MEC: I am Forever Loyal

Over a year ago I bought my tent from MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) in Canada. They’re the biggest outdoor store in Canada, and it’s always a delight to visit. I’m like a kid in a candy shop when I go to MEC.

MEC Mountain Equipment Co-op

Mountain Equipment Co-op: MEC is the Best Around

The tent wasn’t cheap, as I wanted a super lightweight and insanely rain resistant tent. That stuff costs money. After shopping around, I decided MEC’s Spark 2 was the way to go. It’s light, it’s a two man tent (fitting me and all my stuff very well, but without being extra bulky), and I adore it. It even has a one pole setup making life oh-so-easy.

The First Issue

But then the first problem arose: the pole broke. It only broke ever so slightly, and remember I live in my tent half of the year. I contacted them, and at first they said they could send me new bungee cord to fix it myself, as I was in the States where there was no MEC to be found (it’s purely a Canadian store). Being a one pole setup, and then the fact that I am not at all good with fixing things like that, this just wasn’t an option. I told them that, and they gave me great customer service. Send the pole to them, they will reimburse me for postage, and they’ll send the pole back. They warned me they couldn’t guarantee how long it would take because of customs, but that was fine by me as I wasn’t living in it at the time.

Within a month the pole was back, safe and sound and fixed up.

But Then…

A week or so ago, however, another problem arose: one of the zippers broke. Oh god, I thought. What am I going to do now? After contacting them and having them tell me how to fix the zipper – yet again something I had no idea how to do myself – I realized that it would be fine as the second zipper was not broken. If I only zipped it one way, everything would be fine until I reached Canada and could go into MEC to have the zipper fixed. No worries.

Welcome In, Ants and Mosquitoes

That is until two days ago, when the second zipper went. Yep, I was live bait for mosquitoes now, and the ants decided my home was theirs as well. I wondered when the next gecko would come along to live with me, hoping I wouldn’t squish him.

Of course I emailed MEC again, not really expecting the best. I asked if I could have a friend buy a new one for me, bring it to me, and then send them back the old one for a full refund. But was it really still under warranty? Would they really do such a thing for me?

No. They one upped me. They did so much better.

MEC is the Best in Customer Service

MEC replied to me promptly. They instructed me to take photos of the broken zippers, and send them. Then, they would give me a full refund on this tent I bought over a year ago. My friend could then buy me a new one, bring it to me, and I would have the spare parts (the fly and the pole) in case anything else should go wrong.

full refund, guys.

I must say, I have never in my life received customer service like this. MEC, you have gained one loyal customer for life, for I will never – no, not ever – be buying any of my camping gear from anyone but you in this lifetime. Way to go having the absolute most top notch customer service of any company that’s ever passed my way in this life.

And no, this post is in no way sponsored by MEC. I just had to rave about how freakin’ awesome they are. GO MEC FOR LIFE!

MEC Mountain Equipment Co-op


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