The Stratosphere Rides and Stratosphere Jump in Las Vegas!

What. A fucking. Night. Between the Stratosphere rides and the Stratosphere jump, it was quite crazy. Seriously, jumping off the Stratosphere – the tallest building in Vegas. I was petrified yet excited.

First of all, a big shout out to Tinggly; Tinggly is a super cool site where you can get tickets to anything and everything, but what’s so wonderful is you can buy someone a gift in various denominations and THEY can pick what adventure they want to do. They have adventures all over the world – from walking tours to riding some of the best thrill rides in the world… the latter being exactly what I did with my Tinggly gift – the Stratosphere rides.

Stratosphere Rides and Stratosphere Jump! What was it like jumping off the Stratosphere – the tallest building in Vegas?!


stratosphere rides and stratosphere jump

I’d never really been keen on going to Vegas; I don’t gamble and don’t ever have much money to spend. But when I made friends with Vegas locals at Two Creeks Campground all that changed. And when I heard about the Statosphere rides and the Stratophere jumps, that changed hugely.

The Tallest Building in Vegas

So what the hell did I do tonight? Everything Stratosphere – the Stratosphere rides and the Stratopshere jump. The Stratosphere is the tallest building in Vegas, and has many awesome things to offer. But I was only interested in two things: the thrill rides, which I bought off Tinggly, and jumping off the mother fucking the tallest building in Vegas… jumping off the Stratosphere. The Stratosphere jump was going to be incredible, not to mention the Stratosphere rides while I was at it.

stratosphere rides and stratosphere jump

First up was my Stratosphere jump off the tallest building in Vegas (not included in the thrill ride prices) as my friend eagerly awaited us doing the Stratosphere rides. Having just skydived for the first time I was ready for jumping off the Stratosphere. And man, it was one of the most amazing 17 seconds of my damn life as I fell down, down, down, gazing at the strip below. The freakin’ Las Vegas strip… beneath me… at night… falling off the tallest tower there.

The Stratosphere rides were awesome too. While all rides were great, the best by far was the Big Shot – the tallest thrill ride in the damn world. It shoots you wayyyyy up to the very top of the Stratosphere, only to drop you back down.

Basically the whole night was epic, though I must say, my highlight was the Stratosphere jump – I mean it was jumping off the Stratosphere, the tallest building in Vegas! Wanna see how much I loved it? Check out the video below of me jumping off the Stratosphere! Unfortunately I couldn’t get videos of the Stratosphere rides, but I promise, they’re absolutely wicked!

So when you go to Vegas – and I know you will eventually, from the girl who never in a million years wanted to go to Vegas but made friends at Two Creeks Campground that convinced her – do not miss the Stratosphere rides and the Stratosphere jump off the tallest building in Vegas!

Jumping off the Stratosphere – see the video below!


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