be in constant touch with your audience even when you are on the move. Travel is a lot of mental as well physical work for a travel blogger. It’s not just a vacation or relaxation as for others. But then success finds you when passion becomes your job.
-Anjali, Travel Melodies

78. We hike in dresses and make it work.
Gemma, Two Scots Abroad

travel bloggers

79. We aren’t rich. Therefore, do not treat us like a walking ATM. Also, we don’t normally do the 4-hour a week job like other bloggers made you believe.
-Christine, The Travelling Pinoys

80. We sleep with our smartphones. The last thing we see at night and the first thing we wake to look at is our smartphone. It’s to track the progress and comments from our postings. (Or is that just me???)
-Christine, Grrrl Traveler

81. We probably didn’t know more about coding than you do when we started our websites. We often have to learn on the fly, through trial and error, and from others.
-Nicholas, Rambling Feet

82. Travel blogging requires a lot of self-discipline and sacrificing personal time (most of it). Many relationships get tested, once you become rarely available.
-Elena, Passion For Hospitality

83. We have the ability to edit the vile and horrendous comments you leave us.  And if you tell me to die or hang myself in a comment, I will likely edit that to say something nice about puppies or ice cream.
-Megan, Megan Starr

travel bloggers

84. We spend more time planning, documenting, posting and promoting than we ever do “holidaying”.
-Paula, Sydney Expert

85. We forfeit holidays at home and miss out on birthdays and memories with families and friends in order to afford our lifestyle. We sleep at airports or train stations, usually don’t have a steady phone number, and live with a lot of trust in those around us.
-Cassy, Away We Stray

86. There is a lot more that goes into being a successful travel blogger than writing and posting pretty pictures.
-Niki, Chasing Departures

87. So many nights sitting behind a computer working when your friends are out having fun then having them tell you your life must be unreal as your always travelling. We put in a lot of hours to make it look like an ideal lifestyle.
-Alan, Frequent Traveller

travel bloggers

88. We are like scientists we just have expert knowledge in the research of destinations.
-Joella, Roving Jo

89. Our first task when we enter a new country: buy a local SIM and get it registered. Otherwise we can’t keep up with work.
-Juergen, Dare 2 Go

90. Friends say you are so active every time we’re available on social media, and we feel being there forever is also less. There are 100 of tasks to be finished before having some personal chat time.
-Suruchi, All Gud Things

91. Whenever we travel we are always working – thinking about collating information for our readers, taking good photos to include in our blogs posts, then keeping our social media up to date with all the wonderful things we have been seeing and doing, whilst trying to look natural. As a solo traveller, my biggest challenge is capturing awesome photos of myself; these can take up to 20 minutes, setting up the tripod and going backwards and forwards seeing if you have caught the best shot. And it’s normally the first picture I take is the one I use haha!
-Becky, Becky the Traveller

hadrian's wall

92. Travel bloggers have a keen eye for detail. They like observing the mannerisms of people around – how they walk, talk, eat, etc…
-Ambuj, BnBNation

93. Some of my craziest travel stories aren’t can’t be told on the blog for one reason or another. You have to catch me at a bar, in the right mood…
-Chris, One Weird Globe

94. What people don’t realise about travel bloggers, is that we often have to work really hard and go without lots of the things we love, in order to find the money to fund our travels. Some of my friends often comment that I always seem to be jetting off to a different country, while they’re stuck in their 9-5 jobs. They don’t realise that I have to make lots of sacrifices so that I can afford to travel – from ditching my MAC foundation for high street brands, to avoiding splashing out on my wardrobe, and shopping in economy stores. At the same time, it’s not unusual for me to spend ten hours a day working on my blog content, promoting posts and completing general admin tasks – and I also have freelance writing projects to complete, to ensure I’m generating enough income.
-Kacie, The Rare Welsh Bit

travel bloggers

95. Bloggers sometimes forget to enjoy the experience because they always keep in mind ‘what can I write about this and where can I take the best picture?’.
-Wendy, Worldwide Wendy

96. You spend a lot of time taking photos more than enjoying the location itself.
-Therese, The Hand Made Chic

97. Getting up at 4:30am to write that post before the day starts makes you an instant coffee lover!
-Carmen, Meanderings

Travel Bloggers

98. Most people don’t realize that travel bloggers don’t work regular 8-5 hours. If I am onsite at a destination, it’s not uncommon to be taking and editing photos while eating a meal, and staying up into the night writing and proofing content.
-Becky, The Travel Voice by Becky

99. What you don’t realize about travel bloggers.
1. We take days and weeks to research the best destinations to write about for our readers.
2. We are up late juggling family life, educating our children, and writing amazing guides for our readers.
3. We spend hours a day editing photos and videos for our readers to enjoy.
4. We don’t spend all day on the beach and relaxing; we dedicate more than 70% of our time writing and editing to keep our websites up to date for readers.
-Tina-Louise, Single Mum Travels

travel bloggers

100. The myth of a travel blogger is you travel for free and you are always on holiday. This is totally incorrect as nothing is for free. On a media trip one is expected to :
1. Tweet
2. Take pictures
3. Use IG stories
4. Post on IG
5. Do a Facebook live.
6. Check in at every place.
7. And use a million hashtags

