Lessons of the Universe

Further proof that perseverance coupled with belief in the universe brings about beauty: after my faith was restored last night by watching an amazing TED talk, I took the bus to Kaneohe to go kayaking. It was an awesome day, but I still had nowhere to sleep. No matter – I trusted it would work out.

Well I got to Starbucks at 5pm to use their wifi and search for a last minute couchsurfing host. I never look for one last minute, but today I tried. I figured if I failed I’d suck it up and pay for a hostel, or find a place in the bushes to camp.

Night fell pretty quickly, and I still hadn’t heard back from any hosts. I didn’t want to hop on a bus and get off on the side of the highway to bush whack my way to a place for my tent, not alone in the dark. Oh well, I’ll have to get a hostel just for tonight.

But there were no hostels I could find in this city.

Ok, ok, I can sleep outside under the stars for one night, I thought. I’m in a shopping centre with two 24 hour stores, I’m safe and sound. I figured I may as well stay in the warmth and wifi of Starbucks until they closed.

There was one problem: my pants were wet. They were wet from kayaking earlier today. So change your pants, right? Well, my other options were jeans or shorts. Crap. Tonight was a night I really, really just needed a warm place to lie my head and let my pants dry.

I asked the universe, and sent a few more desperation messages on couchsurfing. It wasn’t looking good, and though I was in desperate need at this point, I was still cheerful.

I asked the universe again. And again. Please, please give me a warm place for the night.

And then I got a reply to one of my messages. He was about to go to sleep, but said he’d been in my situation before, and if I truly had no other options, I could sleep there. My kind host stayed up to wait for me, and when I arrived we chatted for a while. He was truly just the kindest soul.

There are two important lessons to be learned here; the first one I already knew, but needed that little reminder. If you have faith that things will work out, even when they look hopeless, and you also continue to persevere, things will almost always work out. But it is essential you have both components.

The second lesson is a new one to my traveling self, but equally important. Always have a back up option, which I did. But if your back up option is finding a place in the bushes for your tent, for god’s sake resort to your backup before night falls!


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