Nude Girls and a Nude Beach

Where are all the nude girls at? A nude beach and more…

So I was going to write a collaborative post on nude girls – you know, have a bunch of bloggers write about their stories. Where’s your favourite place to go naked? What made you start bearing it all? Do you do it in public or only in private? Or perhaps you’re not one of us nude girls, and you admire the confidence we have? Like I said, I was going to write said post. That is until I realized no one would contribute.

Seriously, I posted something and all I got were snarky comments. Seriously? Are you that offended by the human body? It’s just a body after all. What’s the big deal? You were born with one, I was born with one, we have the same or similar parts. We come in all shapes and sizes, colours, races, what have you. Who cares if you see me naked, or I see you? It really shouldn’t matter. Unfortunately, it does more often than not.

So I’m afraid this won’t be a collaborative post of where everyone likes to go naked in the world, though I’d love to provide you with that. Nope, this will just be my own stories. Maybe one day people will open up enough for me to provide you with such a post. We can only hope. History in the process, I suppose. One day.

nude beach

Why is there such a stigma?

Girls going naked seems like an even bigger stigma than our male counterparts. Why? I’m not quite certain. Perhaps it’s that in certain countries women are expected to cover up – completely. Then there are other countries, like Canada and the States, where nudity is just considered improper. Nudity is not a crime, guys. Except, you know, places that it is, unfortunately. I highly doubt those places would be as concerned with a naked dude as they are with nude girls.

Alas, it is what it is, and people’s bodies and the bodies of others terrify them. It’s just how so many have been conditioned, and I absolutely detest it. Even my own friends and family often find it a bit weird how much I’ll display myself naked. And it’s not a sexual thing. It’s a freedom thing. I’ll do what I want, and you can do what you want. What’s the big problem here?

How did I start going naked? My first clothing optional beach.

It was a sunny day in Zipolite, my first time visiting in fact. I was with a buddy I’d met back in Sayulita who I couchsurfed with. He told me and my boyfriend at the time that he was heading to a place called Zipolite next to live for a few months. It’s the only legal nude beach in all of Mexico, and you could say I was intrigued. Of course it wasn’t paid or anything, a free beach for all who wanted to come. It has nothing to do with the naturist federation or anything like that. It’s just what it is. Besides, I don’t consider myself now nor did I ever a nudist or a naturist. I just like to go naked sometimes.

Between the random naked women and men wandering around, and my desire to face my fears, I was ready for it. Before long, my boyfriend and I split up. Where on earth would I go next? It’s never easy to deal with a breakup, least not on the road. Then I remembered: I had a friend in this mysterious town.

nude girls

And then I became one of the nude girls…

When I first rocked up, I found my pal sitting on the sand naked playing guitar. It was a grand sight. We chatted for a while, and went for a walk. Before I knew it, he was surfing naked. The whole town is on the beach you see, and the whole beach is clothing optional. You can’t be naked in restaurants and bars (for the most part), but you can totally be one of those nude girls who throws a sarong on at the last minute. It works.

We chatted a while before finally I’d have enough beers. I was wearing a shirt that said, “Fear is the Enemy”. And so, in a moment of braveness, I tore off all my clothing, yelled, “FEAR IS THE ENEMY!” running off into the ocean naked as the day I was born.

So it progressed…

I fell in love with Zipolite, and just had to go back. This is a place filled with all types of people – nude girls, naked guys, young people, old people, skinny people, fat people, it doesn’t matter. No one cares what you look like or where you’re from, they just admire that you’re able to be so free. Even those who don’t go naked – as it’s not purely a nudist beach, but clothing optional – take no issue with those who decide to bare it all.

All kinds of people are to be found in Zipolite, roaming the beach naked or clothed. One friend leaves his midwestern home only to strip down here – something totally different from back home! We all just come here to live, nude girl or guy, we just love it. There are tons of crazy places on the beach. Some are totally chill, where you can just roll up a joint and enjoy. Others are run by a booze hound and have wild parties. Who knows what you’ll find here!

Next up…

I next went to Two Creeks Campground where I would go naked constantly, surrounded by many other naked women and men. I just couldn’t get enough of the freedom. And that doesn’t mean I’m always naked by any means at all. Usually I’m fully clothed; I just like to have the option to do as I wish. This summer I’ll be checking out a different clothing optional campground, and I can’t wait to see what it’s like and compare all the places I’ve gone to. Stay tuned for that article!

nude beach

So if everyone else gives a shit, why don’t I care about being one of the nude girls in this splendid place?

