Earthlings (aka bad poems for good times)

Strange places, strange times
Strange people, strange feelings
New things to explore
New rushes to feel
Things lost you wish not to replace
Things found you wish only to keep 
New friends and old 
Some good and some bad
With a gut filled to the brim with invisible gold
At the end of one journey and the start of a new
Things missed
Things discovered
Turquoise beaches sweeping up to the shores
Giant sea turtles carried by waves
Smooth streets 
Bare feet 
A gipsy, a hippie, a free spirit, or none
A lost soul, perhaps
A tourist of her own mind
The path, once foggy, now wanders and swirls
Clear skies appear, but what route to take? What path to choose?
Where does it lead?
What wave to choose?
With the past in the future
And the future in the past
Many things lost
Many more gained
All I wish now
Is to hold on to this feeling
This feeling of freedom
This feeling of joy
This feeling of rightness
This feeling… Of no more pain.
But things flip around
As you know they do
So the questions continue
How to hold on,
How to not sink,
How to remain.


Danie is a lovable and insane digital nomad of sorts. If you ever wondered what's a nomad, you've come to the right place. She enjoys oversharing, telling every detail of her life, and chilling on the beach, among other things. Danie is rather odd, and she likes it that way. Be sure to subscribe to hear more of her ramblings, and find out when Danie finally gets to fulfill her biggest dream: cuddling a platypus.

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