Review: CLIMB Works Keana Farms

CLIMB Works Keana Farms

How does CLIMB Works compare to other zip lining companies?

I’m not going to lie; my friends were nervous, albeit excited in their nervousness. We were going zip lining at CLIMB Works Keana Farms on the north shore of Oahu. I couldn’t have been more stoked as I adore zip lining, having done it in Jamaica, Belize, Minnesota, and even on a few adventure courses. They, on the other hand, had never been and were afraid of heights.

CLIMB Works Keana Farms

We started at CLIMB Works with a short low to the ground zip line to put everyone’s mind at ease. Okay, my friends were still a bit scared, but that would quickly change.

The first thing that struck me about CLIMB Works was as they geared us up they didn’t give us gloves; every other time I’ve zip lined we had one glove to slow us down. I wondered what on earth was about to happen, and honestly thought this seemed like something they were doing wrong. 

\CLIMB Works Keana Farms

I was totally incorrect. 

Instead of having to slow ourselves down near the end, at CLIMB Works they had a system where the guides slowed us down using a break on the line. We held onto handlebars instead of the actual zip line with gloves, which was a method I’d never seen before.

CLIMB Works Keana Farms

There were eight zip lines in total at CLIMB Works, making us a little confused as to why it would take three hours; then we saw our group – it was HUGE. Oh god, I thought. We’re going to have to wait forever between lines for all the people to go. Wrong again. Unlike other zip lining places I’ve been to, CLIMB Works had dual lines on each and every one, allowing two people to go at once – awesome for couples and friends!

Then came the first repel – something not often included in zip lining, but here at CLIMB Works, they did things differently. We jumped down, but the line caught us so it was a soft drop down. 

CLIMB Works Keana Farms

Many other things greeted us on our adventure at CLIMB Works; we were served fresh cherry tomatoes and apple bananas from the working farm we were zipping over. There were rickety bridges, a spot we had to pull ourselves up a rope, and the whole adventure ended with yet another repel, this time giving us the choice to repel slowly like the first one, or to quickly hop down. Every one of us chose the quick option. Besides, we’d already done some crazy things normal zip line companies don’t let you do – our last two zip lines involved falling backwards and going upside down! I was definitely nervous, but so happy once I did each. Honestly, the whole thing just makes me want to be a zip line guide. Seriously. Lifestyle change? Maybe one day. 

CLIMB Works Keana Farms

Overall CLIMB Works Keana Farms just rocked my world, and my two friends had a blast despite their initial fears. If you’re going to do anything in Hawaii, face your fears and soar through the air with the gorgeous ocean and mountain views, and a farm right below you! 

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