Skydiving Oahu: Pacific Skydiving Honolulu

Skydiving Oahu – Pacific Skydiving Honolulu: My very first jump!

Wow. How can I even begin this? I’ve been travelling the world for almost five years straight. Five years of adventures and 35 countries. But today I experienced the most amazing thing of my entire life: I jumped out of a plane. Yep, I actually went skydiving, something I never thought I’d do. And to go skydiving Oahu in Hawaii for my first one?! Brilliant.

Pacific Skydiving Honolulu and skydiving oahu

I went with Pacific Skydiving Honolulu – I mean why the hell not?! Their prices were comparable to anywhere else on the mainland, but this was over the freakin’ beautiful north shore of Oahu, with amazingly blue ocean and mountains as the backdrop. Who doesn’t want to do skydiving Oahu?!

skydiving Oahu and Pacific Skydiving Hawaii

I was excited as hell, but began getting a bit nervous as we started to ascend far into the sky – skydiving Oahu was going to be interesting. Kai, the guy jumping with me from Pacific Skydiving, eased my mind as he fucked around joking with me.

Meanwhile, my camera man (c’mon, it was my first time, I had to splurge in video!) was equally awesome at putting my mind at ease, and took a great video. He directed me with things I could do looking at the camera which was wicked – I totally suck at posing and shit for photos, but he rocked it. Our free fall at Pacific Skydiving was about a minute and was incredible. Then as we descended Kai even let me steer a bit which was super cool. He held hold of the ropes while I did it so I knew I couldn’t screw it up, making me not at all nervous, just stoked at steering the parachute and enjoying the views below.

Yeah, I kinda fell in love with Pacific Skydiving and the people there – what a great way to go skydiving Oahu!

skydiving Oahu and Pacific Skydive Hawaii

Honestly, I’m already thinking about my next skydive after Pacific Skydiving. Possibly in Aruba in two weeks. I am not kidding. I’m newly addicted to skydiving after doing it a mere one time. But skydiving Oahu is definitely going to be hard to beat!


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