Review: MahaDevi Designs, Bad Ass Travel Clothes

MahaDevi Designs

Doria Skirt and Caya Longsleeve

While on the road, you always want gear that’s going to be nice and lightweight as well as functional. But who says it can’t be bad ass at the same time? I teamed up with MahaDevi Design to try out some of their clothes, and they couldn’t be more perfect for travelling. I seriously can’t wait to try these out hitchhiking.

The Doria Skirt (pictured above) can easily be paired with some leggings or leg warmers for colder climates, while it’s nice and light for beach-land. I’m in love with the Caya Longsleeve – a versatile crop top hoodie, which can be worn with layers underneath or on its own. This is going to be very well loved for Canadian winter.

MahaDevi Designs

Stelja Skirt and Kayla Bamboo Tunic

I feel ready to go out on the town already in the styles pictured above! The Stelja skirt is just long enough to cover my big ol’ round bum without leggings, but has gorgeous contrast with the leggings (and again, Canadian winter – a girl needs warmth!) The Kayla Bamboo Tunic is amazing, and can be worn in every way imaginable. Need a hood? Done. Off the shoulder? No problem. Cowl necked? Sure, why not. It’s so cozy and warm, if only the cat would stop playing with the strings I would be rocking it this very moment. The tunic is a bit on the heavier side, but as it’s gorgeous and can replace other not-so-bad-ass looking sweaters, it’s still awesome for travelling.

Check out more of their gorgeous, fashionable, yet totally functional clothing on their site MahaDevi Designs, and drool at all the awesome gear you can get. Gone are the days that travellers have to sacrifice beautiful clothes for functionality – MahaDevi has it all!


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