Review: Hawaii Turtle Tours

Hawaii Turtle Tours

I was just standing outside a cafe in Haleiwa, a town on the north shore of Oahu, when a man struck up a conversation with me. I told him how I’d just gone hang gliding in exchange for a review… that’s when he said he actually owned a tour company – Hawaii Turtle Tours – that does swimming with turtles. I half jokingly asked, “Want a review for a free tour?” Right away he was down. Score. I booked in with my friend Kiana and off we went!

What we didn’t realize is that it was going to be an entire circle island tour – an all day long adventure seeing the top sights of Oahu. It was great as we had enough time to stop here and there, but one could also spot places they want to go back to for more time. It’s a great way to explore the island.

Hawaii Turtle Tours

Our guide, Jake, was super friendly and approachable, giving us a ton of information as we cruised around the island, stopping for photos and finding out cool places we passed by to stop in at another time. Instead of a dry, boring explanation, he was very intriguing and fun in his way of explaining everything, making the whole trip awesome. We stopped for a delicious lunch and off we went again.

Finally, we reached the highlight of the day: the turtles. While I only saw one on this slow day, it was absolutely amazing and mesmerizing to swim with him in his natural habitat. Words cannot even express how awesome his was.

Hawaii Turtle Tours

Finally we headed back to Honolulu after a long day of fun and the sun. What an amazing day thanks to Hawaii Turtle Tours! I very much hope to join them again!

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