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You know how in the romantic movies, the girl is about to get on the plane and then the guy stops her? Ok, well that only happens in romantic movies. That is not real life. But you know what does happen in real life? In real life the girl is a fucking nut job, and her poor man tolerates it all, and she decides to go home; she decides she needs to pay off her debt and hit refresh. So she goes to the big city the day before her spur of the moment flight is set to take off, and then she has the biggest panic attack she has ever had. Meanwhile, she’s told precisely zero people she’s heading home because a. she doesn’t want to see most of them, and b. she feels rotten. And then she calls the airline and finds out she can change the date of her flight for the low low price of $50. And then she doesn’t leave the man after all. THAT is what happens in REAL life.

Not that I’m saying that is my life. Except it might be. Dunno. Maybe.


Danie is a lovable and insane digital nomad of sorts. If you ever wondered what's a nomad, you've come to the right place. She enjoys oversharing, telling every detail of her life, and chilling on the beach, among other things. Danie is rather odd, and she likes it that way. Be sure to subscribe to hear more of her ramblings, and find out when Danie finally gets to fulfill her biggest dream: cuddling a platypus.

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