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So recently I met the sister of a good friend, who told me how she made money in quite the offbeat ways. You know how I absolutely adore finding new ways to make cash online, so of course I’ll share with you, my lovely readers. The first might not work for all of us, but she’s living proof it’s possible; she sells photos to national geographic. Yep, for real. And oh boy do they pay. But for those of us who aren’t great with a camera, she has another little secret. I thought I’d share it with you, dear readers, should you feel like giving it a go. And why not? If you have a little bit of money to drop, you could win big time.

Her strategy is to buy scratch tickets. Many, many, many scratch tickets. And you can even do this online; websites such as Casino.com have been offering scratch games for a good while. Her method consists in buying a ton of them – let’s say she drops $100 on 100 tickets. Inevitably, in a pile a certain number of them have to be winners. Whether they’re for free tickets, a quick buck, or thousands, there are some guaranteed wins in there. She’s easily made $5,000 in a week playing this game! I couldn’t believe it when she told me, but she swears by this method.

Okay, I don’t know if this is for me (I have $200 in my bank account; can you see me dropping $100 on scratch tickets at this time?!) But hey, when I have a little more money I may give it a go. Why not try something new? You never know where your next quick buck might come from, and new ideas are always welcomed! Of course, there are a million ways to earn money online, but everyone is always looking for a quick buck, let’s face it. So here it is, if you trust my friend’s tried and true technique. So give it a go – you’re bored sitting at a computer reading this anyways, maybe I just made you your next $5,000? Feel free to send some of it over this way. Until next time my friends, muah!


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  1. So, remember how your grandfather is a mathematician? The scratch ticket thing won’t work for most people, and thinking it will is a tragic misunderstanding of basic mathematics. It is the same tragic misunderstanding that makes people develop gambling addictions and sell their houses only to buy a ton of lottery tickets, thinking they “can’t lose” with so many tickets.

    Your friend was lucky. But you can get lucky with one lottery ticket. In fact if you do the math, depending on the lottery, but for most lotteries, (and scratch tickets are lotteries) — anyhow, most of the time, the probability of winning does not go up very much by purchasing more tickets.

    I will say that again for the kids at the back:

    The probability of winning barely goes up when you buy more tickets.

    Buying one ticket is most likely a waste of money, but your grandfather explained to me that if you can afford the ticket, it is a “smart” waste of money because there is a chance, however small, that you could win and even win big. Since the cost of losing is small (lose a couple of bucks) and the win could be big (million!) it is worth it.

    But spending your last $100 on scratch tickets is stupid because you are likely to get nothing. That is the highest probability mathematically. If it weren’t, they would be stupid to run the scratch ticket sites because they would be running a “house always loses” scenario.

    The only time you have a chance at winning these games of chance is when they are not actually games of chance. For example, a poker tournament. Poker was proven to not be a game of chance. But you have to be very skilled and experienced to win.

    It’s probably easier to become an X-ray technician, which is a solid job in today’s economy. But you can’t do it online.

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