Stratosphere Rides and Stratosphere Jump off the Tallest Building in Vegas

What. A freakin’. Night. Between the Stratosphere rides and the jump, it was crazy. Seriously, I jumped off the tallest tower in Las Vegas – the Stratosphere tower Las Vegas. Technically it’s not the tallest building in Lreas Vegas as it’s not fully habitable. That would be the Fontainebleau Resort Las Vegas, at 735 feet (224 meters). How tall is the Stratosphere? Way taller. The Stratosphere height is 1,149 feet (350 meters). You can see it from miles away as you drive up, and that certainly made my nervousness increase as we approached.

The Stratosphere Jump: The Lead Up

I had just skydived in Hawaii, so as we cruised down the Las Vegas strip towards my impending drop, I felt petrified yet excited. I was preparing to fall off a building – sort of like a bungee jump but more like a free fall – overlooking the strip at nighttime. What was I getting myself into?!

I had heard about the jump by researching both skydiving and bungee jumping in the Las Vegas area. While I found nothing close enough to the city for either of them, one thing just kept coming up: The Stratosphere Jump. What on earth was this thing? What did they want me to do? Fall of a building, you say? Yeah, you’re absolutely insane if you think I’m going to do that.

Alas, I am absolutely insane as well. And so I booked in to fall off a building. Sorry, mom. If everyone else is falling off a building…

(Mind you, no one else with me was. It was just crazy ol’ me. Again, sorry mom. But I survived, so we’re good!)

Stratosphere Rides Prices

First of all, a big shout out to Tinggly. Tinggly is a super cool site where you can get tickets to anything and everything. You can buy someone a gift in various denominations, and THEY can pick what adventure they want to do. Tinngly has adventures all over the world, from walking tours to some of the best thrill rides in the world (or I should say, the highest thrill rides in the world!) One great added bonus is Tinggly doesn’t charge any service fees to users. Though be sure to check out the terms of use, privacy policy, and anything else that could be relevant to you, as you will be providing personal information.

And that’s exactly what I did with my Tinggly gift – the Stratosphere Las Vegas rides. This includes all unlimited times on all three rides: Stratosphere X Scream, Insanity, and Bigshot. I got a wonderful discount off the prices with my Tinggly gift. Even though the Tinggly options did not include the jump – yes, jumping off the tallest building in Las Vegas – I just had to do it as well! Riding on top of this tower was sure to be a delight, but sometimes a girl just needs to jump off a building.

Stratosphere Rides and Jump Las Vegas!

Las Vegas stratosphere rides and stratosphere jump

I’d never really been keen on going to Vegas. I don’t gamble and don’t ever have much money to spend. But when I made friends with locals at Two Creeks Campground, all that changed. And when I heard about the rides and the jump, that changed hugely.

The Tallest Building in Las Vegas

So what the hell did I do tonight? Overlooking the Vegas skyline, the Vegas thrill rides and the jump (called the Stratosphere skyjump Las Vegas on the books) both provide spectacular views of the strip.

This building is the tallest tower in Vegas (though not the tallest tower in the United States – but hell, can you hop off the tallest tower in the United States? No way!). It has many awesome things to offer – and it’s totally unlike any theme park you’ve visited!

I was only interested in two heart-pounding activities: the thrill rides, which I bought off Tinggly, and being able to hop off the mother-fucking tallest building in the city. The jump promised to be incredible, as did the rides. While I adventured, my friends awaited me and watched from the observation deck at the edge of the building.

las vegas stratosphere rides and stratosphere jump

The Stratosphere Jump Las Vegas

First up was my Stratosphere jump off the tallest building in Vegas (not included in the Stratosphere thrill rides prices). My friend was happy to do the amazing rides, awaiting us. My very first skydive, only a few weeks earlier, exhilarated me and provided the perfect introduction. I was pumped and ready to just bail off this freakin’ tall building.

The jump boasts being the highest commercial decelerator descent on earth. Though not a theme park per se, it definitely felt like one. After filling out their disclaimer and privacy policy, it was time.

With my feet over the edge, the man who strapped me in counted me down. Time to jump off the Stratosphere. 3… 2… 1… And with that I had my jump off, Stratosphere now above me. And man, I fell down, down, down, reaching speeds of 40 mph. Gazing at the strip below, I enjoyed the most amazing 17 seconds of my damn life. The tallest tower in Vegas, the freakin’ famous strip beneath me, at night, in a free fall. In no time, however, I fell to the landing pad below. It was brief, but absolutely amazing.

