Review: WildPlay Victoria

WildPlay Victoria

She didn’t mention until we were on our way to explore WildPlay Victoria (on Vancouver Island) that she was afraid of heights. Oh, my sweet, sweet best friend. This was going to be an adventure. I’d contacted WildPlay to experience their adventure course after I had such a good time with TreeUmph down in Florida. I just had to do another one. The thrill of testing my body while up in the canopies was unparalleled. It was fun and exhausting, and just left me wanting more. I had to find more adventure parks, but where?

And then I got lucky, and found one in the last place I lived: Victoria. I was going to go with my best friend, and have ball. That is, if my best friend weren’t deathly terrified of heights. Oh well, we trekked onward regardless of the poor girl’s terror. Oh dear, Esther. I love you, but oh dear. I wondered how it would go, but we persevered!

WildPlay Victoria

Location of WildPlay Victoria

We hopped off the bus and headed towards WildPlay Victoria, which was a bit hard to find, but we eventually spotted a sign (tip – you want to turn down the road where the Colwood Exchange is). After winding down a long road that we were eventually to realize was for cars, and there was a small path we could have taken to arrive at WildPlay Victoria, we finally made it, excited as could be! After a quick training course, we were on our way at WildPlay element parks in Victoria, BC. Unfortunately, gloves were not included, and I highly recommend buying a pair for an additional $3.99 when you’re at the park.

WildPlay Victoria

And so it begins!

Off we went to explore the obstacle courses above! They started lower to the ground, but sadly not quite low enough for my terrified-of-heights best pal. I raced through the first few obstacles as she trailed behind; no matter – we were in no rush. But soon it was just too much for her; the ground below was too far. We called to a guide to help her out. I had hoped they’d repel her down as they had for me at TreeUmph Adventure Course in Florida when it just got to be too much for me.

Instead, the guide very calmly guided her through the remaining three obstacles in the level, where there was a ladder she could get down from. I love that they tried to get her to push herself to do more, but also saw the terror in her eyes. She would put one foot in front of the other ever so delicately, fear pounding from her. I half wanted to encourage her – and gently did – while half thinking just just the fuck up and let the girl get to land.


She really needed someone to get her down right then and there, though I’m sure had she been fully upfront about this a guide would have found a way to rescue her. Personally, I would have told the guide no, get me the hell down had I been her. But she’s nicer than me. And perhaps more brave, as she did complete those last three obstacles and made it to ground.

WildPlay Victoria

On I went, obstacle after obstacle, zipline after zipline, getting higher and higher into the trees. It was great, and I only fumbled and fell once (surprisingly…) Of course I was all strapped in, so falling really isn’t a big deal. You have nothing to fear, so why not just keep trying obstacles? I, however, am not in great shape, so we only did the classic course; with my best friend already on the ground, and my body already starting to ache, I thought it best not to try the advanced course this time round.

In reality, I would have liked to try the rest, but I was tired and as my best friend had backed out, I thought I’d join her. It’s more fun with a partner in crime, anyways, and my bones were aching.

What’s to Fear?

We were supposed to the WTF jump as well (What’s to Fear jump), and really the thought of jumping down didn’t bother me one bit. It was a controlled fall down, much like the Stratosphere jump in Vegas but way lower to the ground. So it wasn’t exactly going to be the feeling of either bungee jumping or skydiving. Just a controlled drop.

I was a tiny bit scared for the jump, but I was ready to do it in all reality (though my best friend was totally out.) What scared me was the fact that you had to climb a big ass ladder to get to the top of the platform from which you fall off. My arms are weak as hell, and there was no way they were getting up that rickety rope ladder. I wanted to fall, but I couldn’t get up there. I joked that they needed an elevator.


Overall we had a great time at WildPlay Victoria, and would absolutely adore visiting again on my next trip to Victoria! Until then, I look very forward to the different adventures WildPlay Nanaimo has to offer in a couple weeks. This time I’ll be with a pal who isn’t terrified of heights, which is probably a good thing. While they also have the adventure course and What’s to Fear jump, WildPlay Nanaimo also has the primal swing (why not swing across a canyon?) and bungee jumping. Okay, you’ve got me: I’m terrified of the bungee jumping. But there’s only one way to face that fear. And when in Rome (or when given a free tour for a review…) Tune in for how that adventure goes, and whether or not I chicken the hell out.

WildPlay Victoria


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