Review: The Roar App

Review: The Roar App
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the roar app

It was set to be a long day with three flights (one including an overnight layover in Houston) to get from Vancouver, Canada to Huatulco, Mexico. Plus, we knew once we arrived we’d have to hitchhike to Zipolite, making our day even longer. So what do you do?

You drink. You drink all day. You drink on every flight. And then you arrive in Houston at midnight and where is the booze? Nowhere, that’s where. Everything at the airport was closed, and we were far from being able to sleep on the cold airport floor yet. No, we’d need another few drinks in us to be able to do that.

Suddenly I remembered; I had a new app called the Roar app to review. Well, this was as good a time as any. Would it really be helpful?

The Roar app helps you find bars, clubs, and places to eat near you. I opened up the app and chose the bars tab. Naturally, most of them were airport bars as the app shows each establishment in order of proximity to you. I clicked on each one, checking out the hours, slowly giving up as each seemed to be closed long before midnight. Finally I hit the last bar – only four kilometres away and open until 2 am. Sweet! We hopped in a taxi and found Hoot County Saloon, a dive bar with cheap beer and plenty of people to chat with. Awesome.

Of course I didn’t think the app would work once we arrived in Zipolite; you see Zipolite is just a small beach town, so obscure I was sure it wouldn’t work. Upon my arrival I was just so curious – could this app actually work here? As someone who likes to stay away from the big cities and travel to smaller places, often finding myself in the middle of absolutely nowhere, if it worked in small towns I’d be in heaven.

I switched it on…

Oh my god, it works. Holy crap. If this app works in small town Mexico, it’s pretty much going to work anywhere. I was astounded and so stoked.

In all, it’s an awesome app for travellers to find bars, clubs, and restaurants in their vicinity. How perfect is that after a long day of hitchhiking, tired and hungry, just wanting somewhere to eat while in the middle of nowhere? So to all you travellers out there, or just people who want to find some new places in their own city, check out the Roar app – you will not be disappointed! You can also check out the Roar app on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – follow along!


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