It’s just the human body, guys. Who cares? We all have one, so why is there such a taboo around it? Why should we not be able to show our bodies with pride and confidence? Honestly, the people I know who go naked on beaches or campgrounds or what have you are some of the most confident people I know. They have no problem showing themselves to the world, as they are comfortable with themselves. Why is this such a problem in our modern day society? Is everyone that closed off?

Where to next for this nude girl?

I’ve thought about checking out clothing optional resorts as opposed to my same old place, but the fact is that I simply love it here. Nudist resorts seem a little bit more stuck up if you ask me, with people who have money to flaunt and all. Plus, they’re usually even more expensive than normal resorts. Nah, I’ll stick to the Zipolite and the sand beach where nude recreation is the norm. It’s comfortable here, the people are warm and lovely, and you can be exactly who you are.

That being said, I am keen to check out another clothing optional campground this summer, and will go to a place called Freedom Valley in Minnesota to see what it’s all about. It’s a 21+ nudist and swinger campground, and promises to have many wonderful surprises in store! Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it when I get there A nude girl in a new nude campground. Until then, you’ll just have to listen to me babble on about Zipolite as I spend the next few months of my life here. And yes, it’s weird to stay somewhere for a few months. The longest I’ve spent anywhere in five years is a whopping three months. And now I’m here for five months?! What is going on with this nomad?!

So remember…

Nudity is not a crime – or at least it isn’t in any place I want to be. Rejoice, my naked friends – whether you be a nude girl or a nude dude! We have no reason to go to countries where our choices are frowned upon. This may be weird for a travel blogger to say, but I simply don’t want to go places where I can’t be free. I’m not going to go against a country’s customs when I’m visiting, so I simply won’t go to countries of this type. I like being that naked girl sometimes, for myself, and not for anyone else. I’m not trying to be some sexy girl on the beach. Ew. Not my style.

So strip down – whether in public where it’s permitted or in your own backyard – and be free. If it’s hot, naked is certainly my way. You have been given body. Love and accept it.

And then there’s the whole Instagram thing.

One last thing I just have to discuss: my Instagram account. I got recognized off it for the first time recently. I guess I’m a very minor Instagram star. Yeah, some people do get it. But most people are just absolutely clueless. I post a ton of naked yet covered photos of myself. It’s all about the freedom to be naked. And a few people send me nice messages who get that. Most of them are nudists. But I’m not even a nudist. Even they don’t fully get it, though they do to a better extent than most. I don’t want to be naked all the time, but yeah, I like posting those pictures. It promotes a healthy body image. I’m naked in public, who the hell cares? It’s just the human body, like I’ve said a million times before.

But most people don’t get it. Nude girls are nude girls to them. They do not understand one tiny little bit. I get crude message after crude message from people making it all about sexuality. “Show me your boobs.” “Will you send me naked photos?” “Stop covering up.” I just want to scream, “FUCK OFF AND LEAVE ME ALONE!” But I say nothing, because, well, I need the followers for my blog. If any of you are reading this, having come to my blog just for the photos, you can stop right now and get the hell away from me. You are not welcome on my blog.

Nudity versus Sexuality

There’s a huge difference between being naked and being sexual. That’s what these people, and the vast majority of people, just don’t seem to get. Just because I’m naked doesn’t mean I’m going to have sex with you. Or have any desire to have sex with anyone. I’m just naked. It’s not a big effing deal. This is my body, deal with it. I don’t post these photos to make you want to have sex with me. I post them so that maybe you’ll realize that a body is just a body. This is mine. It’s beautiful. So is yours, if only you had the confidence to know that. I don’t care what shape, size, age, color you are, you are beautiful. On the outside, anyways.

I wish people could just recognize this difference. Even at the campground I was put into the sex box. I mean, people were much more respectful than they are on, say, the likes of Instagram. But they still wanted a piece of the action. No, guys. I’m not here for your entertainment. I’m not here to have sex with you. I am here because I genuinely like the freedom of being naked. Alas, even places like the swinger campground I went to in the summer, it’s all about sex. I guess it is a swinger campground, not just a nudist one. Despite this, I am intrigued to go to a swinger resort, like one of the many in South Florida.

