WildPlay Nanaimo: Review

Wild Play Nanaimo: The thrills that would get me jumping out of planes

I vowed I would never go bungee jumping. No way, no how you were making me jump off a bridge and bounce back up only to fall again. I freakin’ hate the feeling of falling. No. Way. But then I found out about WildPlay Nanaimo after my visit to WildPlay Victoria and the adventure park there. Yep, they had bungee jumping, and yep, they were giving me a tour in exchange for a review. Aw, crap. I mean, I could totally chicken out, forcing my friend to do it so I could still write about it. And I almost did just that. I mean, up until I actually leaped off the edge, I didn’t really think I was going to. And god, I’m craving doing it again.

Wildplay Nanaimo

And so we headed to WildPlay Nanaimo

But WildPlay Nanaimo gave me a package deal of ziplining, the primal swing, and bungee jumping in exchange for a review. How could I not?!

My friend Lauren came along and we decided we’d do the bungee jumping last; god knows we needed to get the adrenaline pumping. I’d woken up that morning excited for the other activities, but pretty sure I was going to chicken out from the bungee jump. I’d never even skydived or anything of the like!

Primal Swing

And so we arrived, first stop: primal swing. They harnessed us in, and off we went! The drop down was a bit of a surprise, I won’t lie, and there was lots of screaming. But, after the initial drop, it was totally awesome; we just swung back and forth over the beautiful river below. The location was absolutely stunning, and it was a great time. It definitely helped that we were able to do it together – freaked out in unison.

Next we did the ziplining. Although it was only a couple ziplines, it was totally awesome. Again, the views were stunning.

Finally it was time to hike back up to the bridge, and jump off the god damn thing. Jump. Off. A bridge. Just no. No. I detest the feeling of falling, and I’d already had it on the swing (though it was worthwhile and I adored it!) Lauren went first, petrified she’d throw up from being upside down. Thankfully I didn’t see her before my jump… cause she totally did vomit afterwards. This is totally uncommon, but she knows her own body. The guides had said if she puked on the bungee jump she would be the very first; so technically she wasn’t the first, but she still had a good vomit afterwards. Still, she was happy she did the jump.

My Turn to Bungee Jump in Nanaimo

Next was me. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. I watched a couple people go before me. I was in no way sure I’d do it. On the one hand I wanted to try it – face your fears and all – but that falling feeling… oh dear lord. A guy on the bridge talked to me, and convinced me that I should do it. Even as I got tied up and ready to go, I wasn’t positive I’d do it by any means.

The guides – who were with us throughout all three activities – were positively awesome. They were trying to convince me to do it, but not in a pushy way – it was a more a fun, lighthearted, but you don’t have to do it kind of way. Even as I approached the edge, definitely needing a little push to go, the guide was awesome. “I’m not going to push you until you give me the okay, and I’ll count down from three.” I contemplated backing out. There was still time. But… I had to try it. Just once.

3… 2… 1…

He pushed me lightly off the edge and down, down, down I went, until up, up, up I went. The initial fall petrified me, but lasted so little time it wasn’t a big deal. Then going back up and falling back down wasn’t so bad because of the bungee – it wasn’t the same as just falling.

I returned to the ground with a big ol’ smile on my face, proud of conquering another fear. I highly recommend WildPlay Nanaimo, and adored also the Victoria location (where I did the adventure course). Thanks for the awesome time, WildPlay Nanaimo! And check out this video (has been rented with a GoPro from WildPlay element parks!)


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  1. If a man on a bridge tells you to jump off a bridge… but, I am glad you had fun.

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