Let´s give this whole drunk thing a try….

Partying in Bogota with Ivette and friends!

Yo friends! Alright, this is my first drunk blog entry, and it is really my first blog entry in South America.

So I arrived here Thursday night, and just chilled with Ivette. Friday was 420 (ya baby!!) and I hung out with a friend of a friend and totally toked with the most beautiful mountain view. The only drawback? I was with 3 dudes, and they were all chatting in Spanish… Now, YES I am double majoring in Spanish and Philosophy, a shameful thing to tell people here cause my Spanish leaves a lot to be desired.. ANYWAY I was totally lost by them. Came back to Ivette´s and same deal.

So today was definitely easier. Ivette showed me around Bogota.. We went downtown, and checked out an art museum

DSCN1099with mostly paintings and sculptures by a Colombian artist called Botero. We also saw a couple paintings by Picasso and Dali. Oh ya.

From there we went to a neighborhood called La Candelaria. It´s totally the hippie/bohemian area of town. Ya, I smelled some weed and felt instantly at home there, though Ivette felt totally out of place. They were my people! If I lived in Bogota, I´d live in La Candelaria.

ANYWAY we ended up going to a party with Ivette´s Portuguese speaking group, and hell if I know a word of Portuguese. Luckily most of them spoke English, and we spoke some Spanish together. HONESTLY so much amazingly awesome booze (the taste of which was reminiscent of the alcohol my father made me out of a moonshine still) was offered to me, no idea what language we were speaking. TONS of rock band happened. Cross the world, and still the people are the

same. I don´t need to know the language to understand the people.

Xbox, alcohol, happy times. Me gusta Colombia!!!!!

In La Candelaria

In La Candelaria



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