First Day in Paradise

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At my "birthday" party in Huanchaco

Last night I arrived in my tropical paradise. I’ve been waiting all trip to get here. Ya, I know I’ve only been travelling two weeks but still.. this is what I’ve been waiting for.

So last night I arrived and set up my new tent (thanks Scott!) for the first time in the dark. No problem. Then I set up my hammock for the first time ever, with a little help from a new Swedish friend (who I found out just turned 45. Ok he may eventually read this but fuck if he wasn’t the hottest 45 year old I’ve seen in my life!) I met a guy from the States, named Jake (though he first told me his middle name, as people down here have trouble pronouncing Jake.. it was Rafael. Ya, I just instantly said Ninja Turtles. Be proud, Esther.)

It’s just been a super rad first day here. Jake and I went for a walk with the intention of me showing him where the market was and him buying a ticket to Lima, but we got distracted by some kinda locals… People from Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. Had a few beers and tokes on the beach with them, just lovely! They asked when my birthday was, July 25, and decided that TODAY was pretty much my Peruvian birthday. So we celebrated.

Then I had some wine and good times with people back at the hostel campsite, partially speaking English, Spanish, and French. Ohhhhh ya I’m getting my practice in my languages of choice!

Anyway, that’s all to report. After not reading for leisure in god knows how long, I’ve almost finished an entire book in the past 24 hours. Ahhh but it’s so amazing! Thanks Lynn!

Oh ya, and my market adventure? Get this, I got 5 eggs, 2 buns, some laundry detergent, olive oil, soy sauce, a tomato, an onion, and a pepper… all for less than $4 CAD. I win.



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