SlotZilla Zipline Las Vegas

SlotZilla Zipline Las Vegas
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What on earth was SlotZilla Zipline, with its odd name and all? Why was I told it was a slot machine inspired zipline? What was that?! I booked in for 8:00 pm regardless. I’d just have to find out for myself.

My friends wouldn’t tell me much beforehand, just that I was going to love it and simply had to indulge. I just had to take their word for it. I mean, I had met them at a clothing optional campground, and they’d taken me to jump off the Stratosphere already. I figured they probably had something right. Besides, money comes and goes, but I’ll never forget the amazing experiences I had in Vegas. This was of course a prominent one indeed.

slotzilla zipline

SlotZilla Zipline Las Vegas: Soar Over Fremont Street

When they told me about SlotZilla, I was in immediately. I was in Las Vegas visiting my friends that I met at Two Creeks Campground, and had just done the Stratosphere Rides and Jump a couple days earlier. I needed more adrenaline pumping, however. After the toxic relationship I was in, I just craved it beyond belief. Interesting fact I learned: in the toxic abuse cycle, adrenaline is actually released. This means that when the relationship ends, one is often craving adrenaline. So it’s not all that odd I started skydiving and bungee jumping and all the rest. Las Vegas was to be no exception to my adrenaline junkie ways. It was time for the Fremont Street experience.

A Different Kind of Zipline

Slotzilla zip line was way different than any other zipline experience I’ve ever done. And believe me, I’ve done quite a few. From little ziplines on TreeUmph Adventure Course and WildPlay Victoriail, to massive ziplines in Jamaica and Belize, I’ve done my fair share. So why even bother paying for it? I mean, it the price was cheap enough, but really, why do just another zip linwhen I so often get them free for a review? Why pay for this?

What Sets this zipline Apart From the Rest?

So here’s the deal: Slozilla zipline has two different levels, or two different ways to fly really. One is lower to the ground – only 77 feet up – and you’re in a seated position. You’re harnessed in just like any other zipline. You don’t go quite as far (maybe half the distance) as with the taller zipline. Obviously the zipline to choose is totally the upper zoomline at 114 feet up. You’re paying anyways, so why not do it right?! Besides you wouldn’t be ziplining across a busy Vegas street if you were afraid of heights anyways, would you? Or maybe you would be, as the girl who went at the same time as me was.

The higher up zipline you’re actually lying down, totally in superhero style. You go much further, and it’s absolutely amazing. Seriously, who doesn’t want to feel like Superman, if only for a minute? And Superman above a Las Vegas crowd? Yeah, it’s pretty awesome, I’ve got to say.

The Location

For one, Slotzilla zipline is right on Fremont Street, in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. The Slotzilla tower and ticket office are super easy and obvious to find too. It isn’t on the strip, but in my opinion, this area was way nicer. It was crowded, but with a different sort of crowd. Buskers of all sorts roamed the street and people danced to live music or on bars. You could get a drink and walk along with it (well, you can do that all over Las Vegas, because it’s Vegas), and do as you please. It was crowded but with enough room to still walk around (for those of us with anxiety!) But being above it all… wow. I mean, when do you get to see a Las Vegas crowd while literally flying above them? Um, never. Except if you do this one thing. Even from the SlotZilla tower the glee started to come over me as I awaited my boarding time. (Did I mention this tower is actually world’s largest slot machine? Yeah, it just keeps getting better.)

Why Do SlotZilla Zipline on Fremont Street?

So instead of soaring around through nature like your normal ziplines (which is awesome, do it as well!) you’re soaring way above everyone in downtown Las Vegas. You’re on the popular Fremont Street to be exact. This advenure takes you over the crowds and buskers, past all the live music and people drinking on the street, over the Fremont casinos, through a giant tunnel that is a huge TV viva vision screen. The screen shows all sorts of different things, and I doubt the experience would be the same from one night to the next! You can see halfway down the Fremont Street, and if you’re on the lower zipline land halfway down the Fremont Street. Finally, high flyers land at a landing platform near the Golden Gate, the most historic casino in Vegas. And all this while you’re in that awesome Superman position. Are you convinced to check it out yet?

Prices, Prices, Prices

The cost of doing SlotZilla is relatively cheap, albeit perhaps a bit on the pricey side for how long it lasts. After all, it is just one zipline. Still, it’s is an absolute thrill, giving the casinos and theme parks in the area a serious run for their money. I mean, when in Vegas, right? You went there and knew you’d spend money. Why gamble it all away when you can do something this awesome, right?! I personally am much more into doing cool activities like this than just throwing money away, as I see gambling. But you know, to each their own. Maybe do a little of both for the full Las Vegas experience?


It may not be as adrenaline pumping as jumping off the Stratosphere (the tallest building in Vegas), but this was an absolutely amazing experience nonetheless. It provides you with cool views no other zipline will give you. Forget about nature on this one. You get to people watch while flying far above everyone (and they are eager to watch you go by as well!) So what on earth are you waiting for?! Buy your tickets today for and soar across the most popular (well, after the Las Vegas strip) street in all of Vegas!

While I sadly didn’t get a video as they don’t permit cameras (I wonder how this guy did it?!), check out the one below to see what it’s really all about! Fly SlotZilla on your next trip to Vegas!

Video Credit: Fremont Street Experience


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