Naked Hippie Girls and More: Why I Love Clothing Optional Places

Clothing Optional Places? Why on earth should you go? It’s only a little about the naked hippie girls…

You always see me naked. I guess I’m a bit of a naked hippie chick. But not these new age hippies with their dreads and their preachy vegan-ness. While I love the old school hippies I meet along my travels, these new ones just gross me out. How are you any different from the masses when you all do the same things? And you preach at me like you’re hardcore Christian. How are you different?

But a naked free spirit chick, rather than a naked hippie chick? That’s more like it. That is who I am, I suppose, though definitions are odd anyways. Still, some will call me a hippie, and I hope to god they don’t class me with the dread-sporting, armpit-stinking humans. (‘Cause who believes in deodorant, right? They even have natural rocks for deodorant, guys. Use it.) I’m sorry. I really, really despise new age hippies.

My Love of Clothing Optional Places

Yet I love clothing optional places. And you’d think you’d find these hippie dippies (as I so like to call them) here. But you’re totally wrong (though, in the neighbouring Mazunte, you find them. But no naked hippie chicks – it’s not clothing optional, oddly). You find people from absolutely every walk of life; but we have something in common. We have something so deeply ingrained in us that we don’t even think about it: we’re all of the same mindset (or most, at least).

So this is why I love clothing optional places. And it isn’t exactly what you’d think. Nah, it isn’t purely for the nudity. No, I’m not looking to see a bunch of naked men or women (though the human body is beautiful to me, and not always in a sexual way). I love clothing optional places for so many other reasons.

The Places I Go

And it may be different at, say, a resort like Hedonism II in Jamaica, but the clothing optional places I have been are truly special. Perhaps the mindset is different at these resorts, people flaunting their money and such. Or maybe it isn’t. You tell me. Or you can buy me a ticket to Jamaica and send me there to review it. I mean, I wouldn’t say no to you. Just saying. Anyways, I digress.

i love clothing optional places naked hippie chick

What It’s Not About at Clothing Optional Places…

It’s not really about the nudity in clothing optional places, nor was it ever. It’s not about showing off my body or being looked at. Hell, half the time I don’t even get naked when I find myself places where I can. I’ve been in Zipolite for ages and have stripped down only a couple of times. I love the freedom to do as I please, but half of the time what I please is swinging in my hammock watching the waves flow in and out.

I’m generally fully clothed and in the shade. So why on earth do I love clothing optional beaches, campgrounds, whatever? Am I just a weird naked hippie chick? Maybe I am. Or perhaps there’s just more to it. Maybe I’m not a weirdo at all. Is it possible I’ve tapped into something the rest haven’t?

My Family and Friends

My family (and even some friends) may not like my semi-nudist lifestyle terribly much, though they’ve learned they have to tolerate who I am. I plaster my blog, Instagram, and Facebook with naked photos. I don’t care. It is just the body. Why should anyone else give a shit about me showing my body when I don’t?

naked hippie chick

The Real Reason Behind It All

It’s about the freedom – the freedom to be whoever you want to be, clothes on or off. It’s about the open people who visit such places as Zipolite or Two Creeks Campground, my two favourite spots on earth (where you may find this random naked chick hanging out) which are both clothing optional places. Beach, campground, it doesn’t matter. The type of people you find are just amazing. They are beautiful and genuine, and they accept themselves and others. They embrace their bodies, whether by stripping down or not. These people are those that appreciate openness in others and accept everyone for who they are. No one asks what you do for a living, but instead real, deep conversations are had. The superficial is gone. It’s just the best kind of people.

naked hippie chick

Naked Hippie Chicks: Not What We’re Getting At

And it’s optional. No one cares in these places what you do as long as you don’t care what they do. It’s about accepting each other for who we are. Just as stripping down is accepted (and even welcomed!), it’s just as normal to smoke a joint out in the open and have no one care, whether they toke or not. It just doesn’t matter. Your business is your business.

So if it’s hot out I’m going to strip down, and it’s not so you can objectify me, though I know many will, and I don’t really care; that’s their business. I am comfortable with my body, and body shapes of all sizes, whether I’m a naked hippie chick or not. After all, it is just the human body. We all have one, and we’re made in all sorts of beautiful shapes and sizes. You don’t have to be a weirdo like me to enjoy these places.

Clothing Optional Tumblr

So head to Tumblr if you want a bunch of naked photos, otherwise, go somewhere real.

It’s the people these places attract and their beautifully open mindsets that attract me. It’s the confidence people have in bearing their naked bodies for all to see. Some are naked hippie chicks, sure, but really, it’s people from anywhere and everywhere, and all walks of life. We just want to do as we please and not be bothered by others (except for a nice conversation!) If we want to go naked we want to be able to, or not go naked if we don’t want to. We want to be able to light up a joint in front of people and not have to mask what we’re doing. Freedom is what we crave, and we don’t want to sit around talking about what we do for a living.

We’re Here

We aren’t here for your entertainment. We’re here to enjoy the freedom, and to meet like minded human beings. Places like Zipolite and Two Creeks Campground allow us to do this. So if you’re just in it to look at naked hot chicks, stay the hell out of my little slices of heaven. They’re not for you, and you won’t be welcome. But if you want to be in a place of complete acceptance and freedom, come on down, we’re waiting for you.

Nah, it was never about the nudity. It was always about the people in clothing optional places.

clothing optional places naked hippie chick

Pin it for later to follow this strange ol’ naked hippie chick… or free spirit chick. Whatever you want to call me. I don’t really care.

naked hippie chick

PS Curious about Zipolite, my favourite clothing optional place in the entire world? Check out this video on YouTube by Gabriel Tyler


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  1. Envy you. Wish I was young again.

    • No need to envy me; I know so many people very comfortable with their bodies – enough so to go naked – of all shapes, sizes, and ages!

    • We never to old to feel free and let our body enjoy nature I have to say just the feeling of feeling sunshine worm you inside out is bliss. I live in South Africa and really want to know where there are nudeasim parks spots places with out having to drive 100000kl to find. Guys girls enjoy feel freedom be naked.

  2. Thomas Christensen

    I could not agree with you more. The body is a work of art and engineering. Man has not been able to replicate it. It should be celebrated for its beauty and uniqueness.

  3. You are so right, life is to be lived to the fullest and there is nothing wrong with living like you were born!!! I agree with the other comment that the human body is the most beautiful work of art!!! Enjoy the freedom I know I do whenever I can!!!

  4. “It was always about the people” I love that because it is spot on. Nudity is about freedom, freedom to and freedom from. No Judging, just complete acceptance. There are many wonderful clothing optional B&B’s and the resources they have are amazing. Great networking. Honest people.

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