The Beautiful Life I’m Currently Living

A usual evening in Mancora

Hmmmm so I guess I haven’t posted in a while…

My days are spent with the most beautiful of people in a beach paradise. The hostel is not too big nor too small, with flows of many people staying here to barely any at all. Everyone becomes friends very quickly, and of course we all form our very close bonds almost instantly.

We smoke and drink and talk the days away. We swim and sway in hammocks. We share our stories, we shoot the shit, and sometimes we have very true conversations.

I usually work afternoon shifts, from 4 to 9, and I get to pick music, drink, and chat with amazing people the entire time.

Watching the transit of Venus together - everyone from the hostel came down to see this event that only happens once every 100 years

Watching the transit of Venus together – everyone from the hostel came down to see this event that only happens once every 100 years.

On Tuesday we all watched the transit of Venus together on the beach – the bar shut down, and we all went out – with our makeshift (failure) pinhole cameras, and our 4-layered sunglasses. It was hard to see, and it was barely seen, but we all saw it, and most of all we all had a lovely time enjoying the sunset all together. Then yesterday we had happy hour on the beach – I closed the bar, we rounded everyone up, one guy played guitar, and I brought beers down to everyone in a cooler.

Some nights there are mad parties – Monday was my very first full moon party. We handed out a ton of flyers in town – even the night of Hanna and I were sent in decked out in body paint to flyer the town up. I got into the rival hostel and managed to give flyers out to everyone before being spotted. That night Hanna and I were the main bartenders, and since it was a crazy and long shift, we were allowed breaks. But I never took mine. I was just having too much fun. And, of course, I was drinking and dancing the night away as I poured drink after drink. When we closed up at 5am, one of the fellows staying here – Sean, from Chicago – was helping clean up and sweeping away.

That’s the type of community we have here. We’re all friends here. Even if we haven’t met yet.

So I suppose I don’t have anything in particular to say – no insane stories to recount, just the beauty of our everyday lives. We hang out, we speak, we listen… And this is exactly where I needed to land. So tonight we say goodbye to a bunch of people; the most important ones to me being Tyler and Cyril, who have been here since day 1 for me. I’ll miss them to death, but the weeks here with these people… well I’m just so lucky to be here and to have met everyone I have.

Halfway through my trip people… what awaits me in the time I have remaining?



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