Debit, where art thou?


It seems every time I write a blog recently I am semi intoxicated.

But, alas, they seem to turn out alright anyways.

Today I went to town. Exciting, hey? Ok, not really that fascinating. But I saw this bikini I instantly fell in love with. So I went to the bank to grab some money to buy it.

But………. my debit card. My debit card was not there. That’s right boys and girls, in the span of two months, I have lost my debit card twice. You know, I first got a bank account when I was 12 years old, and I am now 22. My bank cards always have a number at the side which states how many cards I’ve had. I’m at at least number 15. So I’ve lost my debit card minimum once a year for the past 10 years. That there is talent. This time I didn’t panic, though. I burst out laughing. The entire walk down the beach back to the hostel I was laughing. I mean, I have my visa. It costs me more to take money out of my visa than my debit, but it’s not some scary amount. Really, self, how did you do this?

In any case, I bought the bikini using my visa card. Now in South America they don’t seem to mind if your entire ass is hanging out of your bikini. So it’s more or less a thong. For anyone that knows me, you know I have a total black girl booty. Oh ya, I’m rocking it. But damn, it’s such a beautiful bathing suit….

So I just half cut came on here to let you all know that a. I have lost my debit card again and b. that my ass is fully showing to all that would like to see. What a lovely blog entry.

In other news, tonight’s saturday night party was rave night. So, like almost every saturday night party here at the Point hostel, we all got decked out in body paint. We win.

A few days ago (oh god, I’m sorry to any family reading this, but come on, it’s my blog, I feel absolute honesty is the only way to go) I had one of the best trips of my life. Myself and three others took over a raft on the beach and just…. tripped the night away. There was a moment I was staring at the sky – the clouds were forming the most beautiful of patterns. I stared at the sky while lying in the sand, and I realised it was absolute perfection. It wasn’t the drugs that made it perfect, it was everything else. I framed that moment in my mind… I laid there just capturing it, so that at any moment, whenever I feel down, alone, lost, I can go back to that moment… The moment the clouds were so beautiful and the sand was falling through my hands. I’ve yet to fully tell the people who were with me, but I believe that they are why I am in South America. I mentioned long ago that I’m looking for something. The reason I came here was to find something, though I’m not sure exactly what that something is. I knew from the get go that that thing was within me all along. No location had it. But, I also knew that, at the point I was at when I left Victoria, I couldn’t find it on my own. There was something, somewhere, or someone, that would bring it out in me.

I found it. I still don’t know what I’m looking for, or what I’ve found, but I feel realigned. I feel myself coming back. I feel this beautiful person within me that I’ve missed for so long, perhaps over a year even; I feel her returning. I feel more in touch with myself than I have in ages. And I truly believe that these three beautiful souls are why I am in South America. It was to meet them. They are the thing I needed to bring myself back to myself. And they are why I was guided back to Mancora. So, you three, if you read this, I can’t even express my gratitude. You guys didn’t need to do a thing but be yourselves… and by doing that, you gave me the most beautiful gift anyone could ever give me… myself.


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