Reddit? Beer Money and More? Earn Money Online Without Paying Anything

Two years ago I was hitchhiking through the States and down into Mexico with my boyfriend at the time. We were supremely broke, and hoping to find work in a nice beach town. Before long, he had succeeded in acquiring a job… a job that paid a whopping $2 an hour. Even living in our tent for free on the beach, camping stove at hand, it wasn’t enough. That’s when I started racking my brain. I wanted to earn money online without paying anything, a goal that seemed unachievable.

Could I use Reddit – beer money for me somehow with that platform? I had no idea, but there had to be something I could do online. But what?! There was perhaps pantyselling, but there had to be more. I had to find out how to make money on the road. Could it be Reddit? Beer money would be nice, but I needed more than that. What other options were there? So I decided to do an experiment.

Reddit? Beer Money, you’re looking for? So you want to earn money online without paying anything? Good thing you came to me. Pantyselling and more!

Overtime I’ve done different online gigs, and continue to experiment with how to make money on the road. Here’s the thing: I don’t usually like to write blog posts that regurgitate what’s already damn well out there. But when you look up jobs to do online, you find a great deal of spam and bullshit. If you look into half the things they mention, you’ll find a bad review.

And so, for you, my loves, I will write my one single blog post that tells you everything you can already find. I’ll keep this page updated as I discover new ways to earn online, and will only include things that I have tried personally, or have a very close friend who can fully vouch for it. Looking to earn money off Reddit? Beer money is always needed – whether you’re in the beer community, love your craft beers, or just want a freakin’ PBR or ten this weekend. So try these handy ways to at the very least increase your beer money.


You aren’t going to get rich off this one, but if you’re like me and can’t sit still, it might be for you to earn money online without paying. I screw around on the site while listening to music or watching Netflix. Essentially it’s a site that offers micro tasks for you to do, oftentimes helping with a search engine or watching videos, which pay anywhere between $0.01 and $0.20. Doesn’t sound like much, right? On my second day using the site I found a very simple job which paid $0.05 per task, but it was so easy that I was pulling in $12/hour. Not bad, right? Of course you won’t always be this lucky, but it’s not uncommon either.

NOTE: You won’t find much work on Clickworker itself; make sure to verify your phone number. Once you’ve done so, check in assessments, and wait for the UHRS assessment to become available. Access to UHRS will provide you with way more jobs.

Pays by PayPal; any money earned on UHRS takes 21 days until it is payable.


This is a testing panel in which you’re asked a series of questions, and you record yourself answering them on video. While I’ve only once qualified for a survey, it paid $50 for about 15 minutes of my time.

Userlytics, Usertesting

There are loads of user testing platforms out there, and many are absolutely legit. These sites will pay you between $5 and $20 to complete tasks on a given website. You think out loud as you complete the tasks, with both your screen and your mic being recorded. This in turn provides valuable information to the site owners. I signed up to as many as I could find, and am seeing which actually send me tests. So far I’ve only had the one test, which was from Userlytics, took 20 minutes, and paid $20. Easy beer money, but very inconsistent work. Note: For you will need to keep the tab open as they do not email you tests, you just have to catch them quickly. I find I make around $80 a month on this site if I keep the tab open every time I’m online.

Usability Hub

While these tests are super quick and easy, you really aren’t going to make much. This one is really only going to work if you constantly have your computer open. Basically you do a quick test that relates to a site – selecting your preferred layout, answering questions after seeing a photo for a few seconds, etc. – and earn 10 cents for each test. The thing is that the tests don’t remain available for long, so you need to be logged into the site, and when you hear the ding, immediately complete the test. It took me a month and a half of being logged in constantly to earn $20. But it seemed liked free money by the end since the tests were so easy.

NOTE: You can only get a payout on this site once you reach $20, which will take a while. Again, if you’re just chilling on your computer, how much effort does it take to keep the tab open and do a quick test when you hear the ding? No effort, that’s how much.


While this one is only open to Canadians who want to earn money online, it’s a survey program that actually sends you surveys that pay in real cold hard cash. You earn $1 for each survey which is between 5 and 10 minutes. Plus, they sometimes have weird things that pay more. For example, I had to go to a fast food restaurant and answer some questions from there, and was paid $15 for it. So it’s a pretty sweet site… if you’re Canadian at least. You can earn points pretty easily, and you get more than just gift cards – real cash, woohoo!

