Tep Pocket Wifi Review for Frequent Travellers

Tep Pocket Wifi Review

With the rise of digital nomads wandering the world, there’s a need for us to stay more connected, hence this Tep pocket wifi review. I remember working as a virtual assistant for a few months, and it would always be a pain when I decided to hitchhike here or there, without a clue if I’d find wifi to be able to work. This left my employer with days of my being MIA – not ideal for either of us. Then there was my mom who would inevitably worry if I didn’t make contact for several days, simply because I was hitchhiking long distances. When in places like Mexico, finding a roadside café with wifi is not going to happen. And so I decided to do this Tep pocket wifi review, in the hopes it would rock.

tep pocket wifi review

Which Portable Wifi to Choose?

I’d been approached by several companies that offer portable wifi devices, but they were all rentals. I don’t go on short term trips to the middle of nowhere, but rather I live a nomadic life, taking me all over. How am I to know when I will and won’t need the device? Returning it seemed like a pain as well, having to pay shipping from god knows where in the world I’d be. I really couldn’t see myself doing a good review for anyone… except perhaps a Tep pocket wifi review.

Why Tep is the best:

That’s when I found Tep Portable Wifi for Frequent Travelers. Not a rental, but a device you buy and own, never having to send it back, I was on board to give it a try. And I could not be happier with the results. This wifi device was exactly what I needed – no local sim card required! Plus it’s tiny – pocket wifi if you will, for internet connections no matter where you are! If you run an online business like I do, you’ll love their wi fi network, and the ability to work without wi fi hotspots. Plus, there’s no rental period. It’s all yours to keep.

What’s included?

The package from Tep Portable Wifi arrived complete with the device, a USB cord for charging, and an international adapter that not only works for the device itself, but can be used for all my other devices (either by USB, or plug directly into it!). It even came in a nice little pack to keep it safe, because god knows my backpack gets banged around.

It’s also great because there are no data plans, so your data usage is up to you. No roaming fees whatsoever, just pure wi fi when you need it on the go. It gives you unlimited internet with the pre paid package. You just turn the device on, it connects to your PayPal and charges you $8 for 24 hours, and voila! Unlimited internet wherever you are in the world! The Tep wireless device is definitely the best pocket wifi out there.

tep pocket wifi review

The test run…

I turned the device on and activated the internet. I was ready to do my Tep pocket wifi review. The screen even lets me know how many hours I have left of my 24 hours (the device comes with 5 free days of internet, and costs $8 thereafter, which you can either prepay or pay as you go. You also won’t get charged unless you activate your Tep, so you can just use it when needed). You can connect up to 5 devices at once, so you can happily work on your computer, while Facebooking on your iPhone, and perhaps being kind and letting the bored looking girl sitting alone have the password so that she can connect as well. My connection was super fast, though obviously it will go down a bit the more devices that are connected – but that’s like any wifi.

The battery life lasts 8 hours while in use, but I wondered if it would continue to work while plugged in. Success! As it worked, it was going to be easier to do my Tep pocket wifi review… god knows I’m always a bit nervous I’ll hate something before I do a review, and you know I’ll only give you honesty. For someone like me who has a great wireless charger (something you can also buy through Tep), I could easily be working for over 8 hours in the woods sitting outside my tent. Okay, I probably don’t want to work for that long while camping, but you know, I can, and that’s what matters.

What’s the device like?

The device is also super light, and if you carry everything you own on your back like I do, you know this is absolutely crucial. It only even took me a mere few minutes to figure out how to use it because the instructions it came with were outlined so incredibly clearly. Plus, the support they offer is unreal. Not only can you email, phone, text, or chat live on the website, but they even have WhatsApp. What company has WhatsApp for their support?! An awesome one.


Overall, I am incredibly happy with my new lightweight portable wifi, and can’t wait to use it on the road, in the most random of locations. Expect more photos from me while I’m travelling along now, guys!

tep pocket wifi review



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  1. This is such excellent information :-)! I think this is a must for future travel. Did you find this better than just getting a local sim card while within the country?

    • I actually don’t have a phone because I just move around too much to constantly get new sim cards. Plus, this works on my laptop, iPod (or smartphone for a real person haha), and up to 3 more devices at once. So it’s pretty rad! I’m kinda in love with my new gadget haha.

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    P.S. Do you also realise how much information you give people access to when they donate to you via paypal. They can easily then get your name, address, phone number, email and so on. They can then do a chargeback and not just have their banks rip money out of your bank but each time they do a chargeback they can again get all your info but this time your date of birth if it is a personal paypal account, which then they can set up credit cards and identity cards in your names in their different countries. Becareful Pal

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