Things I Love

Things I Love
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And so it begins! Here’s where I’ll tell you about my absolute favourite gear and travel bloggers. Unless otherwise specified, none of these products have been given to me free of charge, nor have I been paid for these reviews. I pride myself on being ad free, and to give you the real deal. So read on for some of my favourite items!


Check all all my favourite gear here!

Minimalist Packing List


Antarctica Cruise

MayWalk Adventures

TreeUmph Adventure Course

Random Things:

I recently had the wonderful fortune of getting a free ride on the Victoria Clipper straight from Victoria’s downtown to Seattle’s, and it was freakin’ awesome. As the boat jetted along, taking only three hours to carry me from Canada to the States, I sipped on beers and enjoyed sea and mountain views. Seriously, this is the way to travel, and has got to be the easiest and most peaceful way to get from point A to point B. Check it out!

Victoria Clipper

Blogs I Love:

Freeborn Aiden

Looking for Stu

Straight on Detour

Millie Goes

Roving Snails

Where the Heck is Matt?

Balearic Homes

Victoria BC Travel Information

Twenty Secrets

Info Counselling

Depression Confessions

Waking Up Wild

Lost with Purpose

Travelling Slacker

Porno Inside

Inspirational Videos:

Oh, the Places You’ll Go at Burning Man

TED talk with Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking

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