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Eric, the one man operation of Hang Gliding Hawaii on the north shore of Oahu, and I spoke yesterday evening; I had already slept in way late that day, and we decided I would go hang gliding the following day… at 7:30 am. This meant taking a bus at the insane hour of 3:50 am. Despite the sure sleep deprivation I was about to endure, I couldn’t have been more excited. I was going hang gliding for the first time – and hang gliding in Hawaii to make it even better! To boot, it was powered hang gliding – an experience in itself! While the bus was a bit lengthy, it’s still super easy to reach Hang Gliding Hawaii from Honolulu – especially if you have a car, and aren’t a crazy person like me taking the bus first thing in the morning. Still, the bus isn’t bad if you just pop in some headphones and cruise along. If you take the long bus that doesn’t go straight through the island, you get glorious views on the way too.

Hang Gliding Hawaii

I arrived at Hang Gliding Hawaii’s hangar to meet Eric. He was all smiles and gave me amazing vibes from the first moment (so much so that I think I’d like to hang out with him again!) I awaited another person to go on his Hawaiian hang gliding adventure, excited as could be. What was it going to be like? What would I see? I was more than ready to hop in that hang glider!

Finally, it was my turn. Eric suited me up, put my helmet on, and got me in the hang glider. Then it was time to be off! The hang glider at Hang Gliding Hawaii is top of the market quality – it’s the Ferrari of hang gliders. For a first time hang glider, this was pretty special and cool (do I risk being disappointed next time I hang glide elsewhere? Quite possibly!)

Hang Gliding Hawaii

The views were absolutely spectacular. Surfers enjoyed the waves far below us, as I wondered how on earth they got so far out (Eric told me often they take jet skis out as the waves are too hard to swim over; this area of Hawaii – the north shore – is known to be one of the best surfing spots in the world). We passed by the gorgeous coastline filled with beautifully different colours of blue. Flying across Haleiwa, I saw where I was about to head afterwards – and where I am sitting right now writing this review. So I actually got to see it from the SKY before coming here, in an ultralight powered hang glider! Pretty bad ass if you ask me! Mountains sprawled around us, as we passed by clouds – never going into them, but passing very close by to get some great shots and an amazing feeling of being a part of the sky.

Next, Eric actually let me FLY the freakin’ hang glider. I was terrified, but he kept his hands loosely on the steering device as he taught me how to turn the hang glider, rise upwards, head down, and go straight. While I was minorly scared I might crash the thing, I knew Eric had a handle on it all. I was free to give it a go without any risk since he had his hands close by, ready to save me should I mess up completely.

Hang Gliding Hawaii

Apparently during whale season it’s very common to see whales almost every day, so that’s also a great time to go hang gliding with Hang Gliding Hawaii. Again, Eric runs the whole operation, and he’s a great guy, so I highly recommend your next hang gliding tour in Hawaii to be with him! Plus, he was constantly telling me things as we passed through different scenery. Any questions I had he could answer, and it was just great. Can I rave about this any more?! It was just so much fun spending the morning with Hang Gliding Hawaii!

Alas, my tour ended and I hung out with Eric a while as he got everything closed up. As kind as he was, he offered to drive me to Haleiwa, my next stop to write this very review and then to explore. Seriously, he’s a great guy, and it is a pleasure flying with him.

Hang Gliding Hawaii

So on your next trip to Oahu choose Hang Gliding Hawaii – you will not be disappointed by how amazing the views are and how great Eric will treat you!

Be sure to check out the awesome reviews for Hang Gliding Hawaii on Yelp and TripAdvisor – I mean you should trust me by now, but in case you need some reinforcement, you’ll see just how much everyone loves it! You can also check out Hang Gliding Hawaii’s Facebook page as well as their Instagram for more info!

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