Reddit Panties for Sale: Sell Used Panties

Yep, I told you. Reddit beer money. This is a great way on how to earn money on the road, and yes, there are many panty buyers – buying used panties (and selling them of course) couldn’t be easier these days! So where on earth do you sell used panties? Okay, this one you can’t earn money online without paying anything, at least if you use PantyDeal for pantyselling, you do have to pay a monthly fee. But hey, who wants to actually do laundry, anyways? Yes, you really can sell your dirty underwear, so why not start selling panties online? There’s also Reddit panties for sale for all your pantyselling needs, which is completely free, if you can riddle Reddit (which I cannot). Reddit: how to make money. Go for it; you don’t need any amount of money to start.

How to make money: Reddit

How much will you earn?

It is a real thing, and you can totally make money from it. While you probably won’t earn a full time living, it’s something you can do on the side ‘cause, you know, you’re probably wearing panties on a daily basis anyway. And it’s not just panties for sale and pantyselling – there are photos, videos, used toys, everything. Just remember to only do what YOU are comfortable with – screw everyone else. And guys? There are absolutely platforms for you to sell your used boxers/socks/whatever else you can think of. I don’t know any personally because… well, I’m not a man. If anyone has personal experience with sites where men can sell these items, let me know so I can add them. At least now you know where you to sell used panties though! And pantyselling can be totally fun.

***REMEMBER: never send anyone anything before you have received your money.

Platforms for selling used panties:

  • Panty Deal – Charges a website fee of $19/month, but that’s all they’ll take from you. Then you can interact with other users, post photos, store items, classifieds… whatever you want!
  • Reddit panties for sale – I haven’t personally used this one because, quite honestly, Reddit scares me, and I simply cannot comprehend how to use it. But it’s free, so if you are capable of sitting down and figuring out Reddit without tearing your hair out, go for it and use their panty selling platform. Reddit panties for sale! Yep, a real thing.
  • Twitter – Yup, I shit you not, I have sold a pair through Twitter. Granted, I made a secondary Twitter account strictly for panty selling, so it’s not attached to anything else related to me. I just started following other panty sellers, people with panty in their name, etc., and posted some photos. Voila! Pair sold.
  • For more advice on how to sell used panties and even porn head to Porno Inside – it’s a god send for info on the adult industry, if that’s your thing.

Prebly, CamblyNiceTalk

These are both platforms that act similarly to Skype, but where you are connected with students from around the world who are looking to improve their English, and you essentially help teach them. This is a great way to earn money online. So you basically chat with them, help them with their English, and get paid around $10/hour for doing so. Pretty much the dream job of all adventurers. While I haven’t used either platform, I have very close friends on both, who have confirmed that you can definitely make some money, and they do payout. NOTE: You must use NiceTalk on an Apple or Android device, it is one of the mobile apps for earning money. If you don’t have one, but you have a computer, you can download an Android emulator to use the app. Here are some other ways to earn money by teaching English online.

Then there’s Prebly, which actually offers even more than the other two. So the main difference between them to Cambly and NiceTalk is the latter two only connect you with English tutors, whereas Prebly have many different language tutors available. If you want to learn a language, more than likely they have a tutor that could teach you that language. They are also are branching into other subjects as well such as Math, Programming, and even Pokemon GO!

Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, and probably many more

When I first started working online, I used a freelancing site called Elance. Sadly, Elance combined with another site and became Upwork. Still, you can earn money online not paying a thing. I can’t stand Upwork, but others may have a different experience depending on the work they’re looking for; I just find it overly competitive and near impossible to find jobs that pay well. They have also upped their fees considerably. I have a little bit of experience with PeoplePerHour, but they don’t have nearly as many jobs posted, and I have never done a job through Freelancer to date.

Regardless, these sites have all kinds of jobs that can be done remotely. Even if you have trouble finding work through the sites, they’re a great place to get inspiration on new types of work. For example, when I had the thought of doing earning money online free my typing – I did transcription work – I not only used freelancing sites to find clients, but emailed every single online transcription company I could find with my resume.

A combination of both avenues gave me as much work as I wanted. Another time I was browsing the site and realized I could easily do voiceover work; while I had one job offer – having never done such work in my life – I was unfortunately not somewhere quiet, so I just couldn’t record. The point is just spending some time browsing these sites may inspire you to do a job that never even occurred to you.

