It’s That Time

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I’m getting excited.

It’s that time where I’m finally feeling healthy enough to hit the road, and head back to my little Mexican paradise of Zipolite. By now you should all know how awesome it is – a tiny town right on the beach where I can camp and be merry. Of course camping isn’t for everyone, just like hitchhiking isn’t – don’t worry, I get it! You can always look up Mexico beach rentals to find something that’s right for YOU.

Let me refresh your memory a bit: Zipolite is a glorious town, and happens to be one of the only clothing optional beaches in Mexico. So no, you totally can’t be shy. That doesn’t mean you have to go naked, though. No one cares what others do in this wonderful place, so it attracts all different kinds of people. While some of the year is completely peaceful and empty, other times are so packed full you wouldn’t believe it’s the same place! Foreigners and Mexicans from other regions in Mexico alike flock to this place, with its many bars, restaurants, and places to stay. It doesn’t hurt that all of these places are directly on the beach.


Particularly, I adore setting up my tent, waking up early, and staring out at the beautiful ocean. Naturally, last time I was there my tent decided to break on me (thanks tent), though fortunately just before I was to leave. Now, equipped with a beautiful, light weight new tent that I crowd funded (you guys rock!) I’m ready to do it all over again.

But it isn’t the same this time. For a very long time I’ve been wishing for a partner in crime – someone to travel with to escape the loneliness. And finally, I have it. My close friend Theo, who you may know as the stick master, is trekking all the way from Norway to travel with me from my paradise southbound into Guatemala – a country I’ve never explored (though heard nothing but amazing things about), and, as luck would have it, will be the stick’s 30th country. It seems only appropriate that I visit with my beloved Viking.

It’s been a few months at “home” – the place from whence I came, but not the place I feel at peace – but things seem to be finally settling down for me, readying me for the journey ahead. And who knows – perhaps I will just travel a couple of months with Theo, and feel the pull to return once he leaves. Or, maybe I’ll stick to the road afterwards. There’s really only one way to find out, and I can’t think of a better way than to adventure for a while with one of my best friends on earth, can you?!




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