Hitchhiking the World

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Hitchhiking Tips: Hitchhiking the World – the Right Way!

Contrary to popular belief, hitchhiking the world is not some crazy dangerous endeavor engaged in only by those with a death wish. I’ve gone hitchhiking in Iceland to Mexico, Canada to Estonia… everywhere you can imagine. Hitchhiking is a beautiful adventure that takes you to places you would never otherwise discover, while bringing the very best parts of human nature into your life. It gives you an added appreciation for the simpler things in life – whether it’s the shower your ride lets you have, or that juice box on a hot and thirsty day. But you may need some hitchhiking tips if you’re just begining.

hitchhiking the world hitchhiking tips

And of course, it gives you the chance to make a new friend. As frequent travelers, we aren’t just looking to see new places and experience new things—we’re also searching for people whom we can learn from and connect with. After all, every person has an interesting story to tell

That being said, there’s a way of hitchhiking properly, and there’s a way of hitchhiking the world idiotically – you may need a few hitchhiking tips before you begin. Want to give it a go, but don’t want to jump in blind? You’ve come to the right place!


  • Trust your gut. Always.
  • WATER. Lots of it. You never know how long it will take you to get to your next stop. This is probably my number one of all my hitchhiking tips. Water, water, water.
  • Salty snacks. Protein full snacks. Bring them. My go-to snacks are nuts and cans of beans.
  • TENT. If you don’t make it where you’re going, are you comfortable sleeping outside in whatever weather condition decides to greet you? If not, make sure to have a tent. Even a crappy tent will do. There are loads of places where wild camping is legal, but you can always do it on the sly too. Hitchhiking in Iceland and Scotland, just to name a couple, are wonderful because it’s totally legal to wild camp. A lot of people ignore this as one of my hitchhiking tips, but seriously, get yourself a tent.
  • If you have a little backpack as well as a big one, keep it near you in the car with all your valuables, just in case.
  • Carry a knife and/or pepper spray. I’ve never used either of mine, but it’s a comfort to know they’re within arm’s reach.
  • MOBILE PHONE. And make sure its charged! Not all countries have the same plug types so make sure you have the right travel adaptor by visiting the Electrical Safety First website before travelling. Having a fully charged mobile phone is essential so that you can contact people and be contacted if needed. This is one of the most important of my hitchhiking tips.
  • Check out this article for more safety tips on traveling in general.
  • It’s worth it to know some self-defense techniques as well… just in case, not that I’ve ever had to use them, but they should be included in a list of hitchhiking tips for sure.

hitchhiking the world hitchhiking tips


  • GAS STATIONS. This gives you and the driver some face time so that they realize that, no, you are not crazy just because you’re hitchhiking the world, and you can suss them out. This is one of my best hitchhiking tips.
  • TRUCK STOPS. These are your best friend for long distance travel. Truckies also rock.
  • If the highway goes through a town, go to the edge of town where the cars are still going slowly, but are about to speed back up. Make sure to stand somewhere where there’s plenty of room to pull over.
  • On-ramps to the highway are also your friend, as there is usually enough room for a car to pull over, and they’re going nice and slowly.
  • Hitchhiking on the side of a motorway is counterproductive and dangerous. DO NOT do this unless you truly have nowhere else to go. This is one of my biggest hitchhiking tips, and actually, it’s quite illegal most places to hitchhiking on the motorway.

Female Hitchhiking Canada hitchhiking tips

Signs or thumb?

I prefer the old thumb method. It’s mostly down to personal preference, but there are some instances in which one is better than the other.

  • A sign for somewhere too far away is useless. I once saw a guy hitchhiking in Quebec with a sign that said “Nova Scotia”, which was over 700 km away. He also had an English sign in a French speaking region. Not ideal. Wish he’d read my hitchhiking tips (and hopefully he managed eventually anyways).
  • If you’re at a crossroads, a sign can be useful.
  • Fun signs can be great! I once had a sign that read, “Smile!” Did I get picked up faster? Probably not. Did people start smiling? Hell yes! Once while freezing my ass off, I made a sign that simply read, “Cold!” I was picked up within five minutes. But my all time favourite was when I was hitchhiking during Christmas, and had a sign that read: “Ho Ho Ho, to Invercargill we go!”
  • I was once very stuck on a desolate road, so instead of using my thumb or a sign, I waved frantically at a car. My ride understood, and picked me up immediately.

Hitchhiking tips

How far can you get in a day?

This totally depends on where you are in the world, if you’re alone or with someone, and yes, your gender. All you can really do is test out different places. My average when hitchhiking alone is about 600 km in a day, but this skyrocketed up to over 1,000 km in a day when I started first thing in the morning in the Canadian summer. Once again, truck drivers are your friend when hitchhiking.

Being a solo girl on the road

Some people are creeps, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to do anything to you. In my opinion, there are no added precautions to being a solo chick hitchhiking the world. Just listen to your gut, and you will be fine. You can check out my full article on this here.

Hitchhiking Etiquette

If someone is hitchhiking where you want to be, sit your ass down and wait as long as it takes until they get picked up. Or, if it’s just one person, and you’re also alone, you can go chat with them and hitch together.

Short Distance Rides

  • Even a ten minute ride can be extremely helpful.
  • Very occasionally I will turn down a short ride; I only do this if I’m in a really good spot (a well traveled gas station, for example), and the lift is turning off somewhere random on the highway. If they’re going to the next town, I will always take the lift.
  • A lift to the other side of the city is sometimes very needed. Just explain your situation and someone will help you out.

Everything Else

  • Hitchwiki.org is your best friend! Search by country or by city – it will give you great advice.
  • I’ve had people tell me they don’t pick people up who don’t have a backpack. So even if you’re travelling light, make sure you have some stuff.
  • You can hitchhike boats by hanging out at the dock, and finding a boat to work on.
  • WEAR LAYERS. Wear SHOES, not sandals.
  • If someone wants to buy your broke ass a meal or give you a little money, accept. Don’t be an idiot; if they offered, they are happy to help.

For Drivers

  • I don’t mind how long I have to wait somewhere, but sometimes I get really down if every single car is pretending they don’t see me or scowling. Even if you’re rushing off to work, shoot us a smile or a wave! It really makes us happy!
  • Short distances can make all the difference to us! Sometimes we get stuck in really inconvenient places, like inside a city, and your 5 minute lift saves the day! If you’re unsure of whether you can really be of assistance, pull over and ask us!

Most important is to remember that you’re on an adventure; never get down because you’re stuck somewhere a long time. I have a rule that I don’t look at the time – I don’t want to know how long I’ve been waiting. I tell myself when I’m stuck that I’m just early for that super awesome ride that’s on its way to me. Hitch because you love it; smiling helps you get rides!

And if you’re planning to hitch with a pet, make sure to read this awesome article from Roving Snails!

Happy Hitchhiking, and I hope these hitchhiking tips helped!

hitchhiking the world hitchhiking tips

I don’t have experience hitchhiking everywhere, so check out some other cool guides like these hitchhiker’s guide to Myanmar or hitchhiking the Azores for other hitchhiking tips!


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  1. Great tips! My boyfriend and I are currently in Canada and we plan to hitchhike around during summer and fall – very excited to see where the road will take us!

  2. Tips are good! But if talk about sign or thumbs – I’d prefer sign, as it is always gives a driver more info 🙂

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