But I’m Not Partial to Nudist Places Either

Then there are the nudists. Plenty of nude girls and guys of all ages at the nudist spots. While at the swinger campground in Minnesota I heard tell of other campgrounds. Ones that were strictly for nudists, where kids were also allowed. (Children were certainly not allowed at this campground, as there was full on sex happening any time, anywhere). I have no problem with this at all. What I have a problem with is how strict they were. One couple told me that they weren’t even allowed to put sunscreen on their partner at these nudist campgrounds. Um, what? So the nudists are strict as hell, while the swingers are loose as can be. Where the hell is the middle ground, people?

I guess my home, Zipolite in Mexico, is that middle ground. It’s family friendly. It’s clothing optional. There’s no section law enforcement. People are free to be naked, and it’s not in a sexual way for most. It just is what it is. No one really cares what you do or who you are. As long as you let them do their thing, you are welcome to do your thing. People aren’t having sex all over. But you also aren’t forbidden from grabbing your partner’s ass or putting sunscreen on him or her. There are no rules. And public nude beaches like this should be around more for nude sunbathing… or not. Your call.

And rules are the main problem to begin with.

It’s all these strict regulations that make everything a problem. Not just the rules of an establishment, but the rules of society, and the rules we place inside our own heads. Who the bloody hell cares what someone else is doing?! Let me be naked without being a nudist. Let me be naked without being a swinger. I’m not stripping down because I feel clothes are wrong. And I’m not going naked so that I can get boned. I just like being naked when I feel like being naked.

Leave. Us. Alone.

nude girls


So if you found this page looking for some action…

You’re in the wrong place if you found me through my naked photos and you’re a nudist, a swinger, or just think I’m hot and want to have sex with me. I have no problem with nudists, nor with swingers. Some of my best friends land in either category. And hell, who cares if you want to have sex with me? Sure there are naked dude photos that would turn me on as well. But that’s not what it’s all about. I’m not naked because I believe clothes are evil. Nor do I strip down to swing and find couples to swap with. And finally, I am not getting naked for your entertainment, or because I want to have sex with every man who walks by. (Seriously, Instagram followers, why would you think a random chick just automatically wants to have sex with you?)

In short, people need to grow up a little. It’s the human body. Relax. Deal with it. It’s not all about sex. It’s not all about clothes being evil (which I don’t believe at all). I’m not a nudist. I’m not a swinger. And I don’t want to have sex with every man who walks by. I don’t strip down just because there’s a hot guy around, either. Actually, that has never been something that has happened. Though I have come across a hot man while naked, but that’s just life.


Nude Girls

So girls who like being nude? Be nude, girls. And guys who like being nude? Be nude, guys. There are always going to be some nudists with strict rules (though not all of them). And there will always be some swingers who think you’re there for them. (Note: I do love swinger culture as well as many nudists. I’m talking about the strict nudists or overly sexual swingers.) And of course, there will always be people who think we’re


naked for their pleasure. We are naked for our pleasure, nude girls and guys. Find your paradise. Find your center. Accept your body. Rejoice at the beauty you were given, no matter you shape, size, age, color, whatever. You are gorgeous. No, you don’t need to lose weight. Your boobs look fine. Your dick is the right size. Everything is all good. Rejoice in your body.

And you know what? If you don’t feel like going naked, that’s perfectly freakin’ fine too. Just let those of us who want to do it, and don’t think of us as sexual beings for you to feed on. We aren’t here for your pleasure. We’re here for ourselves. And we’re going to rock what we do, and ignore your remarks.

So please stop Instagram messaging me. You aren’t going to stop me from posting my wonderful photos and loving the body I was given. And I’m still not going to have sex with you.

A Sneak Peek

And to see a little slice of my paradise, Zipolite (with our naked hippies and all), check out this video by Artemus Belmont on YouTube. One place in this video has been rented by a friend, even! And don’t expect to see random nude girls… or do. But from afar. No one is going to let you film them up close and post it. Or, maybe they will, really. But who wants to ask that creepy question?

Of course I’d love to make a video of my own, but I always feel like a creep with my camera around. I swear, guys, I’m not trying to capture you naked! In fact, I’m trying to avoid capturing you naked hippies and nude girls and guys as it feels weird to film someone without their consent! Alas, it’s damn near impossible to get a good video of Zipolite without getting naked people in the picture. What can you do? Perhaps you’ll just have to come here to see what Zipolite is like in all its glory. But just don’t be a creep, please? We love it here too much for that type of person to arrive on our luscious and perfect beach.


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  1. I totally agree with what you say!!! Just be comfortable in who you are!!!! Great job and continue being free and happy!!! Have a great nude day and life!!!!

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