Affiliate Programs

If you have a blog, there are tons of ways to earn money online through affiliate programs that can help you earn some extra cash. While I don’t do this much, my mom has successful blogs that earn her a bit each month for no effort whatsoever after the initial setup! This is the perfect way to earn money on the road if you have the site for it – and you could always just start one now for fun, and learn how to make money from that. All you need is to put in your referral link – that’s it, that’s all! Affiliate marketers can make great money when they have good traffic, and you’re probably helping them out on many websites without even knowing it. Some of these links are even promoted through social media. So what are you waiting for?

Or you know, you could just start a travel blog and eventually – tediously, slowly – start earning money off that. I’ll leave that explanation to the expert.

Of course, it’s always nice to have a few hacks on how to save money for travel beforehand!

Check out how other bloggers earn money on the road, or shoot me a line if you have any more great ways to earn cash on the road that I should try out and share with all the other digital hobos out there!

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  1. I am the worst at making money online, I have tried, and I just don’t have the knack for it. My wife on the other hand is always making money doing surveys and signing up for giveaways/sweepstakes things like that. I can’t give you the details on these because I have no idea which survey sites are the best but I know she uses about 5 different ones and some are much better then others. Generally the good ones pay her out on a debit card they sent her, basically a Visa pre paid like card, works pretty much everywhere, one of them pays to paypal, and on of them does not pay her but it is always sending her free stuff to try out and then write to them about what we thought of the products. I swear we get boxes of stuff in the mail sometimes weekly. Of course that might not be something a full time traveler would like so much due to no permenant address but the other ones that pay out in cash I think would be a great way for you to make extra money, plus she does most of the surveys right from her phone so I know most of them have apps that make it very mobile.
    Well hope this helps.
    The Broke Dad

  2. Selling your underwear?! Umm…

    • Why not? I get to earn money, and people get to enjoy their kinks. And let’s face it, everyone has their kinks. Why not help someone out who can’t speak openly about their fetish in person?

  3. What resourcefulness! I hope that your determination pays off big time and your dreams of travel keep going.

  4. I like this article because making money online is not all skittles and rainbows – some of the gigs are pants – literally! Good on you for trying a multitude of ways to get some cash!

  5. I have only used Upwork till now but thanks for the recommendations I will check them out

  6. INTERESTING WAY TO EARN MONEY. I personally would think there is always a way to earn at least a bit but 2 $ an hour? puhh, that is not much at all.

  7. I did the usertesting thing for a while, and it worked out great. Certainly didn’t make a ton, but yeah it was good for some extra spending money. The only issue now is I use a chromebook and the website doesn’t have software compatible with chrome. I’ll have to check out some of these other ideas though.

  8. This is an excellent post. Loads of great info and links. I gonna try some of these services out…

  9. These are great ideas! I would say some of these sound even much better than being an underpaid waitress in a terribly busy restaurant. Bookmarked this to share with friends who might need the tips!

  10. It just shows there are always some options out there if you are committed to making it work and are creative enough

    • Exactly! And there’s no way for me to not have it work, I’m just a nomad! So I wanted to share what resources I have for others who want to be on the road long term but have no idea how.

  11. You’ve got some interesting ways to make money there! I may stick to my 9-5 for now!

  12. A really nice post. I always wondered how people get to sell their panties anyway – I think, being lazy as I am, it would be a considerable career move. How much should one charge? What if I use the granny kind of panties?

    • People are interested in all sorts of undies – so even granny panties will work! I was charging around $25 plus shipping – for undies I paid $3 for. It was all an experiment to begin with but wound up being decently lucrative!

  13. Ah, Forgot to add we were trying to sell handicrafts. We didn´t sell much though so we just usually change it for food if we can / gift to people who host us or give us a ride. We don´t want to carry that shit around forever either. Also I want to learn how to make those hair braids with strings – many people get them done in the summer to feel hippie so I guess it could be a way 🙂 Not online though. Screw it, I suck at getting online jobs.

    • I’ve always wanted to learn to do hair wraps too!! I’d love a skill that I can just bring with me even when I want to ditch the computer to make some extra cash – even if it’s just food money for the day!

  14. Working remotely is a reality now. Moreover, it gives us lots of opportunities to fund budget travel!

  15. are these ways actually legit to earn money online?

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