The Las Vegas Stratosphere Rides

The Stratosphere rides were awesome too. Even though the Stratosphere Las Vegas roller coaster is no more, the other three rides were totally amazing. While all rides swowed me, the Big Shot amusement ride was the best by far – the tallest of all the thrill rides in the world. It shoots you wayyyyy up 160 feet to the very top of the tower, only to drop you those 160 feet back down. Insanity the ride and X Scream also rocked, but Big Shot rocked my socks off. How could it not?! The tallest thrill ride in the world on top of the Stratosphere hotel and casino! The Big Shot Stratosphere Las Vegas; an amusement park in itself. Plus, the Stratosphere ride prices were pretty reasonable, with a few different options.

Okay, the other rides rocked too.

There is definitely something to be said for the rides X Scream and Insanity! X Scream had us on a 70 degree angle, 866 feet up, feeling on the verge of falling off the damn building. And Insanity spun us off the building and around in a circle as we dizzily saw nothing below us… that is not for a long ass way, at least. Yeah, they were pretty heart-pounding experiences, too. I’d definitely recommend these rides over rides like the Canyon Blaster at Circus Circus; after all, these are atop the highest building in this epic city!

The Rest of the Stratosphere

Granted, I couldn’t do everything there was to do in this epic tower. I mean, it’s a huge building. As well as the jump and the rides, there’s the observation deck, which provides amazing views.

There’s also the Stratosphere restaurant – Top of the World Restaurant Las Vegas – one of the rooftop restaurants in Las Vegas. But that’s not all there is to eat. There’s Roxy’s Diner, and one of the best lounges in Las Vegas. I hear the Top of the World Menu and the Sky Lounge menu are to die for. A carving station. Award winning fine Dining (and dining with a view, to boot!) Shrimp cocktail. Crab cake. Are you melting? There’s even a Stratosphere buffet. But I definitely wasn’t having any Stratosphere food – not even indulging in happy house – before my jump despite the delicious Stratosphere restaurants. Bad idea.

And of course there are several casinos for the high roller in you. Of course there are many bars scattered throughout. I even saw an ice cream place near the observation deck.

You can also rent out areas to have private parties, as there was one going on the day we went. There were tons of cool tower shops at the bottom of the building, and even a tattoo parlour and piercing shop! They had some lingerie shops as well, which I had to fight the urge to go into. I mean, I’m a backpacker. Where am I going to keep that stuff? There’s even the Stratosphere pool. Seriously, this building has absolutely everything. You can’t do it all in just one day.

The Whole Adventure

Basically, the whole night was epic, though I must say, my highlight was the Stratosphere jump. I mean it was hopping off this huge tower! Wanna see how much I loved it? Check out the video below of me falling off, overlooking the strip! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get videos of the Stratosphere rides, but I promise, they’re absolutely wicked! Every single Stratosphere ride rocked!

So when you go to Las Vegas – and I know you will eventually – from the girl who never in a million years wanted to go to but made friends at Two Creeks Campground who convinced her, do not miss these rides and jump! The sky jump is epic, and it’s totally worth getting the video package. Thanks so much to the Stratosphere Casino Hotel & Tower for this experience! Next time I’ll have to check out the Top of the World Restaurant too, but to be honest, it probably wasn’t a great idea before the jump and rides.

And remember to check out Tinggly for discounted rides prices!

Jumping Down Over the Strip – see the video below!

Do you really need any more convincing than this to fall off the tallest building in Vegas?! The wild descent lasted a whopping 17 seconds. Okay, not that long of a free fall, but totally worth every moment! Unlike bungee jumping, you just go straight down. It corresponded to an assisted free fall, which is somewhere between bungee jumping and skydiving. A spectacular experience.

Quite honestly, I think I’ll do it again when I next find myself in this epic town! Plus the rides in Las Vegas were epic, even without the Stratosphere roller coaster that used to be there. I would have liked to try the high roller roller coaster, though. Just with a name like that, who can resist?!

And don’t forget to pin it for later – maybe you’ll be jumping off the Stratosphere!

las vegas stratosphere jump and stratosphere rides

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