Skydiving Oahu: Pacific Skydiving Honolulu

Skydiving Oahu – Pacific Skydiving Honolulu: My very first jump!

Wow. How can I even begin this? I’ve been travelling the world for almost five years straight, but to experience skydiving? Totally different story. Yep, I was going skydiving for the first time – skydiving Oahu to be exact, with Pacific Skydiving Honolulu. Pacific Skydiving is tandem skydiving, of course, but it was to be the best experience ever. Imagine the feeling to skydive Hawaii!

Five years of adventures and 35 countries. But today I experienced the most amazing thing of my entire life: I jumped out of a plane. Yep, I actually went skydiving, something I never thought I’d do. And to go skydiving Oahu in Hawaii for my first one with Pacific Skydiving?! Brilliant. Of course, it’s all weather permitting. So thank god the day was nice and sunny, with the winds just right to see those Hawaiian skies!

A Newfound Adrenaline Junky

I never used to be into adrenaline-fueled activities, until my last breakup. We’d spent much of the summer together at Two Creeks Campground, only to part under less than pleasurable circumstances. As it turns out, this man I thought I loved definitely had a disorder I shan’t go into detail about. But he was messed up.

Apparently, after dating a person with the toxic traits he possessed, it’s quite common to become an adrenaline junky. This is because, in the toxic abuse cycle, the body releases adrenaline. So when the toxic relationship ends and the body no longer releases any, one craves it. Yeah, my bad breakup made me want to jump off bridges and out of planes.  … In a good way, though. But I digress. This is the story of my first skydive; you can read about the rest in previous posts.

Pacific Skydiving Honolulu and skydiving oahu

Where to go for your first skydive

I went with Pacific Skydiving Honolulu – I mean why the hell not?! Their prices were comparable to anywhere else on the mainland, and they accepted credit card making life easier. The only difference was this was over the freakin’ beautiful north shore of Oahu, with amazingly blue ocean and mountains as the backdrop. Who doesn’t want to do skydiving Oahu?! I was practically shaking with excitement when I arrived at the skydiving center. With excitement and maybe a bit of nervousness. I mean, I was about to jump out of a plane for the first time ever.

skydiving Oahu and Pacific Skydiving Hawaii

Excited while insanely nervous…

I was excited as hell arriving at the drop zone, which you have to arrive at about an hour before your start time. After we did the initial training, it was about 20 minutes until I hopped in my plane. I did get a bit nervous as we started to ascend. High in the sky. Skydiving Oahu was going to be interesting. The weather conditions were great, so nothing to worry about there. And Kai, the guy jumping with me, fucked around joking with me to ease my mind. My nervousness started to fade, although a lump in my stomach still pounded. Jumping. Out. Of. A. Plane. What was I doing?!

Getting Photos!

Meanwhile, my camera man. (C’mon, I had to splurge on video for my first time!) The guy took great video, and he also functioned to distract me a little from my nervousness, too. He directed me, telling me to do things while looking at the camera, which was wicked. I totally suck at posing and shit for photos, but he rocked it. Our free fall was about a minute and just incredible. Then, as we descended, Kai even let me steer a bit, which was super cool. He held the ropes while I did it so I knew I couldn’t screw it up. I just steered the parachute, stoked, and enjoyed the views below.

My new love!

Yeah, I kinda fell in love with this company and the staff after jumping out of a plane 14,000 feet up and flying above the clouds. What a great way to go skydiving Oahu, and yet another thing crossed off the bucket list! I can’t thank Pacific Skydiving Center enough for instilling in me a new found love, and a new hobby: jumping out of a perfectly good plane. And I always needed a hobby; I guess this one is a tad odd, but it’s mine! You can also do the regular 12,000 guaranteed tandem exits, but 14,000 feet it was for me. I had to go big or go home. The company boasts having no security flaws, which is kind of what you want from a skydiving company, I’m not going to lie.

skydiving Oahu and Pacific Skydive Hawaii

What’s next?

Honestly, I’m already thinking about my next sky dive after this amazing experience! Possibly in Aruba in two weeks. I am not kidding. Clearly, I’m newly addicted to skydiving after doing it a mere one time. But skydiving Oahu is definitely going to be hard to beat with their spectacular panoramic views of Oahu’s north shore. Will Aruba beat this? How about the Oaxacan coast of Mexico? Only time will tell, but I’m pretty curious to find out. Plus, I found a place to skydive the freakin’ Grand Canyon. How many awesome places is this new found hobby going to lead me?!

I’ve even started thinking about perhaps doing my course for solo skydiving. Yep, that’s right, guys. I’m keen to learn to skydive without a tandem instructor. Then again, I’m not sure I have quite the muscle power for it. While skydiving in Aruba a month later, I was told to put my foot on part of the plane before we tumbled on out. Naturally, the wind was insane way up there, and I couldn’t keep my foot there for the life of me. I might not be cut out for solo skydiving. Or, I might have to actually start working out if I want to do it. Woe as me! Still, it’s a thought that lingers in my mind, even if someone recently told me about his minor (read: major) accident with solo skydiving.

Mom, I hope you aren’t reading this. Or maybe I just won’t tell her if I do my solo skydiving course. That’s probably a better call, right? I’m not quite sure. In any case, sorry I like jumping out of planes and off buildings, mom. Love you.


I had such a wicked awesome time doing my tandem jump skydiving Oahu, that I legitimately did do it again a couple of weeks later in Aruba, not to mention my Stratosphere jump in Las Vegas, which was equally awesome! Oh, and I have another skydive booked for a month from now… how will I wait?! Yeah, I might be thinking of doing the same skydive twice – once with my friend, and once alone. That adrenaline thing is no joke. It’s hard to drag me out of Zipolite, my favourite place on earth, but an hour trek to skydive? Yeah, worth it… even if it isn’t the naked skydive I’m dying to find one day (oh, I will).

I’m just craving my next plane jump, and all because these guys showed me such a wicked awesome time! Thanks again!

And don’t forget some of the other awesome things Hawaii has to offer, like hang gliding, a helicopter ride (bonus points if there are no doors!), ziplining, and a circle island turtle tour!


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