A Short Tale of a Gecko

Zipolite Mexico

So this one day in Zipolite Mexico I went into my tent to find a small gecko. I was like awe buddy I’m not gonna kill you, but this sleeping arrangement ain’t gonna work. And he’s all like yeah I’m trying to escape but I don’t know the way out and you’re secretly gonna murder me. I’m like bro can you just… just stay still. I’ll find something to get you out.

And he hops and hides and I’m all fuck man where are you? Then Rey says something to me and I yell from the tent BUSY UNO MOMENTO!! And then I find broskie and finally scoop him up with the all purpose blanket I bought in the Houston airport at 5am last January while with my friend freezing trying to sleep. The blanket always came in handy. See ya buddy. Have a nice life.

And life carried on on Playa Zipolite.


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  1. Hi Danie. I have just read your bio and saw the mention of the platypus. Do you have any idea how rare they are? I am 61 and have never seen one in the wild, only at zoos and special nature parks. In our region, (http://www.visitvictoria.com/Regions/Great-Ocean-Road/Things-to-do/Nature-and-wildlife/National-parks-and-reserves/The-Otways)there are several national parks where I am sure they live but a wild platypus is NEVER going to let you cuddle it. Maybe when you visit Australia you can go to the Healesville Sanctuary about 2 hours out from Melbourne, you will see platypus there in a brilliant natural habitat enclosure. Not sure about cuddling one tho. Check this out..https://www.zoo.org.au/healesville/highlights. I notice on it’s page that the keeper is petting the platypus so maybe there is the opportunity for visitors to do the same. Regards, Peter

    • Thanks for the advice!! And no, I wouldn’t cuddle on in the wild – both for danger reasons and because you don’t bother an animal in its natural habitat. A sanctuary is absolutely the route I always planned on taking, one day!

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