Toilet Crickets

I have (stupidly) stashed my backpack in a bush to return and find everything I owned stolen (passport included).

I have had over a hundred mosquito bites covering my legs.

I have been so badly burned my whole chest blistered and I had to hide from the sun for two weeks while in tropical paradise.

I have had my camera and iPod stolen at gun point.

I have used many a non-Western toilet.

I have had a random stranger walk up to me and kiss me on the lips (to clarify, this was not fun).

I have had my boat’s motor break down in the middle of the Amazon.

I have been sad, and broke, and panicked, and lonely, and every emotion in between.

I have encountered many a massive cockroach.

But of all the travel blunders I have experienced, the very worst?

Toilet crickets. I effing hate toilet crickets. Every night I’d go to the bathroom, and there would be at least 4 crickets in the toilet, alive and well. And when I daringly sat atop that damn toilet, oh yes, they would jump up.

One night I encountered a tarantula on my way to visit the toilet crickets. Mr. Tarantula and I were fine with each other. I took some pictures of him, and he chilled out. He was cool.

But the toilet crickets? No. They are my number one foe.


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