It’s Been A Hot Minute…

Okay, so it’s been… a while. A few months, in fact. Let’s start off by stating the obvious given that you are reading these words: I am alive! Hopefully none of you were worrying that I was not. Not only am I alive, but I am happy as can be. My nomadic ways, after five long years homeless on the road and 36 countries later, have come to their end. It’s not that I don’t want to travel anymore, rather than it is simply time for me to have a home base. I learned so much, met so many people – the good and the bad – and it was one hell of a ride. Now it’s time for the next chapter… no, the next bloody book.

like riding a bicycle

So many people couldn’t comprehend how I could travel constantly without a home. “How do you do it?” “That must be amazing!” “I wish I had your life!” These are only a few of the preposterous comments I’ve had. I mean, they’re a normal reaction. But seriously, think about it for a hot second here: I traveled the world alone for five years straight earning under $10,000 a year. Have you computed this? Hitchhiking, wild camping, whatever I could do. I spent this winter living in a tent in the heat of Mexico for two months straight – a tent I must mention was so small it could fit only me and my backpack, just barely, and had broken zippers. Ah yes, the ants and I were pals, and the mosquitoes were just a way of life.

For how many people over the years asked how I did the nomadic life, and how I dealt with the loneliness, the finances, the everything, only one or two have asked how I’m dealing with sedentary life. That’s the thing no one really seems to get; for you, sedentary life is second nature. And once upon a time it was to me, too. But that time was five and a half years ago. Sedentary life is… weird. I kinda like it, though. Actually, I really, really love it. I needed my nomadic time, but now I kind of like the day to day life, not wondering where I will next sleep or how long it will take to get from point A to point B using only my thumb.

I’m not going to say this blog is dying. It’s not. If you’ve been following for long, you know this is less of a travel blog and more of a Danie-exposes-her-entire-life-story-blog. So that ain’t gonna stop. Still, I don’t have the same tales to tell as I did. But there’s something much bigger than that.

While I was traveling, I wanted to share my story, my life, with the world. I wanted you to know all of my ups and downs. I wanted you all to see that living the nomadic existence, while a life I loved very much, was not something simple. It isn’t all sunshine and roses like many travel bloggers want you to think (and 99% of them go on trips, rather than living as a nomad). Sometimes it’s broken tent zippers, or waiting on the side of a road for five hours dripping sweat hoping someone will pick your hitchhiking ass up, or wondering where you can pitch your tent for free where no one will see you (or being well hidden and terrified that the wind MUST be a bear coming to eat you, despite your lack of any food in the tent because, well, lack of money).


But something has changed. There are certainly things I want to keep on sharing. For example, I want to share my mental health battles, as I firmly believe we need to end this taboo about speaking about mental health. But here’s the thing: I don’t want to share my entire life story anymore. You don’t need to know the ins and outs of my relationship, or some of the odd happenings that are simply for me and those around me to know of. Some things are for sharing, and some are to keep just for you – special things, secret things, just things.


I suppose while traveling alone, I had no one to share all those minute little things with. But now I do – my wonderful boyfriend, and the few close friends I find myself left with. Oh yeah, try leaving for five years, coming home, expecting to have friends, and finding none left. Or how about those friends I visited year after year, that would never come see me? I’m not saying I’ve lost them all, but we’re down to a select few. But I’m happy with that. They are the ones who are meant to be in my life, and I’m grateful that I have lived a life such that I know who is most important.

And so, I do not bid you adieu, but I bid you … a pause, I suppose. Not even a pause, but a less-frequent-over-sharing-ness. Oh trust me, I’ll still overshare. Just selectively.


Cause some things are just for me and those most important to me.

Love y’all, keep rocking, and stay tuned, for I may appear less going forward, but when I do appear, it’ll be with epicly random tales (or just random shit that makes you absolutely cringe, because that’s totally fun to share too).






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