Dear Prospective Employers:

Dear Prospective Employers:

I see you’ve found my blog – congratulations! You’re in for a treat. I, however, am probably not. Knowing that you are probably not going to hire me based on my colourful personal life, I ask that you find out who it is exactly that you are judging, and who you are losing.

This all started a couple of months ago when I began the job search. You see, for five years of my life I gallivanted across the world. I spent 66 hours in transit flying from Laos to Florida while in a terrible bout of clinical depression. I hitchhiked from Victoria to Newfoundland and back, though not finished upon my return to Victoria, I headed southbound, thumbing my way down to Southern Mexico.

I wild camped, and washed my hair and armpits in Tim Hortons bathrooms. I met people from around the world, and heard their amazing stories. I found work online – against all odds – when my boyfriend could only obtain a job for $2 per hour at a local surf shop in Mexico. We were camping on the beach, so I would have to go to a cafe each morning to do my transcription work, every day praying they’d let me stay for hours despite only being able to afford a coffee – if that. I got lucky and found the kindest cafe in town.

Before long, I had started my own business, which carried me for several years as I traveled from one country to another, eventually hitting 36 before deciding it was time to settle down. For you see, though the nomadic life had called to me for so long, I had grown weary. I wanted to share all that I saw with someone, anyone. And friends started visiting here and there, but they were the exception, not the rule.

So I headed home.

If I’m being fair, however, there was an added motivation to return at that particular time. I’d become depressed, though it had happened countless times before, and the thought of returning to stay with family this time was unbearable.

And that’s when I picked up a nasty coke addiction for which I’d have to return to Canada to receive treatment.

Oh, don’t worry. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, or won’t find when you Google search me. You see, I’m an open and honest individual. I share my stories for several reasons: for one, I want to promote open communication, and have people see that it is okay to share their experiences. The world doesn’t need to be so scary that we have to hide the very things we need to speak about most. Secondly, I am not the only one to battle depression or addiction, or even ordinary old loneliness. Do you know how many people have contacted me in regards to these articles where I put my heart on the line? How many people battling depression who felt open to talk with me about it, when they’d had no one? Or how about the countless friends, acquaintances, and complete strangers who broke the silence they’d held for years about their own addiction battles, finally having found a safe person to speak to?

So no, I have never censored myself in the past, and I am not going to start now. For working for your company – however excited I may be with your industry, the position, and even working with you, the very person who interviewed me and has now found this article – will never be as important as keeping true to who I am. And sometimes, maybe, just maybe, that whole wacky being me thing actually helps another person.

Now you can go ahead, and keep searching me. Oh, you’ll find more! We haven’t even touched on my firm belief that being nude is not a crime, and my love of being naked whenever I can (within reason, guys – I am not walking through downtown wearing nothing but a smile). I’ve spent many months in a beautiful small beach town in Mexico called Zipolite; it is the only legal nude beach in all of Mexico. And while I bathed in the beautiful ocean water naked as can be, so did people from all walks of life – young, old, Canadian, American, Mexican, Everywhere-ian, woman, man, trans, gay, straight – WE DON’T CARE! I’ve posted a number of classy nudes from here and other such wonderful environments. None of them are sexualized. They are simply photos of the human body in the beauty of nature. Are you really so afraid of our beautiful bodies, that so excitingly come in every shape and size, that you will not hire me because of my pride in the confidence it takes to bear it all?

So there’s all of it, prospective employer. I trust that your research ends here, as you proceed to Google the second best candidate for the job. For I, in all of my honesty, my confidence, my adventurousness, and my being true to myself, am not the employee you are looking for. For the things you would never encounter working with me, as I am incredibly professional, organized, timely, well written, and a god damn Excel master, seem to trump my amazing skills that even led you to Google me in the first place.

No, I will not remove my piercings, tastefully placed upon my face. And I will not cover up my tattoos, those pieces of art that tell my life story. I will not delete all the photos of elegantly sitting in the ocean wearing nothing. And I certainly will not delete my articles, my writing, my passion, because you don’t like the content of what I’ve written.

And hey, if you’ve reached the end of this, and you’ve realized that my personal life is colourful, but has absolutely nothing to do with the job you want me to do – which you and I both know I would rock – then call me up. You’re who I want to work with, and we’re going to do awesome things.

Have a great day,

Danielle Ditzian


Danie is a lovable and insane digital nomad of sorts. If you ever wondered what's a nomad, you've come to the right place. She enjoys oversharing, telling every detail of her life, and chilling on the beach, among other things. Danie is rather odd, and she likes it that way. Be sure to subscribe to hear more of her ramblings, and find out when Danie finally gets to fulfill her biggest dream: cuddling a platypus.

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  1. Hi Danie, I’ve read some of your posts. Many years ago, I also traveled quite a bit, but not as much as you. After awhile I realized that, if I was miserable in my home country, I would be miserable wherever I went. In the book of John in the New Testament, Jesus says, “I have come that they may have life and may have it abundantly” (John 10:10) Then in John 14:6, Jesus says “I am the Way, the Reality and the Life.” We can ask Him at any time, “ Lord, please come to live inside of me as my Reality and Life.” If we ask, He is faithful to come live in us as the only real, divine, eternal Life. Without Him, our life is just empty. I encourage you to ask Him. Grace and peace to you.

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