Nude Girls and a Nude Beach

Nude Girls and a Nude Beach
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Where are all the nude girls at? A nude beach and more…

So I was going to write a collaborative post on nude girls – you know, have a bunch of bloggers write about their stories. Where’s your favourite place to go nude? What made you start bearing it all? Do you do it in public or only in private? Or perhaps you’re not one of us nude girls, and you admire the confidence we have? Like I said, I was going to write said post. That is until I realized no one would contribute.

nude beach

Why is there such a stigma?

Girls going naked seems like an even bigger stigma than our male counterparts. Why? I’m not quite certain. Perhaps it’s that in certain countries women are expected to cover up – completely. Then there are other countries, like Canada and the States, where nudity is just considered improper. Nudity is not a crime, guys. Except, you know, places that it is, unfortunately. I highly doubt those places would be as concerned with a naked dude as they are with nude girls.

How did I start going nude? My first nude beach.

It was a sunny day in Zipolite, my first time visiting in fact. I was with a buddy I’d met back in Sayulita who I couchsurfed with. He told me and my boyfriend at the time that he was heading to a place called Zipolite next to live for a few months. It’s the only legal nude beach in all of Mexico, and you could say I was intrigued. Before long, my boyfriend and I split up. Where on earth would I go next? It’s never easy to deal with a breakup, least not on the road. Then I remembered: I had a friend in this mysterious nude beach town.

nude girls

And then I became one of the nude girls…

When I first rocked up to the nude beach, I found my pal sitting on the sand naked playing guitar. It was a grand sight. We chatted for a while, and went for a walk. Before I knew it, he was surfing naked. The whole town is on the beach you see, and the whole beach is a nude beach. You can’t be naked in restaurants and bars (for the most part), but you can totally be one of those nude girls who throws a sarong on at the last minute. It works.

We chatted a while before finally I’d have enough beers. I was wearing a shirt that said, “Fear is the Enemy”. And so, in a moment of braveness, I tore off all my clothing, yelled, “FEAR IS THE ENEMY!” running off into the ocean naked as the day I was born.

So it progressed on a nude beach in Mexico…

I fell in love with Zipolite and the nude beach, and just had to go back. This is a beach filled with all types of people – nude girls, nude guys, young people, old people, skinny people, fat people, it doesn’t matter. No one cares what you look like or where you’re from, they just admire that you’re able to be so free. Even those who don’t go naked – as it’s not purely a nude beach, but a clothing optional beach – take no issue with those who decide to bare it all.

I next went to Two Creeks Campground where I would go naked constantly, surrounded by many other nude girls and guys. I just couldn’t get enough of the freedom. And that doesn’t mean I’m always naked by any means at all. Usually I’m fully clothed; I just like to have the option to do as I wish.

nude beach

So if everyone else gives a shit, why don’t I care about being one of the nude girls on a splendid nude beach?

It’s just the human body, guys. Who cares? We all have one, so why is there such a taboo around it? Why should we not be able to show our bodies with pride and confidence? Honestly, the people I know who go naked on nude beaches or nude campgrounds or what have you are some of the most confident people I know. They have no problem showing themselves to the world, as they are comfortable with themselves. Why is this such a problem in our modern day closed off society?

Where next? Another nude beach?

I’ve thought about checking out nude resorts as opposed to my same old nude beach, but the fact is that I simply love it here. Nude resorts seem a little bit more stuck up if you ask me, with people who have money to flaunt and all. Plus, they’re usually even more expensive than normal resorts. Nah, I’ll stick to the nude beach. It’s comfortable here, the people are warm and lovely, and you can be exactly who you are.

So remember, to all my nude girls…

Nudity is not a crime – or at least it isn’t in any place I want to be. Nude girls and guys rejoice! We have no reason to go to countries where our choices are frowned upon. This may be weird for a travel blogger to say, but I simply don’t want to go places where I can’t be free. I’m not going to go against a country’s customs when I’m visiting, so I simply won’t go to countries of this type. I like being that naked girl sometimes, for myself, and not for anyone else. I’m not trying to be some sexy girl on the beach. Ew. Not my style.

So strip down – whether in public on a nude beach or in your own backyard – and be free. If it’s hot, naked is certainly my way. You have been given body. Love and accept it.

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  1. I totally agree with what you say!!! Just be comfortable in who you are!!!! Great job and continue being free and happy!!! Have a great nude day and life!!!!

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