Chat Online With People: How I Stay in Touch

God knows I’ve been traveling for a while. Like, a long while. Five years straight, to be exact, and 36 countries in that time. Back in the day it wouldn’t have been possible to keep in touch with people much. I mean, it would have been possible, but snail mail is slow, and where on earth would anyone send their replies? Thanks to free online chat and even online video chat for video calling, though, I can keep in touch with friends and family easily. I just chat online with people all the time. And I’m not talking about free online chat rooms, international chat rooms, free random private chat rooms, blah, blah, blah. I’m not talking about talking to strangers. It’s about talking to real people I know online, not these random chat sites or chatting websites.

Chat Online with People: My World

And there are so many free online chat services these days – whether it’s Facebook, Skype, SnapChat, TextNow, WhatsApp, oh my god, the list goes on. That’s not even mentioning all the free video chat services. I often get a random video or two from SnapChat friends, and I love it. Plus, I meet people all the time from around the world. The special ones stay in my life. But only the super special ones. Come on, a girl only has so much time.

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I’m Always Around For an Online Chat or Online Video Chat

Because I work online, I have to stay connected to the internet. I mean, I don’t always need to be near it, but I usually am with the blog and all. It would be hard to stay somewhere without an internet connection – actually impossible – and still work. And taking time off is just a foreign concept since I started working for myself. I sort of work every single day, but for minimal hours most days. There are those days I work longer, but it tends to be by choice.

Anyways, because of this I’m constantly online. I meet a ton of new people as well in the various places I call home for a brief period of time, but I spend a lot of time on chatting online to stay in touch with others. Friends and family are important, especially the close ones. Just because we aren’t close in proximity doesn’t mean they’re not one of my best buds. I can’t just ditch that in favour of ever changing new people. I’ve found the super special ones, and I’d rather like to keep them, thank you very much. So being able to chat online with people helps life a great deal.

Friends and Family: You’re Stuck With Me

Seriously, I’m online a lot. If anyone needs me I’m almost always there within a few minutes for a free chat online or have an online video chat to help them out. Though, more often than not, I’m the one who needs to talk to a close friend. There are a select few who are online nearly as much as me, thank god, and are always willing to lend an ear (or an eye, as the case may be).

But even the friends I don’t chat with online or have online video chat with very often remain close. We see each other once in a blue moon (usually being once a year, though more seldom for some) but it’s like not a day has passed. True friends and family are like this. You don’t need to know every detail of their lives, nor have a conversation every single day. You just know each other so deeply none of that matters. My very best friend on earth, in fact, I seldom chat with. We catch up here and there, but it doesn’t matter. She will always be my best friend. When I return for a visit, it’s like a not a single day has passed. Every. Single. Time.

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I Even Meet People Online Sometimes!

Okay, I meet a ton of people in my every day life. Whether they’re traveling through, expats, locals, or whatever, I just meet people all. The. Time. And I try my best to keep in touch when I meet people who are unique and wonderful and I just connect with. Connection is important. I mean, it may take a lifetime to truly get to know someone, but you either connect from the first instant, or you never connect at all. Thanks to being able to chat with people online, I can stay in touch.

A Friend in India Thanks to Free Online Chat

Occasionally – and this is very rare – I actually meet people online. I can think of a couple good friends I have that I speak to almost daily who I’ve never met in person. No, I don’t mean some weird online free chat rooms shit to chat with strangers. Chat with stranger on these chat sites? That’s not my cup of tea. And I’m certainly not sharing my life and personal information with them. Besides, I have enough people to talk to, I don’t need to be finding people that way. Random strangers aren’t needed, though I find less random strangers, I suppose, of my own accord.

But sometimes I have an chat online with a blogger I work with, for example. I sometimes meet new people that way. One of these times, I found one I really got along with who lives in India. She entered my friends and family circle almost instantly. Though she lives all the freakin’ way in India, I’m stoked on the day we finally meet. We help each other with blog things, so we both learn more, and we chat about life in general. She’s good shit. It just goes to show all over the world there are free online chat platforms, which help connect us all. To chat online with people has never been easier.

Yet Another Online Chat Friend

Then there’s another one I adore, who is always there to help me out through life problems, as I am for her. We support one another when we’re in need, and chat about random things when we’re not. I like the random chat and cat photos, for example. We share tattoo stories and pictures, and are there through breakups. I consider her one of my close friends, though we’ve only ever met through chatting online – not even an online video chat service.

We just use SnapChat for free online chat, and it works without a glitch. Fortunately, this one is in the States, and we’ll be meeting this spring. I won’t get into how I met her, as there is one soul who shall never know. The point is being able to chat online with people has brewed a new friendship.

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My Introverted Self

Oftentimes I just don’t want to be around people, no matter how much I enjoy their presence. I used to be extremely extroverted, and would meet people every bloody day. But that’s just not the case anymore, though I still meet people. When I’m feeling introverted and just want to be alone, I’ll often resort to online chat, and thank god for the plethora of free online chat platforms out there.

It’s like I just want to listen to music and be alone, but I can still chat online. It actually confuses me, as I don’t see the sense that’s made that I don’t want to talk in person but am perfectly happy doing so online. Maybe it’s that I don’t have to meet people? Perhaps it’s that I already know them. Or maybe it’s just a slower pace of talking that I need where silence is fine. I don’t really know. It’s just how I roll.

So chat on, friends and family, chat on. There are so many ways to free online chat these days. I’m always around for a chat online or an online video chat. And always will be.

…and here’s a random video blog I made back in the day, ya know, cause it’s sort of like a chat online with people… I just assume they’re there. I make a video, people reply with online chat. It works.


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  1. Hello Danie, your post today really touched a chord with me.
    I have a friend from school, since grade 5, and we lost touch after he went to uni and I started working in hospitality.
    When we eventually caught up, after 5 years, our conversation seemed to continue from the last time we spoke, all that time ago.
    Again, we have not spoken for a while, maybe 3 years, and I recently caught up with him. We again continued where we had left off.
    This is what true friends are all about. There is no bullshit, no bragging, no hot air just real conversations. And your email today reminded me of him. Thank you for story.
    In the email today there is a pic of you and some friends, standing in front of a world map with lots of pins in the map. What is the story behind that pic? And I guess all the pins are the countries that you have all visited?
    Anyway, I have things to do, it is past midday and I have to tend to my chooks(chickens)
    All the best for Christmas, I have enjoyed your stories during the year, you always make me smile.

    • So happy the post resonated with you! The picture is actually at a hostel, and the pins are places that people are from that have visited there 🙂 Good friends from around he globe!

  2. Found my way to your blog via Instagram of all things and this was the first post I ended up on. All I can really say is “Holy shit, YES” for so many reasons. I’m often referred to as an “extroverted introvert” because I work with the public for a living but tend to be introverted in nature – the internet gives me that outlet to interact with people without, you know, actual interaction. Brilliant! In addition to that, one of my best friends is someone I’ve known for 15+ years…and never met in person. Not possible sans-internet. Another best friend I knew for 10 years before finally meeting. Between that and a recent career change causing me to feel wanderlust (amongst a great many other things), I think your blog has become a new hotspot for me. Cheers for that, keep on keeping on ma’am!

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