My love affair with Vancouver

Loving exploring Vancouver with my mighty stick! And, apparently, looking like an anime character!

Well, I hopped on my plane back to Canada! I was to pick up the stick in Toronto at customs, along with my backpack, to transfer it over to my plane to Vancouver.

No stick. There was no stick.

So I started panicking. And then I started crying right there in the airport. Alright, so it is a very special stick to me, but let’s be honest; I think it was more that the stick is connected to some people very dear to my heart, and it not being there made it really sink in that I was no longer with these people, and it would be an indefinite amount of time until I would see them again.

Anyways for once I’ll make a long story short; I got the stick the next day at the Vancouver airport, and all is well.

I hated Vancouver. For a long time, I despised it. But something has happened. The last 2 days have been incredible!

Yesterday, after an epic trip to Costco (a wholesale store where you can get EVERYTHING) with Adam and his friend Daniel, I went to go meet up with Alec, my favorite Aussie. I had said goodbye to him before I left for my trip, thinking I wouldn’t see him again until I go to Australia in about 2 years. Since I came home early, however, things changed.

So we grabbed a couple beers and then went out for a walk. He wanted to check out one of the pot cafes, and I’m always down for them, but there was one catch: I had no weed. So I figured I’d ask around in the park across from the cafe, and managed to get a little bit of green for the low low price of FREE. Oh sweet, sweet BC bud, how I missed thee. Things were going well.

We headed into the bulldog cafe where I toked my beautiful bud from a Volcano, while we watched a mario cartoon. Only in Vancouver.

Then we went and sat by the water and just enjoyed. What a lovely day.

After we parted was when I went back to the airport to grab my stick, as Air Canada had called earlier to let me know it had arrived. On my way back to Lynitia’s place where I’m currently staying, I was hit on by a million men. But it wasn’t like the sleeze bags in South America. There was no hissing, no “Hey you!… HEY!!” None of that crap. It was perfectly manageable, pretty well polite, hitting on. Was it the fact that I was wearing beach clothes, or that I was carrying a stick, that got me so much attention? No need to decide! One guy actually came up to me purely to tell me he saw me from afar and that I was pretty. Nothing more. He didn’t ask for a number, nor did he linger. No, he just wanted to tell me I was pretty.

I’m beginning to understand the whole getting around Vancouver dealio, but whenever I’ve been confused I’ve either asked someone or someone has noticed my confusion and happily helped me out. It’s been just lovely.

Side note – I keep way losing track of time as I’m use to it getting dark by 7. It’s almost 9pm and still light out. Freaking me out.

Anyways, today was equally lovely. I went out to explore and found that there was a sort of buskers festival going on downtown today and tomorrow! I saw a Beatles cover band and they were just fantastic, but, unfortunately, my only cash is Colombian Pesos (which I’ve been trying to change over all day, but, alas, I must wait til Monday when I can find a decent currency exchange place). So I paid them with that. Well, that caused an older guy to start chatting with me, and as we walked along he told me he was a busker heading to go play on Granville Island. WELL, wouldn’t you know, I had been to Granville Island when I was 16 or so and wanted to go check it out today. So I joined him and we walked along and just chatted away. We took the sea bus – so a short little walk on ferry – over there and it was just great. When we arrived we separated, and as I walked along looking at the many little stores, buskers, and musicians, one busker (who I soon knew was making jokes at everyone’s expense he could – and wow did he crack me up over and over again) says, “Oh look lovely girl taking her stick for a walk.” It was just priceless. So I stuck around for the show and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Then I saw my musician friend perform, before deciding to head back downtown.

When I got downtown I was going to transfer straight to the next train and come back to make some dinner, but my ears lured me to watch a fantastic Caribbean style band playing outside of the train station.

Is Vancouver ever alive! So much life, so much to see, just so very much… muchness!

Finally I decided it really was time to head back and cook myself some dinner. Now, all day long, I’ve had people comment on the stick. They ask me what I do with it, why I have it, and a million other questions. Usually I begin simply with, “It’s my stick!” Well, as I’m about to get on the train, again wearing beach clothes with my stomach showing and a scarf in my hair, a guy asks me if I’d just come from the anime convention. Biggest. Compliment. Ever. Yes, apparently with my stick in hand and my odd outfit for a city, I looked like an anime character. If he’d called me a warrior princess I would have kissed him.

So, I cave. I cave damnit. From Granville Island to the Cannabis Culture Headquarters to Yaletown, to the amazing Vancouver hostels, Vancouver rocks.


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