Top Naturist Beaches in Canada

While many think of Canada as being a chilly place, it gets just as hot as many places in the USA during its short (but sweet) summers. While it might be a bit frostier in the water, the action on the sand is much hotter, especially when you consider this country’s more socially progressive attitudes.

Accordingly, there are more than a few naturist friendly beaches in Canada. Below, we’ll share three spots where you’ll find yourself among locals who are just as proud of their body as you are.

1) Wreck Beach, Vancouver, BC

As nude beaches go in Canada, Wreck Beach is one that shouldn’t be missed if you are paying a visit to Vancouver on your Canadian vacation. Over 100,000 people walk its sandy shores annually, thanks in large part to the progressive attitudes which have allowed its existence over the years, as well as its 6.7 kilometre length, which gives visitors the space they need.

While the water in the Georgia Strait can be cold even in the heart of summer, locals can be often seen frolicking offshore, occasionally with the protection of a wetsuit. You won’t be bored during your time here, either: with a preservation society sponsoring events year-round, Wreck Beach is a destination committed naturists won’t want to miss.

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2) Beaconia Beach, Manitoba

On a journey across Canada? At some point, you’ll start to get delirious from the long days you’ll put in behind the wheel. You’ll definitely need to take a break, so take the opportunity to do so when you cross into Manitoba.

North of Winnipeg, you’ll find an out of the way place called Beaconia Beach. Unlike uber popular spots like Grand Beach, this is a place where you can doff your top without having to deal with freaked out local conservatives.

While it is a haven for the LGBT community from Winnipeg, all orientation and genders are welcomed here with open arms. Just be sure to walk a solid 15 minutes south from the parking area before dropping trou, as the sands just beyond the lot are favoured by local families.

3) Hanlan’s Point Beach, Toronto, Ontario

You won’t have to venture far from the core of downtown Toronto to soak up the sun and cool off au naturel on a hot summer’s day. After taking a quick ferry ride across the harbour to the Toronto Islands, you’ll only be a ten minute stroll away from a place called Hanlan’s Point Beach.

Officially designated a clothing optional beach since 1999, it is actually a nice spot for swimming during the peak summer months. Despite its proximity to the city, the water meets Blue Flag standards through most of the season.

With a stiff wind blowing off the open waters of Lake Ontario on many days, it is also an excellent spot for kiteboarding – can’t say we’ve ever done that naked, but hey – there’s a first time for everything.


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