And That’s When Kenny Got Blowed Up

All of a sudden he leaped out of the air and flat onto the ground.

I was on hold with an airline, distracted yet aware. A fire had spontaneously began in the kitchen upon a platter full of grease. Though people were around, few reacted.

Maya headed over to try to put it out, Kenny trailing fast behind. He was the one who befriended everyone; the one everyone loved, and everyone connected with. A beacon of joy who gave the very best hugs.

And suddenly he was on the ground.

He had tried to help put out the grease fire – a fire no one ever fessed up to having created. As he carried the platter of fiery grease outside to put it out, the wind blew in. BOOM. A fire ball exploded as he leaped away from it, landing on his side on the floor in front of us.

We all stood in shock. “DO NOT PUT WATER ON IT!” “Get him to the hospital NOW!”

His hand and foot were badly burnt, whether it was a second or third degree burn, it was bad.

He was in shock. I tried to hug him and his kind self said please don’t touch me.

A few hours later he returned, bandaged up and in good humours. But it would only be a matter of days until he realized he had to return home to get the proper care he so needed.

And so we bid adieu to our beloved Kenny, safe, harmed, but recovering.

But that amazing fucker survived a fireball, and never stopped befriending and loving all around him.

I wish we could all be more like Kenny.


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