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As you probably don’t know, I have been going through a severe cocaine addiction. While it started a year ago, it has been the worst in the last five months. On a daily basis I indulge in cocaine, the hell of a drug that it is. I can’t take a single day off.

I have decided to leave Mexico early to deal with it in various ways. For one, I will be removing myself from a place where it’s all too easy to obtain. While I believe I can return here eventually, I have tried and failed to quit here. Secondly, I will be staying with close friends and family during my recovery, as well as going to SMART meetings. These are similar to AA or CA, but instead of the whole God aspect, they focus on science and psychological techniques such as CBT.

But these things alone won’t make me stop altogether. Sure, they may for a time, but they won’t make me quit forever.

While I’m not ready to share the exact details of what I will be doing, I am going to a 10 day detox in Vancouver at the end of February. There isn’t one available prior to then of the type I wish to do. It is a sort of alternative medicine detox. No, I’m not usually hippie-dippie like that. But this is different. It has been researched to interrupt addiction receptors. It is a whole other thing. And after my 10 day detox, I will tell you all about this very unique and special detox.

The only problem? This detox costs $6,000. Honestly, having researched other detox centres and rehabs in Canada, this is actually on the cheap side. Is it cheap for me? No. It’s taking every single penny I have. It’s going to be a struggle to live until it’s detox time off the meager funds I will have remaining.

And so I’ve made this page. I will be sharing several articles on my battles with cocaine addiction (all in due time), but in the meantime, if you have a penny to spare, I would greatly appreciate it. Please help me help myself.

Much love to you all. And to anyone secretly going through addiction along with me, hit me up anytime. Whether you’re an old pal, or someone I’ve never met. Let’s chat.

PS If you’re in Canada, let’s not give part of your money to PayPal fees; you can send me an email money transfer to donate to

Much love to you all, whether you can help financially or not.


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