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June 16th, 2:32am

Jess was at work and I was bored when Alec came online. After a while of broken half-conversation typing away on Skype, I rung him. The conversation didn’t end until Jess got home. The chats flowed so freely – so naturally – as if we were sitting there next to each other.

Jess got home and we went out for a couple of late drinks. Oh sure, we talked about elementary school, junior high, high school… After all, we are each other’s oldest friends. We hadn’t seen each other in seven years until I surprisingly showed up yesterday. In that time we had spoken, but it was a seldom occurrence.

Our experiences are different, and we have different friends. Our goals are not the same, and our lifestyles are worlds apart. But she is still Jess, and I am still Danie. The conversation flows, and I keep feeling surprised that she doesn’t know this or that about my life. Because it truly feels like she was there for the whole journey.

When you find true friends, they don’t need to be there for every moment. They don’t need to know every detail, nor do they need to stay in touch. Because when you’re together, it’s as if the whole world ceased to be while you were apart. The friendship does not care how long it has been… It remains despite it all.

I have an advantage; while everyone else builds friendships that over time reveal themselves to be everlasting or fleeting, my friendships show their true colors very quickly.

And because of this, I know that you – yes you reading this – are my true friend. Why else would you be reading the crazy girl who you haven’t seen in years’ blog?

So to all those who I know would fall back into being my very best of friends after years apart, I thank you for being you. I love you.

The friends I have are real friends. And that’s something to rant and rave and scream and cry for joy over.

June 20th

The line of cars driving in was bad, but to be expected. Siobhan had to get back to Ottawa for work so I hopped out of the car and started walking toward where I hoped the official camping was located. Signs everywhere indicated camping, but none directed me to the actual camping that you buy from the website. In fact I only found it when I asked someone, and there were zero signs pointing that way.

As I walked (and walked and walked) with all my shit through town, I saw the line to get into the festival. Note that the camping was outside of the festival, so that line was not a one time line. It wasn’t moving at all and was most certainly a several hour wait. My best guess was at least five, though it could have been more or less.

I was starting to feel anxious and unhappy – not an excited bone in my body. In the two hours I was in town not a single person spoke to me.

It was not the friendliest.

So after a long time sitting, and feeling like shit, I thought, “I really don’t have to stay here.”

My feet ache from walking as far out of town as I could, and it’s still all festival go-ers where I currently sit attempting to catch a ride. I have a long walk and wait ahead, but I just can’t be bothered to be alone in an overcrowded and unfriendly atmosphere.

Well, it’s not the first (and definitely not the last) time I ditch out on something I paid a lot of money for. The thing is, the money was already gone. So I had the choice between staying where I felt uncomfortable, or getting out of town, finding a nice place to camp out the night (I even have plenty of food supplies), and listening to all those bands I love with the comfort of my iPod. Maybe I’m a nerd, but sometimes you just gotta do what feels right. And that’s getting out of here. Somehow.

PS Someone just legitimately asked me if I had any glue.

June 25th

Gaspésie takes hold of my heart

It was the day I’d been waiting for. Today was to be the day I went further East in Canada than I ever had before. Everyone promised nothing but beautiful things ahead.

I’m sitting in Rimouski at a picnic bench looking at the Fleuve Saint-Laurent directly next to the highway. It is stunning. Two rides today picked me up before I even had my thumb out; the last one just to drive me across town, because he knew I’d be screwed where I was and was a hitchhiker himself. He got me stoned and dropped me off to hitch some more.

It’s so gorgeous that I haven’t bothered sticking my thumb out… I’m so not ready to leave.

June 26th

“Find what you love and let it kill you.”

– Charles Bukoski


I have this overwhelming feeling of, “I love my life.” This is new. Very new. I decided to make my life into what I love a year and a half ago, but the transformation was much slower than you’d think. But as I hitchhike up the coast of the Saint-Laurent, I know I’m living my life right. When people tell you their regrets later on in life, most say that they wished they had travelled more… But I’ve never heard an old traveller say they wish they’d settled down.


“But Beware of looking for goals: look for a way of life. Decide how you want to live and then see what you can do to make a living WITHIN that way of life.”

– Hunter S. Thompson


As you drive up the coast it’s just picturesque little town after picturesque little town. They’re far too perfect to be real, with the Saint-Laurent as the backdrop to the cute little houses.

Except it is real.


I was hitching from a small town with very little shoulder room to pull over. You could tell a couple cars wanted to pick me up but couldn’t quite figure out how (there was a small street with no traffic I stationed myself next to so someone could pull in, but they just didn’t get it). Then a semi pulls over and picks me up. I love when they do that – these huge vehicles it’s such a pain to stop in, and that’s who picks me up when there’s barely any room at all. Love.

June 27th

A lovely French chick (actual French, not Québécois) picked me up in Gaspé and we drove together to Percé. It’s funny, Gaspé gets all the attention, but it is nothing but a pretty tourist village – lots and lots of shops and all. I won’t deny its beauty, but I had seen far prettier places on the drive up. I stayed a mere hour before continuing on.

We arrived in Percé and were breath taken. This town was much smaller, without the tourists, though less than an hour down the road. It was also far more stunning. I stuck with Audrey for a while as we adventured to see la Roche Percé and have a coffee. Eventually I decided to hit the road as I wanted to make it a bit further so that my hitch to Moncton in the morning wouldn’t be as long.

But as I stood on the highway next to her campground with few cars passing me by, I changed my mind. Audrey was alone as well, and had told me if I wanted I could stay in her tent with her, seeing as she already paid for the campsite. I decided to return to our serene view of the water and lighthouse – unobstructed by a single other person or tent. It was lovely spending the evening camping with someone else for once. It was absolutely perfect, and though I’ve a long way to go today, it was most definitely the right decision. J’espère te voir encore un jour, Audrey!


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