All this before one actually enjoys the moment. Often this means eating cold food, drinking cold, and getting left behind because you are trying to catch the perfect shot. The life of a Travel Blogger is not as glamorous as the world thinks it is. It is made up of late nights, deadlines, no social life, and messy hair.
-Verushka, Spice Goddess

travel bloggers

101. One very interesting thing I didn’t realize is being a travel blogger gives you the chance to get paid or to travel around the world easily. But the main is it gives you lot of experience while travelling different places, and also gives you the chance to get familiar with different cultures of different places.
-Sajib, India Tour Blog

102. Our work day never ends and our to-do lists are endless. Whatever we do, we think about photos to take, stories to write, how to promote them and how all of that fits into our overall blog strategy. And when we are just ready to go to bed, it might be the perfect time to post on Instagram…
-Antonia, Cheers to a Wonderful World

103. We travel with a lot of camera gear and plan our day around getting the best lighting for photos.
-Nancy, enSquaredAired

travel bloggers

104. The thing most people don’t realize about travel bloggers is that our jobs are 24/7 when we’re on these trips. We’re constantly coming up with possible blog post angles as well as keeping our social media handles flooded with gorgeous images of the places we’re visiting.
-Danasia, The Urban Realist

105. We’re not always travelling! Although it may seem as though travel bloggers are always on the go, there are often periods of time where we may not travel for months. It helps to have a back log of content and photographs to keep the momentum going, and make it feel as though we are always doing something exciting!
-Kirsty, KirstyLeanne

106. We fall in love with some places so much that we just want to keep returning and returning, but sometimes make a decision to go someplace new to keep the blog more interesting.
-Ann Belle, Kids Travel Books

107. What most people don’t realize about travel bloggers, especially full-time travelers like myself, is that our lifestyles aren’t glamorous most of the time. The content we share, especially on Instagram, is highly curated to show the best of the best. This is meant to inspire our audiences to travel. We don’t typically dedicate entire posts to 14-hour bus rides, travelers belly sickness, language struggles, or other plights of being a wanderer. The good always outweighs the bad and each and every experience contributes to your memories of the places you’ve visited. Usually, you can look back and laugh at the uncomfortable, unfortunate, and unlucky situations!
-Lola, Miss Filatelista

109. You rarely get to eat a hot meal anymore because even the food you eat has to be photographed and analysed.
-Jo, ZigaZag

110. We sadly don’t all have an inflatable flamingo to do our office admin on.
-Millie, Millie Goes

111. Traveling does not mean we are on a holiday. Instead we are running around with a camera 24/7 and search for internet in the middle of nowhere.
-Clemens, Travellers Archive

112. We have this super cool network of friends from all around the world working all hours of the day, some of whom we are closer with than friends back home- and probably only met once.
-Stefan, Nomadic Boys

113. Some of us are on a budget and travel via more affordable means, rather than staying at a new luxury hotel each week.
-Allie, LunaVida

114. Blogging is also a journalling process for many of us, a way to recount our adventures and to put them in a coherent memorable order.
-Terry, Wise Kingdom

115. Nobody realizes that travel bloggers like to stay inside and have ‘off’ days! Sure, there’s a huge world out there to explore, but sometimes we just want to stay in bed, slay the jet lag, catch up on our work, and have lazy days with television and books.
-Vanessa, Turnipseed Travel

116. We sometimes do get the best views when working!
-LD, Retired and Travelling

travel bloggers


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  1. This is awesome! Makes me wonder why anyone does this job or why doesn’t everyone do this. I said the truth in #73! Sadly haha

  2. LOLing big time. I love Stefan Nomadic Boys comment. I hope I get to meet more of you guys soon.

  3. I was chuckling so knowingly while reading this whole list. I want everyone who has ever said “Your life must be so awesome” to be required to read this post. But I have to agree with Gemma. Stefan’s comment about the friends you make along the way says it all. And thanks for including me (#42)!

  4. yes yes,
    this was an awesome read!!

  5. So glad I read all the way to the end! So many of these are pure gold! The life of a travel blogger, eh? So glamorous, and unglamorous, all at the same time 😉

  6. Some of these are sooo hilarious! And each and every one of them is true!
    Great collab! 😀

  7. As a wannabe travel blogger, I have to say that reading this post didn’t motivate me much. But I’m sure that even if there are so many things you hate or just don’t like about your job (like in any job, tho), you actually love it and would never quit, right?

  8. Kelly Stilwell is spot on, about both topics.

  9. Thanks for including us, these are great!

  10. Haha. Lots of familiar feelings in there, a great collection. We love it really…. 🙂

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